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- July 9, 2021
I added about $20k usd and only was able to withdrawals a few little amounts. Total scam and you will lose most of your hope and dreams about investing. I highly recommend not to use them.

- July 4, 2021
This site is not paying, don't invest here, I refused to head the warnings, until now I was not paid after investing. But I got my money back I contacted, talkinvestocom on g-o-o-g-l-e s-e-a-r-ch and I invested in his care


- May 27, 2021
they can restrict your account any time.. so avoid

- May 24, 2021
I moved crypto there from CB, hassle free, waited their ridicules 65 days ALL while thinking I would see my money again. NOPE , I had to d/l an authenticator app that spits out codes that do not work. the accounts are recognizable to them for taking money but if you try to transfer or withdraw funs those SAME accounts are Unrecognizable to uphold. I just sit from afar an watch what used to be my money dwindle away.

- April 24, 2021
I had an account with Uphold for a couple of months and then without warning, they closed my account yesterday (4/22/2021). I have money in my account and no one there will tell me what is going on and when I will get my money. No one ever responds to support emails nor messages left on phone. They withdrew $3000 from my bank via ACH without my permission so I got my bank to refund the $3000 and start an investigation. It was after this that they just closed my account and ripped me off for about $8000 that was in the account.

- April 17, 2021
No customer support. Voice recording comes on with what soundbite a 30 year old answering machine used in a back room in Mumbai. I'm sincerely afraid this group is a scam.

- April 17, 2021
At this time I have almost 48 hours waiting for a payment to be released, the transaction has been in process since yesterday morning. I have sent tickets to the support center, I wrote on twitter, facebook, youtube and reddit and they still do not respond to me, I have more than 8 hours waiting for a response. The Uphold support center is incredibly bad, slow, Uphold workers are not aware of their customers, nothing, they let them die. Thanks Uphold, your service is lousy and your support center is even more lousy. Terrible support center, don't use this wallet, maybe they will steal your money.

- April 8, 2021
The company sounds very suspicious, no credibility, you can deposit money into their system, but good luck getting any of your money out. Terrible customer interaction. Started an account but the account does not allow the user to make withdraws. Turns out they've only partially allowed capabilities for my account where I can deposit money in but I cannot withdraw out the cash, that sounded super suspicious. Emailed their customer service email, took them 3 weeks to get back to me, they indicated there are discrepancy on my account. I replied to help sort things out if they can let me know what kind of discrepancy they are seeing and I'd gladly provide the information that might need to be updated. The following day they emailed to notify that the account had been closed. Seem pretty incompetent to rather cancel the user's account instead of having a proper interaction to solve the problem. A lot of personal information was necessary up font in order to start the account, Identification photo, ID documentations, and personal information. All of that and their best resolution to a complying customer was to just close their account? It's 1) their client service is very apathetic to put in any effort to solve simple problems, 2) the company has no credibility in terms of background checks and how they handle customer's user data. User data and identification are provided upfront, but there is no guarantee the information are secure without breaches and clearly they are not doing the actual work on background screening. If they can so hastily cancel a user's account along with all their personal information they've gathered, imagine how quickly the company can just close up shop and have no liability on defaulting on monetary returns, and user data leaks.

- April 4, 2021
for weeks now "your account is under review"

- March 27, 2021

- March 19, 2021
After reading all the bad reviews, I tried withdrawing money from uphold. The process went smooth and it's really easy with their debid card. You can get one here: uphold com/en/debit-card?kid=1GY2WM

- March 16, 2021
Uphold is a scam They make it very easy to open an account and deposit money , But when you need to withdraw your fund they will disappear on you The customer service is not existing with Uphold . They only have one phone number (888)420-5801 but they never answer the phone Try to call them yourself before you decide to open an account with Uphold .

- March 14, 2021
Don't believe anything they tell you. They make sign-up exceedingly easy, linking an account happens immediately, transferring funds is no hassle; then you never hear from them and they lock up all the money they stole from you. You'll be stuck in "review" for upwards of 6 weeks while they ignore your messages asking what they need to verify your identity. 0 stars if I could. #1075714

- March 4, 2021
Scam alert!! I work in IT and am very good with systems. So far after several attempts I am unable to withdraw funds. They make it very easy to deposit funds into uphold and impossible to withdraw funds. Beware!

- February 10, 2021
I created an account with Uphold for their crypto credit/debit card. This is my third crypto card I've used and it is by far way better then the first two (Blockcard & Bitpay). Their fees are very low and transparent. I have only had this card for a short amount of time but so far I'm very impressed with it. I don't use this company to purchase coin or stocks so I can't comment on that aspect. For the benefit of those other reviewers, I too was concerned with my account activation taking so long. I have even emailed support that didn't get responded to. I then realized they were waiting for me to provide KYC information. Once I did that the account was immediately active and I was able to fund it withing seconds. I wish I would've tried Uphold first.

- February 9, 2021
ZERO stars would be a better description. Uphold is the TYPICAL used car salesman. If you want to buy, the price is UP. If you want to sell, the price, or demand is 'magically' LOW. Uphold does NOT give you the actual market price on a stock. They inflate the price and ask if you're willing to spend that much. THEN, when you want to sell, your valuation has gone down because they are not willing to give you that same price. Go sell your used '68 Camaro and the values are historically LOW. Try and buy a '68 Camaro however, and the values are soaring to record numbers. The algorithm can easily track your habits and you can start on a good note. Then, you lose a little here, little there. Pretty soon your stocks are worthless.

- June 6, 2020
Very poor support. Took all the funds from my account but won't provide refund support.

- March 21, 2020
How uphold have withdrawn my £40k and gave $50 compensation to say “shut up”. I would like to share my story about uphold how the company is violating his own rules by reversing the trading and holding my initial deposit for 24 hours and making me lose in potential profit. I have bought an XTZ on 12/03/2020 at 22:14 in the app at a low rate and as a result, I had 334,797 XTZ which in an hour made the total amount of fiat on my account approximately of £ 40k. But in a few hours all my 334,797 XTZ (approx. £40k) have been withdrawn with the reference credited to uphold team and shortly after I received a copy-paste email from uphold: “Due to a system error, your recent ZRX trade has been reversed. Please accept our sincere apologies. The source of the error has now been fixed. This is a very rare event and we will be crediting your account with $50 as a way of saying sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks for your understanding.” $50? - That is so ridiculous when the potential profit of my initial deposit could it be 10x more. After all, I wanted a transference explanation of why my ZRX trade has been reversed. I understand that a very low rate could be caused by a system error, according to the uphold, but at the time of the trading and even for several hours after, there were no notifications about it, and only at 2 a.m. an official announcement appeared on the site. But obviously, if the users will lose their money by trading on uphold platform, uphold team will never do the reverse of the transaction. So what is the point then to trade on uphold? Even worse, I didn’t have the luck of communication either, they been ignoring my emails for 3 days and closing all the tickets that I have raised thru the help centre by making them solved without any reply. If you do think to make some money by trading on uphold then is not the platform that you can trust as you can never be sure when they will reverse the transaction, according to the needs, and also they do have a high fee on trading but they are saying no on the first web pages but if you do some research on the web you will find it.

- February 15, 2020
Total fucking scam. Withdrew 10 dollars in bitcoin just to see how this site operated. They took out nearly $6 leaving me with $4.07 after fees. They took out MORE than half of what I withdrew! How are they able to stay in business with a business model like this? SPREAD THE WORD, this site is a SCAM!

Tip: 3MKNpjbrxZ267bPiQxnpTSo7eJagUCPdNH

- May 28, 2019
They ARE stealing money from people! Holy cow! Check out their reddit thread for Uphold: uphold_sending_bch_payments_to_xbt_addresses_no A guy tested them out with $50 to see what they would do, and they tried to steal all the BitcoinCash he sent and relabel it as bitcoin instead! It looks like they tried to get away with it too, but then he uploaded the screenshots proving and showing how and what they did to steal it! They even tried to throw Kraken under the bus and pretend it was Kraken doing it after he busted them! Incredible! Stay far away from these thieves now called Uphold!!! He seems to have knowledge about them or was investigating them, because he called them Bitreserve and Smithgroup? I did a little looking online, and it turns out that they changed their name from Bitreserve to Uphold after people found out about them in 2015 And from what I am seeing all over the web, they are stealing money from people now under the name of Uphold, especially when they try to send to exchanges or use bitcoin cash! On the reddit thread he said something about California too and a 7th floor. Sure enough I found a Smith Group tied to Bitreserve and Uphold on the 7th Floor of a place called the Bentley Reserve building. From what I found out, it's the old federal reserve building for San Francisco, but they lease out the upper floors to businesses. Talk about hiding in plain sight! Uphold doesn't let anyone see their phone number or give you a way to contact them, but here's the address if you guys wanna know it! ADDRESS. 301 Battery Street. 7th Floor. San Francisco, CA 94111. PHONE NUMBERS: Smith Group aka Uphold: 415.227.0100 The Bentley Reserve: (415) 294-2226 Maybe this will help you guys get your money back???

Tip: 17DPUPAcbKdxdpDNdVaoHYANiCzjaaaZf9

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