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- November 27, 2017
I borrowed 0.02 BTC from a friend hoping to go online and trade with it but i got myself in big problem when i ventured into some online mining scamming site. (all i've said is the honest truth). PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM UNTRUSTED WEBSITES... now i'm looking for how to repay my friend :(

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- November 27, 2017
I have done one transaction using bitcoin for an Amazon gift card. Everything worked, though not quite as quickly as I would have preferred.

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- November 22, 2017
Do not buy anything with bitcoin on this site, they will receive your Bitcoin and you will not receive anything in return. They simply say that there is no way to control payments in Bitcoin, LIE ON YOUR FACE. Honest people who work to buy things know very well the values ​​of things. They accepted my bitcoins and never sent me my memoirs that I bought in 2016, until today I'm waiting, when we talk about the support they simply say they already sent it to the supervisors.

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- November 18, 2017
just tried using my gift cards for the first time for slingtv did everything just as i was told via sling chat and still couldnt get my subscription started it tells me insufficient funds also says my cards have been redeemed however no money showing up on my account so now just a waiting game to see if they can locate my $50 so irritated right now.Not sure if i will keep sling if this gift card redemption is gonna give me this much trouble just not worth it.

- November 11, 2017
Scam. All the 4 star reviews are fake, and most likely written by the same person. The verbal marketing, and trusting self confirmations. The way they write is a dead give away. STAY AWAY!

- October 23, 2017
They stole $70 worth of my bitcoin and never delivered a gift card and customer service just gave me the total runaround its never been resolved stay away and never pay them with bit coin

- September 21, 2017
Received an already redeemed Skype voucher. Stay away from this scam

- July 11, 2017
Customer Service could not be any worse. It's actually sad that they don't know how to treat their customers.

- June 23, 2017
Despite the negative reviews on this site I had a very pleasant experience with eGifter. Granted it takes about an hour for the gift cards to show up in your wallet, they do offer points on all purchases. Something Gyft used to do but no longer does. If you're looking for speed in your cards, Gyft wins hands down, but if you are like me and purchase multiple gift cards, eGifter's points easily puts it above Gyft.

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- June 14, 2017
It doesn't get any worse. Why order a gift card if it takes 2 days to get it along w a snotty reply from customer service. It's called service for a reason. Next time I'll drive to cvs, drive home, write out a greeting card, mail it and it'll still be quicker.

- May 30, 2017
Don't you guys do anything right? Tried to do a group gift. I wanted th throw out my laptop. Stupid system.

- May 15, 2017
It is a great site however it does not have iTunes giftcards. Kind of annoying. I know a lot of people who have iTunes including my son but could not get one for him since they dont have them...... I was able to get him a Amazon card for his birthday instead though so it all worked out. Other then that the site was great and I had no problems.

- May 4, 2017
Not sure why the reviews are bad. I had no problems. Only getting 4 stars bc no Starbucks cards.

- April 25, 2017
App would not load card while in line at market. LONG LINE at market. How humiliating. Egifter is the worst platform for e Gift Cards. Nothing has happened remotely close to the time frame it said it would. Especially if you live off BTC and need food. SO you buy an e card with BTC because it will be instant.... Then you and your dog go hungy because the app won't load. F&%K Egifter in the mouth

- April 12, 2017
Update: received a receipt in email about 8 hrs later. and an hour later my giftcard was ready and redeemed without problems. it looks like this site only works during working hrs. so if you order outside that.. you'll probably be waiting a while for your giftcard. probably not the best option if you're in a hurry.

- April 11, 2017
Im rating this site 1 star because it has horrible site cmmunication. Ive been using this site for a few years and must say, the policy path theyve taken to improve security just frustrates it's users and drive them away. Ive always paid with bitcoin and before i would get my card instantly or after 1 cconfirmation. Now im waiting hours later and nothing with over 20 confirmations. This is ridiculous whats worse is that after making my purchase, the site just throws up a popup with your order number, talks about a receipt but doesnt send u any order confirmation via email(i thought this was standard practice of reputable business). Figure you can find the receipt somewhere in the account you'd be wrong. so now you g to support to write a ticket and it asks you for your order number.. yes the same order number thats being hidden from you. Talk about disorganized. listen egifter... whoever is the new manager you hired in the last year or 2.. fire them. They are sabotaging your company. U may not believe it.. but hey... after the experience i just had. Ive decided to forfeit my points and your reward system to deal exclusively with GYFT.COM until i see egifter starts getting better reviews of notable improvement in these areas. And im not going to hold my breath, so i think this means goodbye egifter. if you dont mind waiting indefinitely and blindly on your giftcard then maybe u can try egifter. But if you want your giftcard now... as in 1 confirmation after purchasing... use gyft doesnt give u reward points anymore.. but peace of mind and low stress purchase makes up for that... BY FAR. and egifter's captcha... :rollseyes: i swear i dont want to see that thing again. What a pain in the rear to get into your own account legitimately. Unfortunately i will have to login a few more times until they eventually provide me my giftcard.. whenever they feel is a good time for them. sincerely, frustrated giftcard buyer

- April 8, 2017
Ordered a sling TV gift card 4 days ago and still have not received my code these people are incompetent and they should be out of business they do not respond to emails and when you call their customer service they don't know what's going on

- March 30, 2017
Worst customer service I have ever endured in my life. After my $300 gc I bought through egifter didn't work, I tried submitting a claim for assistance... I was informed that their policy states, no refunds for claimed gift cards, I asked to speak with a representative, that apprently is impossible. An entire week went by, with multiple attempts to contact egifter, before I was finally able to get some help, not from egifter, but from the vendor of which the gift card was for. Do not waste your time with these clowns, you can get the same service with actual customer service elsewhere.

- March 21, 2017

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- March 3, 2017
Disappointed that I have to get a coinbase account. But I've been a long time buyer. Upset but I need the cash back they give. eGifter why did you change??!!!

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