Xapo combines the convenience of an everyday bitcoin wallet with the security of a deep cold storage vault.

At Xapo, we believe that bitcoin’s ultimate success will be based on trust – trust in the digital currency and trust in the industry’s service providers. That’s why we assembled a team of financial services and security experts to build a new usage and storage experience. By offering two distinct products – a free, easy-access Wallet and a fully-insured Vault – we’re marrying the convenience bitcoin users want for everyday needs with the security they require for confident bitcoin savings.


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- July 1, 2022
starstarstarstarstar The crypto market is a very technical space that no one should just rush into without proper understanding and guidance (atleast for the first few times of trading). This is why there are people like my amazing manager who help to manage your trading accounts till you are able to do that on your own.she is a crypto trader with many positive reviews. She can be reached on the contact below to know more about how the process works.
+1 (732) 630 9483

- June 30, 2022
starstarstarstarstar Its been a very long time I have been trading and investing with COINHAVEN dot ONLINE, and for the past few years I have never lose my money or have any financial issues, I have made a lot of millions of dollars investing and trading with them. You can check them out via
WhatsApp: +447537183487

- June 30, 2022
starstarstarstarstar I will keep on announcing the perfect work you did for me after i invested in your company am still amazed because within a week i have gotten a lot of money in my account and now i can take good care of my family and i afford whatever i want for myself without stress, and promise to post about you on this group day by day, Sister you are best of all the best Click on her number to connect with her 📞📞📞📞+1 732-630-9483
- June 29, 2022
starstarstarstarstar No much talks this platform is legit payouts are instant and automatic without stress check on them this might be the opportunity you have being waiting for loose it and find it no more grab it now it's still near to you thanks so much you people are doing great no platform has ever had the best remake this platform has
Join through
👇 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇
+1(732) 630-9483

- June 28, 2022
starstarstarstarstar I was scared to trade, because I have been scammed many times, but I had to take one last chance because I heard about this Unique Trader was a very honest lady, so I gave it one last trial, wow to my greatest surprise what I have heard about her was correct, today through her, I have been able to get back all I had lost and earned even more, contact her for the best investment services and you will not be disappointed...You can contact her directly.
WhatsApp: +1(732)630-9483

- June 28, 2022
starstarstarstarstar Your way towards financial freedom begins by investing with my expert trader, believe Me when I say this because I speak with total sincerity in my heart, and that of my family filled with Joy for what we have been able to achieve through your excellent, wonderful, and great work helping us to invest, manage and trade, my first payout was like a miracle,, My Expert Trader,you are truly a professional, An amazing Woman, so patient and trustworthy, heaven sent to the entire public, I can't find words to describe your awesomeness, the question is will you miss this opportunity....Dm her WhatsApp: +1 732 630 9483
- June 27, 2022
starstarstarstarstar Few months ago I invested in this company and I have been trying to pull my money out and it was quite a big amount of money but all my effort trying to get my money off this account looks so in vain, Not until saw a Legal entity who advocate for financial cases like this. They took it up for me and help me recover all my loss.
Check them out via their website: EXPERT RECLAIM dot TECH
WhatsApp:+ 4 4 7 5 3 7 1 8 3 4 8 7

- June 27, 2022
starstarstarstarstar Amazing personality with great leadership qualities .
I believed in her platform after my first earnings was successful then i followed .
Thank you for bringing happiness to my home and that is what I want for other investors or beginners to do as well win . If you wish to follow or understand how she works you can send a dm on
Whatsapp : +1(732 )630-9483

- March 11, 2021
starstarstarstarstar I have been successfully changed my pin, it was 6 digits of number. when I input my pin to open my account, the system menu just provide 4 digits of number of pin. how can I login if the system work like that?
totally scam, I've been being member since january 2016 for saving my btc that I've got from faucets, but now my btc is vanished

Tip: 1GAHwGj1zgJaDKxMauXSFxYG6ZrFcVeP6j
- February 15, 2021
starstarstarstarstar I registered my account in 2016 using my email. The email still works, but XAPO's website says they are under maintenance. Since last year... Total scam
- February 11, 2021
starstarstarstarstar My account just dissapeared. Can't log in and e-mail is not linked to any account anymore. They also don't respond to any of my e-mails. They just stole my money.
- June 2, 2020
starstarstarstarstar Xapo has stolen my bitcoins and deleted my account for no reason, I can't restore it or login, don't use thieves wallet
- March 17, 2020
starstarstarstarstar SCAM.
Xapo is now IGNORING my emails.
Xapo has stopped communicating.
Xapo is illegally and for no reason holding my money and refusing to discuss it with me.
It is over a week now and they are silent, ignoring emails and communication tickets.
I am reporting them to the police and local financial regulators in Hong Kong (where they are based) and also any UK agencies.

- November 23, 2019
starstarstarstarstar Nice work i need this work
- August 3, 2019
starstarstarstarstar I used xapo for years without a problem and now they blocked my account after a deposit so I can't access in my dashboard and now passed several weeks(plus 4 weeks)...Support reply ever the same answer "your account is under review by our compliance team,...etc..." so I lost finally my Eur deposit and bitcoins also holded in it...Stay away from them...
- July 31, 2019
starstarstarstarstar this is full scam and nothing
- April 27, 2019
starstarstarstarstar Xapo blocked my account and requested me to provide supporting documents in order to unblock my account. Then they completely ignore my requests to unlock my account after submitted my bank statement. It been 2 months and there’s no updates from them. I was dealing directly from support (Rosa & Samantha) by email but they did not reply my emails anymore. Xapo is completely SCAM !
- January 23, 2019
starstarstarstarstar AP tweeting out internal communications... “when the CFO likes your presentation”
- November 27, 2018
starstarstarstarstar Xapo blocked my account and asked me to send ID documents which I did.
Then they completely ignore my requests to unlock my account.
I was dealing with someone directly from support by email but she does not reply anymore.
So as things stand they have stolen my bitcoin.

- November 26, 2018
starstarstarstarstar Xapo is not a scam. I have used it for a year without problems. I deposited fiat currencies, bought bitcoin sent it to other wallets effortlessly. In October 2018 they had problems for 3 weeks with deposits not being cleared. Unfortunately I made a deposit in this period, hence the 4 stars and not 5.

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