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- May 27, 2024
starstarstarstarstar I knew I should remove my data and my Google account as soon as possible after seeing what information Google collects through their privacy policy. Now, their support is questioning me like a criminal. It seems that they do not maintain payment records, and I am required to furnish proof of my Mail Plus membership.i will applaud ADMK LTD for making the impossible possible for me and I got all my money back
- April 27, 2024
starstarstarstarstar Avoid this platform. Lost it here and my $12000 with no customer support. 𝗥𝗘𝗖𝗢𝗩𝗘𝗥𝗜𝗡𝗚𝗖𝗢𝗜𝗡• 𝗖𝗢𝗠 got me covered and refvnd
- March 23, 2024
starstarstarstarstar It's deeply concerning to witness the actions of Vytautas Karalevičius & Mantas Mockevičius, the owners of this project. Their behavior has severely damaged trust within both the crypto and wider communities. It's evident that their actions have left a lasting stain that will not easily be forgotten. It's clear that they have forfeited any remaining credibility and goodwill. Moving forward, it's crucial for individuals to understand the gravity of their actions and the repercussions they have on their standing within communities. Trust is not easily regained, and it's apparent that there is no longer a place for them to move forward within these communities.
- March 19, 2024
starstarstarstarstar they locked my account with no reason, obviously I lost my wallet.
- April 16, 2023
starstarstarstarstar They are stealing money and customer support is even admit they are doing that! FRAUD
- March 21, 2023
starstarstarstarstar I was seriously devastated after I felt played by this company , They took all my funds , They have wonderful ways to make you deposit all your hard earned money in the hope of doubling the funds or making some sort of profits back and you get slammed with a tax before withdrawals , I reported to skyline-rec0very cpm and I got all my funds back .
- September 23, 2022
starstarstarstarstar They steal coins from customers with fraudulent contract condition changes.
- January 4, 2022
starstarstarstarstar Fraud by criminal Vytautas Karalevicius. They let you transfer the money to their account and then turn off the possibility withdrwrawala without any notice. Big SCAM and FRAUD. Avoid SpectroCoin.
- December 23, 2021
starstarstarstarstar This is fraud company! they turned off withdrawal option, so they stole my money. They left only withdrawal options that are illegal in my country. Also, it is illegal that they did not inform me that they will do this and because of this they will be left without a license!
- December 8, 2021
starstarstarstarstar Fraud and gross violation of the law! It is possible to make a deposit but withdrawal is impossible. They currently hold 6.000,00 euros that belong to my company and they do not allow the payment of that money to my company's account. They canceled the international bank withdrawal without notifying before, and now they are “advising” me to pay them 900,00 euros on their Bankera project, in order to withdraw the money to my company account. In short, they ask me for 900,00 euros to give me my 6.000,00 euros! In my country this is called a racket, and the sentence is not less than 3 years in prison for such an act. By doing so, they have violated the laws of their country, my country, but also the international laws on financial operations, and in addition, it is not in accordance with the license on the basis of which they operate.
Avoid Spectrocoin unless you want to be robbed.
Whatever they answer to this review believe me it’s just their finely packaged lie. They are scam 100%, and this one star is too much. For criminals like this, there should be a minus instead of stars.

- June 4, 2021
starstarstarstarstar If you by accident send crypto to an exchange without a proper message/memo connecting the transaction with your account on the exchange, most exchanges will (for some reasonable fee) help you credit this crypto to your account or send the crypto back to the sender's address. Not Spectrocoin - they simply keep your crypto claiming there's nothing they can do and that your crypto is lost forever. I cannot find any other expression than just "thieves". Keeping money which was not intended for them is nothing but a theft.
And by the way, appart from the problem above which cost me quite a lot of money, their KYC process was also an uncredible pain and I was not able to access my crypto for several months before photos of my ID were finally considered good enough to pass the KYC process.

- May 31, 2021
starstarstarstarstar Muy mal, he ingresado 500€ para comprar bankeras y al cambiarlo a Bitcoin para inmediatamente comprar bankeras, me quitaron 200€ en las dos operaciones, es decir una estafa monumental, y si quería cambiar las bankeras a bitcoin de nuevo ya solo me quedaban 27€ de los 500€ que había depositado. Todo esto teniendo en cuenta que el valor del bitcoin estaba estable a la hora de hacer los intercambios. Lo he reclamado y me están dando largas todo el rato. Una vergüenza a la vez que es un robo en toda regla....muy muy mala experiencia. Tener mucho cuidado porque vais a perder vuestro dinero solo con hacer el intercambio, a mi en concreto al hacer la compra de bankeras me han quitado 204€ en total de los 500€ depositados.
- March 9, 2021
starstarstarstarstar These people grabbed 151 million Euros to create a useless token called Bankera. They didn't achieve anything after they grabbed the money. They didn't pay their advisors including Tony G. They also were blocking and removing any member on their online chat platform who criticizes them, and finally they removed their chat channel because people were totally mad at them. All investors lost more than 95% of their money with such a bunch of thieves and money-laundering experts. These people should go to jail soon. A group of the old investors is taking some legal actions against them, but still in progress... Hopefully, Interpol will soon size them all.
- February 2, 2021
starstarstarstarstar They locked my account. Tried contacting them by the chat as address is fake. They blocked me on chat as well. When googling i found out the exchange is run by known SCAMMER vytautas Karalevicius. They also scammed a lot of people with BANKERA! Avoid! And save your soul.
- December 30, 2020
starstarstarstarstar I am using their services since 2017. Never had any issues or they responded quickly (24/7 support). tbh my first btc has been bought using their platform.
- December 18, 2020
starstarstarstarstar 👍👍👍
- December 18, 2020
starstarstarstarstar Now that they started offering personal IBANs, I have everything that I need in Spectrocoin. Support is very helpful. No struggles with them at all!
- December 17, 2020
starstarstarstarstar Using SpectroCoin for a few years now - easy to user, simple design, good support. Never had any troubles. Smooth!
- July 17, 2020
starstarstarstarstar Very nice service!
- July 13, 2020
starstarstarstarstar One of the better exchanges out there. Although the verification process took longer than I expected, it was worth the wait.

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