Purse is the world’s largest bitcoin marketplace. Save 15% on everything on Amazon. The discounts are instant (no gimmicky points), and it works on ANYTHING on Amazon.

The marketplace connects consumers with unused gift cards to enable reduced prices on products they want to purchase. Sell Amazon gift cards for bitcoin.


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- April 10, 2017
starstarstarstarstar Now is the best time to invest in Bitcoin.
Buy BTC instantly with credit cards or Paypal safely and secure.
You can instantly transfer the bought Bitcoins to your wallet or keep 'em @buysomebitcoins!
Use this limited time promotional link to opt-in for special offers:

- March 9, 2017
starstarstarstarstar Purse is a Mother Fuckers, They Will Take out Bitcoins and use that for Fucking. Purse Employees are Mother Fuckers. Many People are Fucking Your Mothers and Sisters and Your Wives. What the Fuck They Are Doing??
- January 15, 2017
starstarstarstarstar I use Purse about 1 year and saved there already more than $5000. People who write badly comments about Purse it and are scammers!
- January 14, 2017
starstarstarstarstar the site is great i am using it for like 2 years never had unsolved issues
Tip: 32TKGPNuhXwjUpvfzFkRwpUshBh2mVUfAY
- January 14, 2017
starstarstarstarstar My account was blocked for no reason, my user ID is ls419457, after the order was delivered, they disabled my account without giving any explanation and stolen my bitcoin. Their customer support is non-existent. Please be AWARE of this website!
- January 4, 2017
starstarstarstarstar All good comments have been written by workers of purse.
- January 4, 2017
starstarstarstarstar People! Don't use Purse!!! This is scam!!!
- January 4, 2017
starstarstarstarstar Purse are deceivers. They allow you to earn bitcoin and later block the account together with your money.
- December 31, 2016
starstarstarstarstar Got banned for no valid reason and they locked (stole) my btc which was left in wallet.


- December 23, 2016
starstarstarstarstar All good reviews are written by the staff of They can block your account with bitcoins and not explain the reason. Be careful.
- December 15, 2016
starstarstarstarstar Purse is really damn underappreciated. It's super slick software - finally got around to using it
- November 10, 2016
starstarstarstarstar I've been buying Bitcoin anonymously on Purse for a year now, and it's gotten better and better. I go to Walgreens, buy Amazon gift cards, and convert Amazon gift cards for bitcoin in 2 days.

So much better than Coinbase. Averaging about 7% higher with Purse, but I don't have to give up my private info to those thieves. Also better than any bitcoin ATM in my area that charge 15-20% extra.

Tip: 3HErswDXbyN5Gg4RFGJytRzKey44YHP3Zg
- October 1, 2016
starstarstarstarstar Account closed after buying Amazon products. Allowed to log in temporarily to withdraw BTC before it was closed permanently. No explanation other than the security system "flagged" it as suspicious.
- September 16, 2016
starstarstarstarstar For god's sake people, where on earth do you think the 15% comes from? The magic bitcoin bunny? Is amazon offering 15% off to Is taking losses for doing the work they do? What kind of idiot thinks this can end well?
- September 4, 2016
starstarstarstarstar They are scammers. I used my purse 6 months. Now they blocked my account without explanation. On my account there were bitcoins. Now they ignore me.
- July 24, 2016
starstarstarstarstar The website is very intuitive , and makes 15% discount easy even for new users .
Once you are trusted you can get 20%-50% by making a whishlist with items , and share that whishlist on .
Someone picks up your whishlist and orders it for you , with the discount .
Once you are used to the whole process , you'll be saving a lot .
Not convinced , try it out . I was sceptical at first too .
Convinced ?

Create your account through this link and you'll get 0.01 BTC : .

Tip: 1LB8LhkQ39uQxawMgDeizVqNBE2WCe7cw3
- July 13, 2016
starstarstarstarstar Couldn't figure out what to do with Bitcoin after my friend suggested I buy some. Took forever to buy on Coinbase, but now I use Purse all the time instead of Amazon.
- May 11, 2016
starstarstarstarstar waste of time, tried to order something, support couldnt even help and then they canceled it 3x finally said they couldnt order.
- March 29, 2016
starstarstarstarstar I was skeptical at first, but I tried it out with a small item ($17 book) and got it in 24 hrs. Seemed like magic. I got hooked - in less than a month, I racked up $562 in savings compared to spending credit card on Amazon. Couldn't be happier. To the moon!
- March 17, 2016
starstarstarstarstar The support is not contacted with me( My order has been paid, btc are not received.

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