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eGifter opens more than 250 Gift Card Brands to Bitcoin Payments - including major retailers including Amazon, eBay, Whole Foods, Macy's, Nordstrom, Dunkin' and more!


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- August 15, 2019
Being scammed lots of time made me strong and more anxious to get what i need, Mrs Van Yoelle shown me that truly there is hope, trading with her changed my life and is still changing it. Investing 500$ for a start with her really paid off, in not less than 7days I got 15000$.she is 100% real, you can invest with her. Her WhatsApp contact +1 518 622 1571

- August 2, 2019
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- May 11, 2019
Worst. Customer. Service. I’ve. Ever. Used.

- May 11, 2019
If you've been ripped or scam into purchasing gift cards and at the process of redeeming it as bitcoins you got ripped, kindly reach out to QUICKFUNDSRECOVERY AT G MAIL, they helped me in recovering back my stolen 1.2 bitcoins from a ripper. I'm so grateful for the services rendered.

- May 11, 2019
i am working on the ship and I am not US resident. bought $100 ebay card. used it without any problem over my paypal. after that, i bought $225 cards for ebay, which i could not use at all. many emails was send and the answer was only that i need to make a purchase from US ebay seller, to be in states and have verified paypal. Nothing else, except they are very polite, they always write in email that they hope their empty email finds me well. After a year or so, i came back to states and I tried to use my ebay giftcards, and then guess what? all my cards value are $0. Mailing with egifter costumer service after that was even funnier. Of course gift card numbers were stored and locked properly. They said its my fault cards are empty and they will not make further investigation.

- January 7, 2019
I Tried eGifter for the first time after struggling to choose a gift card for my grandchild's birthday. Finally I got to the pay page and chose PayPal. Initially I received an email to say thank you etc ...then another email saying the sale had failed. I have used paypal for several satisfactory years and never had a problem so I phoned them up. They traced the transaction and confirmed that it was authorised. After my complaint to eGifter for the very poor lack of communication re the failed transaction I eventually received a glib unapologetic response that basically blamed PayPal and recommended that I use another method of payment! I did not choose to use a different method of payment...I chose rather to give up on eGifter! Not only had they failed to deliver the gift to my grandchild they had responded to my complaints in an unhelpful and patronizing way....NEVER AGAIN eGifter!!

- September 30, 2018
bought a gift card with ethereum, was confirmed within minutes on blockchain - its now 12 hours later with no response from support and no gift card. These people will take your money, stay away - bitrefill is much easier and safer to use, i needed the gift card immediately so I went on there and was able to get it right away. Hopefully egifter actually delivers the gift card i purchased eventually, but there is no chance I will ever be using them again after I get it.

- May 15, 2018
All my gift cards came out OK, but their insider club and points thing is a joke. Seems like they just want you to forget and be charged $10/yr. I spent over $1000 with the site buying a variety of cards (Whole Foods, Amazon, Home Depot) and was awarded zero points.

- May 9, 2018
Purchased an ebay gift card using bitpay (bitcoin). I Saw some bad reviews but tried anyway.. Some of the bad reviews must be user error, not following directions etc. I purchased the e-gift card, payment confirmation took less than 45mins, then I waited (says up to 4 hours for ebay system to show the gift card valid) and it worked great! Was even able to select the exact amount of the gift card to cover the items in my cart (was $21.64). I would Def recommend site and I'll be using again for sure!


- April 23, 2018
Didn't get gift card! They will scam you after you leave bad review.

- April 12, 2018
Guys , are you blind ? They are all bastards and also then are owned by mafia ! You can't even pay with bitcoin here . bitcoin is for simple stuffs and they changed , they made it hard even to pay with bitcoin ! Lets help this company to die :) don't use it don't buy anothyng from them . Ban it on your browser .

- February 2, 2018
Received 25 dollar ecode for BTC. Went pretty well.

- November 22, 2017
Do not buy anything with bitcoin on this site, they will receive your Bitcoin and you will not receive anything in return. They simply say that there is no way to control payments in Bitcoin, LIE ON YOUR FACE. Honest people who work to buy things know very well the values ​​of things. They accepted my bitcoins and never sent me my memoirs that I bought in 2016, until today I'm waiting, when we talk about the support they simply say they already sent it to the supervisors. https://image.prntscr.com/image/fmMeoTFNTdiGX7WwSur1NQ.png

Tip: 1EVYrfrgMZXE39mvTKvsEChv8KUbzU3Xgc

- November 18, 2017
just tried using my gift cards for the first time for slingtv did everything just as i was told via sling chat and still couldnt get my subscription started it tells me insufficient funds also says my cards have been redeemed however no money showing up on my account so now just a waiting game to see if they can locate my $50 so irritated right now.Not sure if i will keep sling if this gift card redemption is gonna give me this much trouble just not worth it.

- November 11, 2017
Scam. All the 4 star reviews are fake, and most likely written by the same person. The verbal marketing, and trusting self confirmations. The way they write is a dead give away. STAY AWAY!

- October 23, 2017
They stole $70 worth of my bitcoin and never delivered a gift card and customer service just gave me the total runaround its never been resolved stay away and never pay them with bit coin

- September 21, 2017
Received an already redeemed Skype voucher. Stay away from this scam

- July 11, 2017
Customer Service could not be any worse. It's actually sad that they don't know how to treat their customers.

- June 23, 2017
Despite the negative reviews on this site I had a very pleasant experience with eGifter. Granted it takes about an hour for the gift cards to show up in your wallet, they do offer points on all purchases. Something Gyft used to do but no longer does. If you're looking for speed in your cards, Gyft wins hands down, but if you are like me and purchase multiple gift cards, eGifter's points easily puts it above Gyft.

Tip: 1JQEKYM6WFDxMAundU9hbm5LB3jJA8N7X6

- June 14, 2017
It doesn't get any worse. Why order a gift card if it takes 2 days to get it along w a snotty reply from customer service. It's called service for a reason. Next time I'll drive to cvs, drive home, write out a greeting card, mail it and it'll still be quicker.

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