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- August 14, 2019
Paxful is the best out of the best, buying and selling bitcoins have never been more easier. The moderators are top notch when it comes to protecting buyers. I love your service and will be using for many trades to come.

- August 9, 2019
Everything about paxful is good...even if you're ripped on there you will surely get your money they dont support scamming you will only have to be patient....%100 secure

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- August 7, 2019
very easy to use buying and selling bitcoin and excellent customer support👍

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- August 4, 2019
Paxful is the best place to trade your bitcoins, my life changed after trading there, and I advice anyone who want to make his life better to start a business there!

- August 1, 2019
The best thing that could ever happen to a cryptocurrency trader

- July 31, 2019
Sell your Bitcoin / Gift cards to me at awesome rate What’sapp- +1-717-897-1296

- July 30, 2019
I am a sincere sellers, I am very grateful to have such a platform, also thanks to host a fair trial, because every day I will meet the ripper, the reasonable mechanism to make sincere cooperation between the seller and the buyer, at the same time also thank the host robin, he help me to solve some problems, I will continue to develop in this platform, the seller's name I call alibaba

- July 30, 2019
I am a seller, paxful is a place where I rarely sell BTC and buy itunes. If you are deceived, you may not have a good seller or buyer. Please believe paxful, they are very good.

- July 30, 2019
Best trading website. Honest, secure this a good place for all. Scammers dont last, so as long as you deal with known sellers, everything will run smoothly

- July 29, 2019
Paxful is the best website to trade all your gift cards to get instant bitcoin

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- July 28, 2019
Paxful is the best way to trade with.

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- July 26, 2019
The best place of sell/buy bitcoins

- July 22, 2019
The Best place for Buy/Sell Bitcoin and Crypto With differente methode of payment ! The support Paxful have team very helpfull and profesional. If u want to Trade With security go on Paxful !

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- July 22, 2019
Very good moderator team. Great help in getting my bitcoins from a seller who stopped responding

- July 19, 2019
Good and realible to trade and very good results.thank you so much Paxful.

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- July 17, 2019
Paxful is a free and equal BTC trading platform. You can use your gift card, wire transfer, cash and many other payment methods with confidence. You will get the BTC or gift card you want safely and quickly. If you have any questions and need help, you can turn to customer service. If you have been cheated there is a fair administrator. They are ready for the trader and look forward to your joining. Welcome to your arrival!

- July 10, 2019
Thanks Paxful for saving my account

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- July 9, 2019
Paxful Scammed me with my gift cards If you are seller on paxful and trying to sell your gift cards on paxful then paxful is not for you. Because paxful and their moderators are running scam there. In last 2 weeks i have lost $950. I sold my home depot card and amazon card to one of the buyer. He told me my card is used. Then he didn't release my coins. I clicked on dispute to get my money from that buyer. Trade was showing pending for almost 10 days and after 10 days one of the moderator joined our trade and he told me to upload card and receipt so i did that after that he told me to speak to card companies and get time information which any of the company wont give you. I told moderators to check buyer amazon account and history but he didn't ask anything from buyer. That mean paxful people along with moderator trying to scam seller who has low reviews. With this type of things i lost my money and i cant contact their moderators. That is the new thing in paxful. Beware of paxful people. If you want to scam with your gift card and want to trade on paxful. Be careful. If any buyer told you card is not good then you cant do anything. Even i am on paxful from last 1 year. They people start scamming sellers. Kindly NOTE - If you have good rating in paxful and you want to scam on paxful then this is the good platform for you. With good rating and reviews you can say anybody that card is used so if you buy $5000 everyday amazon cards on paxful and out of that you say $1000 is used then this $1000 is profit for you.

- July 7, 2019
I lost 82 BTC in a well fashioned scam on this site. I would not be the same if not for @Royalblade (on telegram ) who helped me get it back. My account was totally taken over and I had no access, this hacker got me everything I lost back but I didn’t keep the Paxful account for obvious reasons.

- July 5, 2019
thousand of scammers here so keep secure

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