Update is a utility site offering a number of free ad-supported services:

Alternative block chain browser
Javascript-based eWallet
Payment notification/alerts
Live updating list of unconfirmed transactions
Data and charts providing insight into the Bitcoin P2P network
Double spend tracking
JSON and block explorer compatible api
Multi-signature coordination service (for use with M-Of-N transactions)
Mixing Service
The site's availability status and service history is monitored using PingDom.

The site was launched on August 30, 2011, originally as the PiUK-BlockChain-Browser. It is maintained by Ben Reeves and was built with the intended purpose of recording double spend attacks and various currency statistics.

On March 26, 2012 the Blockchain for Android mobile app was released. On April 20, 2012 the Blockchain ios app for the Apple iPhone, iPod touch and iPad was released globally on the App Store.


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- December 29, 2020
starstarstarstarstar I saw some complaints here and I had similar problem too their facebook support assisted. If you are on Facebook You can try to contact their support they are prompt.
Tip: 33UXtRWybu6P5ThnWkZM5LCTQuK8JQSx6A
- October 2, 2020
starstarstarstarstar I wanna ask a question, is it possible to pay for key to withdrawal?
- September 16, 2020
starstarstarstarstar I beg you for help. On the Blockchain app it shows a total balance of € 30,000 and under my wallet it shows 0. The broker tells me I have to pay € 300 to activate my account. Is it true or a scam?
- August 11, 2020
starstarstarstarstar More than 5 days waiting for a ticket resolution, I bought crypto and it is show on balance but I can't send nothing from wallet because it says insufficient funds, no Metter I'm sending much less that I have on balance, no support.
No recommended blockchain.

- July 11, 2020
starstarstarstarstar I can't find funds that i sent to my wallet!
(Blockchain Support Ticket No: 1589940)
On the 9th of July I sent Coins Worth 0.217 to My wallet i saw no entry of the Coins and Blockchain don't allow me have access to my Blockchain because they kept on delaying the Authorization Email for an hour or 2 until 10th of July To my Surprise I finally login and i saw the coins been sent out same seconds it was received more or less like redirection and now i know why i was not allowed to login to my Wallet You have to return my coins with all due respect because that's my only means of surviving with my family in this Era of Pandemic don't let me Starve to death return my Coins Today Thank You.

- May 26, 2020
starstarstarstarstar I lost my money to a scammer who send me an email link of Blockchain with keys to open account. I would blame the Blockchain responsible for allowing such loop holes that allows any scammer to source keys from Blockchain and send it out via email to open account. I can say 100% that Bockchain is not safe place to store your cryptocurrency.
- April 29, 2020
starstarstarstarstar My balance was zero when i logged in yesterday. I been contacting Blockchain to find out why my balance is zero and all my transaction records are missing.This is what Blockchain is all about. I think this was a inside job.No sympathy or support from customer service rep Jade.
- April 29, 2020
starstarstarstarstar Blockchain has been hacked. I lost everything. Get your funds out of Blockchain before you end up broke like me.
- April 16, 2020
starstarstarstarstar Do not invest any money on Blockchain!!My funds invest in crypto was stolen on Blockchain wallet platform!
Do not invest on Blockchain!!! Almost all my money invest in crypto was sent to other addresses that do not belong to me on 10 March and I don't do this , my wallet it was almost emptied (just a few left) and there is no support they blame me but It's not my fault and they don't understand...This is the bad experience in my life is investing in Blockchain!!! Investigate also my ticket number 1405241 because it is not my fault and no longer blame me for taking viruses because I use a computer for my work with high-level security.I thought it was the biggest trust in the market and what happened?Javier Gonzales and Tatiana say in his review ,I think I have the same problem) .Javier Gonzalez , You can say how you solved the situation, From the moment I get only( bad opinion ) from Blockchain company??? I sent numerous emails to the customer service and they tell me:we don't have information on how your wallet got compromised and now just bad opinion ,,sorry for this" and we do not have an amiable solution for you.... .(I have sent print screen with all crypto transfer,address from my blockchain wallet account and see clearly).I wanted to invest on this platform and I thought it was trustworthy but is the bad experience on my life and I am waiting for an answer from the owner or another high-level function and in this regard and I will prepare many statements to all authorities competent ...If this problem not solved ....I will do a lot of reviews (what I started to do) in this regard to all communication channels if I do not get my cryptocurrency back ...I hope to solve this problem in a friendly way because I am an honest man and I do not like being robbed!I I don't want an answer like this what Blockchain is (noncustodial and don't have acces in my account) I see here many many people have the same problem...If you are non-custodial company and the money is stolen so easy I don't think it should this company work anymore because I saw here many people have my situation...sorry I got to say that but this is the truth...

- March 26, 2020
starstarstarstarstar Do not use Blockchain wallet, I lost all my money ...There is no support and your money gone... The bad experience on my life is my ,,lost money's " invest on Blockchain!!!

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