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BitPay is an automated payment processing system for the bitcoin currency. It enables online merchants to accept bitcoins, as a form of payment, just as easily they accept payments from credit cards, debit cards, or Paypal. For the similarly-named mobile wallet application, see BitPay for Android.


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- June 12, 2021
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- June 5, 2021
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- May 30, 2021
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- May 29, 2021
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- May 7, 2021
This site is not paying, don't invest here, I refused to heed to the warnings, until now I was not paid after investing. But I got my money back when I contacted, max.neil.li.lung on g-o-o-g-l-e s-e-a-r-ch and I reinvested in his care You can also get your funds back if you are a vitim.

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- February 15, 2021
Don't use ... high fees and they are not able even to match my face with national ID card. Now they don't want to delete my ID scan!!!

- January 18, 2021
Don't trust this brand Don't trust this brand, breach of trust, never send you your cryptos

- January 5, 2021
I've been using BitPay for over a year and have never had a problem.

- August 8, 2020
Don't use it. Fucking horrible system.

- December 5, 2019
AVOID AT ALL COSTS. They will simply steal your money! Stopping refunds from merchants, then blaming the merchant. This company must be setup to sour peoples bitcoin experience. Drug dealers and pirate TV services have better BTC payment setups than this joke of a company. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!

- September 19, 2019
I deeply regret that day I registered as Bitpay card holder. Bitpay closed my account/card and has refused to release my $1,750. I work extremely hard to earned that money. I have called bitpay numerous times to issue a check or allow a temporary withdrawal, all to no avail. This should serve as a lesson to other bitpay users. This company is a fraud eating its users hardwork.

- June 1, 2019
Send initial 26 usd, 23 usf arrived, cant use 15 usd worth of btc because fees will Not allow it. Wtf? How can i pay my coffee with this

- May 26, 2019
Worst Bitcoin wallet ever! I have 22$ I want to use 15$ I can't because they take 7$ of fees!!! I never seen that

- January 15, 2019

- December 29, 2018
i had a negative balance of $244 due to a fraudulent charge. i called to check my balance and it was zero so i assumed the dispute was done and i won. i deposited $160 from my bitpay wallet to my card and they took the $160!! they saud it was showing zero because the bank charged off the balance. so basicly the bank got paid twice. the c.s agent and supervisir were zero help and got real rude to ne when i asked how can a bank take mobet from me on a zero balance? they saud well if it were me and $244 disappeared in air id call to see why i said i had a claim for the amount and figured the only way it would be zero is if i won my dispute. horible c.s and am closing my account after they stole $160 from me. a total joke company! Visa should yank their name off their card!!

- September 23, 2018
I had an antminer s9 connected to a BitPay wallet and I watched the daily deposits roll in to about 300.00 dollars usd. When I tried to withdraw the full amount it said something like balance to low for fees to withdraw. I kept trying till I eventually withdrew 150.00 usd of the 300.00 . If you use this app you will be scammed.

- September 21, 2018
Been using them since day 1, never had an issue.

- June 15, 2018
scam very bad guys

- April 25, 2018
complete shit! constantly saying I have insufficient funds when I have way more than double of what is needed, this happens on small and medium transactions. after I finally get my BTC out of this shit app I will never use again, and everyone I know I have told the same. Fuck off Bitpay!!!

- April 17, 2018
Dont listen to these flamers that say they used it and give it a 1 star. I can understand a bad experience and it can happen but at this point I can safely say Bitpay compares to the next leading payment method. There are satisfied customers and mad customers and lying customers. I highly recommend bitpay it's the most widely used on the net.

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