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BitQuick.co is the world's fastest and safest Bitcoin trading platform that allows buyers and sellers to indirectly transact via cash deposit, Western Union or MoneyGram by using our trusted escrow system. To purchase Bitcoins on BitQuick, a buyer deposits cash into the seller's account (or at a local Western Union or MoneyGram kiosk), and the Bitcoins are sent shortly after uploading an image of the deposit receipt. You can get started via bitquick.co/buy and go from cash in your pocket to bitcoin in your wallet in 3 hours or less!


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- May 18, 2018
This was my first transaction. I studied all extensively prior to conducting transaction.Emails on receipt of proof of deposit and subsequent information of my account was expedient. The fees are somewhat high and one must understand crypto math to properly assess their positions.

- May 14, 2018
I conducted my transaction in the middle of the day on a Saturday, which is listed as part of their business hours on the website. I uploaded a valid receipt as per their guidelines once I had transferred cash to the seller's bank account. They did not verify the transaction within 3 hours - instead I received a message on Monday morning (2 days later) telling me that I had uploaded a "train ticket" and that I had until the end of the day to upload a valid receipt. Of course, the upload link is closed once you upload a file, so I had no way to re-upload it. I wrote them back and attached the receipt again. This time they verified the transaction and sent me the proper amount of mBTC. I had to call Athena Bitcoin (parent company) and ask that they review my email and receipt again in order to finish this. They did eventually do what they said they would do, but it caused some stress and definitely was not a smooth transaction.

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- May 13, 2018
A few years ago when I worked in a cloud mining office in Arizona, I both talked on the phone with the owner of bitquick and emailed a couple times. Nothing came of the conversations then but it was an excellent introduction to how they did business. I have traded on localbitcoins for years, used coinbase until recently, have several bitcoin atm's near my house and I trade on several exchanges...so my experience with all these forms of transacting in cryptocurrency and bitcoin is factored into my feelings and thoughts on bitquick after using them for a couple weeks; this service is highly efficient and seems to me to be trustworthy and effective! I will continue to use them and I so pleased that they are still around in 2018. I have only been a seller so far and to all the people in a hurry to buy/get coins released I suggest that you plan ahead or find a cash-in-person transaction on localbitcoins (more anon anyways) as because of time zones, internet issues and sometimes mobile connectivity issues it can take a seller a little while to confirm a transaction/deposit. I know for me, I usually wake up and someone on the east coast has purchased something and a few hours can be a nervous period of time to wait (especially if you are an internet gambler or day trader). Generally transactions seem to take about 3 hrs or a little longer so plan ahead. Everything is awesome if you are patient or a great planner. Hands down, easier than localbitcoins as a seller, might be the same level of anonymity because localbitcoins requires ID now and it seems safer. I have never had a good experience with coinbase, too many rules and limitations even though I used them for three years.

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- May 9, 2018
I'm a seller on bitquick. I can tell you for sure that this is not a scam. The reason why it takes 3 hours is that the seller must confirm the deposit in their bank before they release the bitcoin. Once seller confirms the deposit, the seller marks the transaction as complete. Bitquick then turns around and sends it to the buyer. The delay has nothing to do with bitquick at all. It's the slow azzhat seller that doesn't confirm as soon as you upload the deposit receipt. I usually confirm the transaction within 15 mins after the buyer uploads the receipt. YOU CAN REST ASSURE BITQUICK IS LEGIT.

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- May 8, 2018
This service is very user friendly and they handle all transactions very professional the customers support team is exceptional i recommended this site over all the rest

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- May 7, 2018
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- May 4, 2018
I've purchased from BitQuick numerous times without issue. Up to this point my worst experience has probably been waiting 24 hours before receiving a purchase. Two days ago, I received bitcoin purchased through BitQuick to a personal wallet address. I had meant to send the obtained amount to a different destination, though had accidentally sent it back to the BitQuick escrow wallet I had received it from. I contacted BitQuick immediately and received a response 24 hours later: "Hi Joseph, We see that you sent the money back to one of our addresses. Would you like us to return it to the address you originally provided (xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)? Thanks for using BitQuick!" (Within 2 minutes of receiving that support message, I had replied "yes, that would be fine. thank you.") I then received a message from BtQuick support 24 hours later: "-the bitcoin were credited to the seller's escrow and were bought by somebody else. The best that we can do is ask them to return the money. We are still awaiting a response from them. Thanks for using BitQuick!" I had responded asking why they even felt it appropriate to ask what address I wanted it sent back to if it was the case to that the seller had resold it to begin with. I also added that I was going to be filing a police report primarily against the seller but listing their company as well if the issue wasnt resolved or if I wasn't updated by them within "a few hours." It's been another 24, so I'm filing a police report. Their support level is abhorrent and almost seems uninterested. There is no contact number for their company. If you do a search for one, you'll have a number appear (1888-308-8107) and if you call it, you'll find it's a "level 3" tech support scammer that requires remote access to your computer to remedy your issue.

- April 30, 2018
this one longest time ever, 3 hrs and 45 mins, usually within an hr. Had so much trouble trying to use credit union offers, list same as 3 years ago, bitquick says they don't update list? who does? has cost me 4 cancelled orders, 8 hrs drive time, and still no bitcoins using the credit union offers, bitquick says they're not responsible for listed ones, but can't verify offer until you commit, credit unions, 2 i've tried, say incomplete info from offer, either missing #'s or state or name off. Even the one i use today at regions failed to specify whether cking or savngs, 3rd time had to get teller to use redo deposit, wrong type acct , NEED MORE INFO IN OFFER DETAILS. The only place i can buy from, live in the sticks sticks. if another option i'd use it.

- April 23, 2018
Lightning fast transfer within a few minutes. Found a bank branch right across the street from my office.

- April 22, 2018
Horrible!!!! Its been over 6 hours and still hasn’t release my coin!!!

- April 20, 2018
This service is actually amazing! Nice quick and easy, been looking for something like this for a long time. Thanks to everyone involved!!!

- April 20, 2018
getting the private key was one of greatest joy this month . i actually thought it was all a joke but now i can mine at least 0.4 bit coins a day . now all my debts are settled and all i did was send them a message on whatsapp . just the shit is real lets all try to gain from thes before its too late . send them a messsage today via whatsapp. +1 (267) 727-6124.

- April 19, 2018
Always excellent service! if there is a problem, they respond quickly, 5 stars all the way

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- April 16, 2018
Very good.. I've tried several others this one is it ! Did what they said at a fair price.. two transactions now both professional And Timely..thank you

- April 14, 2018
Please I need Bitcoin. Any amount will be highly appreciated. Bitcoin Address : 11mBCwzYFnoTD5Mas78VAPAKX4o8XZRT4 Thanks.

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- April 13, 2018
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- April 9, 2018
I first had to cancel a hold because the account did not exist, but I gave it a second go right after, got a new account to deposit money in and everything went smoothly.

- April 7, 2018
Bitquickco is no scam! Always delivers . Takes time sometimes but they wont chrge you a fee after 24hrs. Most of the time within 3 hours. And their support team rocks!

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- April 5, 2018
I’ve used bitquick 5 times so far. Fast, easy transactions. I Love this service!

- March 30, 2018
dont scam people

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