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Cash To Crypto was formed in 2013 to provide a simple solution for purchasing bitcoin at CashToCrypto.com Using our service: You do not need to have a bank account You can use any Bitcoin wallet You receive your bitcoin within 2 hours GUARANTEED You receive great customer service We have had thousands of customers purchase Bitcoins from using our service. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction and insure that you will always be happy with our services. We now have Bitcoin ATMs in Atlanta, Birmingham, Dallas TX, Ft. Worth TX, Jacksonville, Orlando, and Miami! Contact: Support@cashtocrypto.com Text or Call 678-435-9604 Hours: M-F 9am-8:00pm EST Sat 9am-3pm EST Sun- Closed


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- March 17, 2020
Scam Alert: Mrs. Van Yoelle SCAM. Please do not fall to this Mrs Van Yoelle Scam, probably she or her agents are the ones writing all the review on many pages regarding her. She is a full-time scammer, her WhatsApp number is +1 (518) 622-1571 she operating the so-called SwingFXPro platform and this company is not registered in the UK as she claimed. I lost bitcoin worth over $2000 USD with her, she claimed she has credited the bitcoin to my account, while there is no bitcoin sent to my account by her or any other person and I tried to withdraw money from her platform but they refused to allowed withdrawal all efforts and an email sent no one responded. I requested her to send me the evidence of payment but has refused to send it for over two months now. She is a professional scammer.

- March 12, 2020
Mrs Van Yoelle, has helped me alot. It has always been my dream to earn big online ( Binary/Forex/ Bitcoin investment ) All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them but thanks to Mrs Van Yoelle for making it a reality.I invested $500 and I got $7500 within one week of trading. It feel awesome to know the right person, contact her to start earning now Whatsapp +1 518 622 1571

- March 8, 2020
It has been hard losing a lot of money to binary options and cryptocurrency trading. My money has now been recovered thanks to a recovery pro. You can reach me to share my experience and how I recovered my money. Capitalrefunds DOT org

- March 4, 2020
Am so happy for the successful trade i made with the best investment platform which has made me who I'm today. This post am sharing to you all may not mean nothing to you, but I'm sharing this for the passed experience with fake account manager. But i want to thank God for the gift of a trusted account manager Mrs Lisa,who helped me, she is the only woman that i can trust with my whole life and ever since i meet her,i have been receiving my payout as been promised... Thank you mam, you're a wonderful woman Mrs Lisa..you can contact her on Whatsapp: +1 754 217 7701

- February 27, 2020
STEADYGROWINGWEALTH101 is a lifesaver. The first time I ever felt terrible about my life was when I lost my JOB OF 7 Years. It all started when I was roped with organization theft. I lost almost everything I had ever worked for. I was just distorted and didn’t know what else to do. I had left about $40,000 and I literally took the risk of investing about $10,000 through STEADYGROWINGWEALTH101 C O M Very daring, right? Well, the outcome of my move has made me great returns on investment. I have invested even a lot more because of the ROI.

- February 22, 2020
Why do we really fall for scammers? sweet words is the major key they use to buy out our mind and after all we will realize that we have been defrauded, my good friends I want to use this opportunity to introduce Mrs Van Yoelle, she is a woman of her words and with her,my trust is now found, I'm using this opportunity to tell everyone that Mrs Van Yoelle is 100% genuine and legit You can reach her via Whatsapp: +1 518 622 1571

- January 19, 2020

- January 18, 2020
If you lost your coins due to a scam like this better use a professional recovery service like recovermycoins▪com not some random dude over the internet. I got my bitcoins back with this service.

- January 7, 2020
Binary options trading actually pays, but that's if you are lucky to have a genuine account manager, that's why I recommend Mrs Van Yoelle to every one in this group, She's genuine and her trading skill is excellent, withdrawals are easy and convenient no extra charges or fees, so why don't you trade with her today and make real money. You can contact her on via 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇 WhatsApp:: +1 518 622 1571

- November 10, 2019
Good day friend, I'm Alex Gray, a professional bitcoin miner and binary trader, do you know you can earn up to $7,500 in just 7 days of mining with a invest of $350 immediately you get connected to the new antiminers machine kindly dm for more information. WhatsApp: +1 (619) 399-2841

- November 10, 2019
hey! Buddy when you are thinking of trading in binary/bitcoin mining think about Mrs Van Yoelle,I so much believe in her,she has a good system of trade because she had brought me to this level which I actually appreciate her trustworthy, reliable, and her transparency With her amazing strategies Winning on every trading session guaranteed..... Whatsapp: +1 518 622 1571

- October 13, 2019
After so many positive reviews about Cryptominer Solutions Shop, I decided to try out their auto trader and I’ve been making reasonable daily profit margins. I’ve been able to build up my portfolio up to about $23,780 in just over a month with my initial investment of $6750. Now I can’t stop compounding my profits. I will gladly recommend to anyone interested in trading Bitcoin, especially the newbies who don’t have the expertise or time to learn the art of trading.

- July 5, 2019
good company i got cash from this company lot of times

- July 2, 2019
No support till date where is my money what can do now

- May 28, 2019
Scam Alert!! It's been more than 24 hours and no BTC sent. But they redeemed my Amazon gift card for $100 within 15 minutes, as Amazon notified me. Then, no response to live chat, no response to email. I should have read past the first page of reviews. There are plenty of warnings there, but they evidently try to keep the first page positive and the overall rating high. I should have noticed how suspicious all the positive reviews are: poor English, similar style. And the BTC price doesn't vary and is too low. I don't want anyone else to be defrauded. Bittrust.org shouldn't allow this on their site. I wouldn't trust any of their other reviewed businesses. Maybe there are two scams going on here.

- May 2, 2019
full scam no cash after transfer

- February 16, 2019
Lots of well put together cryptocurrency scams on the internet are deceiving innocent victims like us daily. Last month I lost 10,000usd to an online scam and I got it back within 2 weeks after hiring Swiftrecovery.eu. Craziest month of my life, I thought it was the end of the line.

- December 3, 2018
indian scammers

- November 15, 2018
scam and ripper stay away

- June 19, 2018

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