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An operation by Shane Smith, an independent business operator, located in Nanaimo BC Canada. Bitcoins and other digital currencies may be purchased and sold using any of a number of different payment methods.


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- May 27, 2020
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- May 24, 2020
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- May 21, 2020
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- May 17, 2020
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- May 12, 2020
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- May 8, 2020
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- May 4, 2020
I'm using this platforms to thank and introduce you to Mrs Van Yoelle my account manager. I've been trading with Mrs Van for two months now and I'm receiving profit from her consistently for weeks now. I started with a thousand dollars, but today I'm receiving profit that didn't seem possible to me at this age. I say a big thank you Van and if you're interested and willing to change your situations you can connect with her. These are her details; Whatsapp: +1 518 622 1571

- April 27, 2020
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- April 24, 2020
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- October 16, 2018
i`ve been scammed by nanaimmogold.

- September 30, 2017
From the mailbag; > ..... I just found that and is hard to build trust after > seeing that http://bittrust.org/nanaimo-gold I see there are some more complaints posted. I can't help it. The senders have to get their money back from Western Union. If they used a fake name to send, they better have their original receipt. Whether the victims get their money refunded or not, the scammers attack me for not playing along. This job is very hard to make smooth. If you have any ideas on how to get people to wise up to this shit, I'm all ears. As long as people are trying to be incognito, crooks will encourage them to make their payments in the shade. When they find out the cute russian girl is an ugly nigerian man, it's too late. I do match the IPs geo-location with the WU sending agents street address but the stupid marks think I'm trying to investigate them when I insist on no IP proxies for making the trade orders. I'm trying to protect them and others but they think my insistence in turning off the TOR to make the trade order somehow exposes them to taxes or other police actions. By that time, all I can do is not pick up the money and hope the sender can figure that out. I can't win. I am going to have to identify people in order to stop this practice completely, but people don't want that either. My website has many warnings and explanations for the rules, but only in English and many of the people getting scammed are not english speakers. What to do? Also, consider that 9 of 10 people who make trade requests are trying to scam me. When I don't fall for it, they sometimes try to hurt me with specious complaints in public. Then there are that rabble of faggots that just hate me for telling them to close their bedroom doors (stop talking about their hobbies on the public money forums). I don't want to hear about their deviant behavior and when I said as much, I inadvertently gave them license to practice all sort of crooked slander and criminality. Seems many of them wanted to do the job I do and thought by hurting my reputation they might gain some advantage in the marketplace. And one other problem that has never been addressed, At least two darkweb bitcoin wallets are set up to steal. I don't know where any particular bitcoin address is generated so I can't halt action based on that. It happens regularly that someone has a wallet address at some site that just spends out the bitcoin immediately after it arrives. Then I have to explain all that to the ripped off customer and explain how to follow the bitcoin through the blockchain. Frankly, it's easier for them to just blame me and not understand how the receipt proves otherwise. Then they go public saying I burned them. Bitcoin exchange has some problems, and I am doing what I can to uncover their tricks, It's unfair to blame me for the actions of all these thieves.

- July 14, 2017
It is a SCAM. I sent money to buy Bitcoins and once they rceived the funds no more communication... DO NOT USE. THIS IS A SCAM!!!!! I am advising WESTER UNION.

- June 10, 2017
i requested www.nanaimogold.com who buys and sells digital currency.i requested to buy 0.210 BTC on the date of 6-6-2017 and requested to pay via western union. i have the confirmation on 6-7-2017 to pay C$818.00 via western union, i have the mail too proof. as per say i paid 818.00 CAD TIME 10.28 EDT via western union on the name of **** ****** . i have the receipt too. shane told me BTC in my wallet by midnight of the 6-7-2017. money was picked up. Today 6-10-2017 still no BTC in my wallet . i fill up several time contact us form give them all detail no action and many times i mailed to shane no reply. NO REPLY AT ALL.

Tip: 3KirQ5HtCbd81yj2o4rNUiX7gLKXBxyNgh

- December 31, 2016
http://www.wikihow.com/Cancel-a-Western-Union-Money-Transfer Sorry, forgot to include the link to my post below.

- December 31, 2016
Let this be the definitive review of this service. I ordered about 300.00 dollars worth of BTC from the so-called "Shane Smith" and his nanaimogold.com service sometime in early December. I have still not received any BTC.The fact that this person has the gall to respond to some of these posts denying being a scammer...is infuriating. I did exactly everything "Shane Smith" said for me to do while transferring the money through Western Union, down to the tee. The fact of the matter is that I sent my money, the money was picked up, and no BTC ever appeared in my wallet. Every attempt to contact this douchebag after sending my money was pointless, he went completely cold on me. So if you are thinking about using this service, DON'T. If you currently have money in transition with this service, IMMEDIATELY cancel it. I am posting a link on how to cancel transactions for Western Union for those of you unlucky enough to have set up trade with this human scum. For those of us who have been scammed, honestly, we were a bit daft for not researching this first. However, I think it is my duty as a person to inform as many people as possible on as many forums about the nature of this man's service. The money isn't really the issue here, I recuperated my losses quite easily since my "trade". The break of trust is the issue here, and if I see one more bunk review on here by another soul being scammed by this douchebag, I'm going to do everything in my power to find this person's personal information and confront them in person. If you're reading this "Shane Smith" I promise you your days of taking advantage of other people are numbered. I have already taken the steps to report your scumbag website to all the proper authorities. With luck it will be shut down sooner rather than later. The fact that you have a fraud section on your website...my god you are the worst of worst human scum. Degenerate bottom-feeding piece of shit. So to sum up, DON'T USE THIS SERVICE, if you are unfortunate to have set up a trade with this "vendor" CANCEL YOUR TRANSACTION IMMEDIATELY, and for those of us who have been swindled by this waste of space, I offer my greatest condolences. If nothing changes in the coming months, I will be taking action against this piece of human garbage.

- November 21, 2016
Nanaimo Gold has never ripped anyone off. We have been the target of so many scam attempts it defies a complete description, but the third party funding scam is the most prevalent. Scammers attempt to have some third party pay for their transaction. It works like this; Rob convinces Mark to send Western Union to pay for some scam item (girlfriend/puppy/bribe to free millions from a Nigerian bank). Mark sends money to an exchange service to pay for an order that Rob has submitted. The exchanger, being no dummy after all these years, refuses the transaction. That allows Mark to figure out he has been scammed and go to WU to get his refund. Western Union has over 300 "compliance regimes". In most of those they require the sender produce ID to get a refund. So, if Mark supplies Rob a fake name, who then passes that fake name to the exchanger and the exchanger refuses to be involved, There is NO WAY TO GET THE REFUND FROM WESTERN UNION. Both the Scammer and his Mark are left wanting and come here to bitch and make up false charges against the exchanger. In these cases Nanmaimo Gold who very clearly indicates; YOU MUST SEND MONEY USING A REAL NAME and YOU MUST MAKE SUBMIT THE ORDER FROM YOUR LOCAL IP AND NOT USE A PROXY. My refusing to pick up a WU transfer because it is apparently fraud does not warrant this slander! My time and money is often wasted by these crooks and my policy of ignoring them is justified. If traders just follow the instructions, they have no problems. It's when they get cagey that they outsmart themselves.

- October 29, 2016
Nanaiimo ripped me off for 160 bucks. I had good communication until I sent him WU receipt than nothing 12 emails, 6 contact completions but nothing. I called WU to make sure it got picked up and it did. This guy will rip you off.. He even emailed me about Harold Horn and was told me not to say anything about bitcoins.

- September 9, 2016
nanaimogold is a scam I have been fraud by the nanaimogold.com and its owner Shane Smith after I transfer 190$ using WU he emailed me to change the receiver name from "Ron Bridges" to "Harold Horn" because as he said "Ron Bridges is no longer with us", after that he's gone to radio silence for a week I didn't receive any email from him and didn't get my BTC. So watch out from him and his scam business .

Tip: 1H3GDBpcd5edXWSK3CnyB8AXT8wqq4qkPa

- August 16, 2016
How can this guy possibly still be in "business" after scamming people for this long?! I, too, recently made the regrettable mistake of not researching the company before attempting to do business. Before I sent any money, almost instant helpful responses. After he picked up my WU transfer...radio silence. I never received my bitcoin. A friend of mine messaged him through the site to inquire about doing a much larger transaction than I did and got an immediate response. Whem my friend questioned my order getting completed, Shane stated that my order had been completed on the 6th of the month, but that he would look into it. 10 days later and it's complete radio silence again, to both my friend AND myself. I decided to give LocalBitcoins.com a try, and have already had two extremely fast and reliable transactions completed. It helps that they put the bitcoin in escrow as a security measure when you and the seller agree to do business, and you have a bitcoin wallet on that site when you sign up. The kicker? The previous bitcoin wallet site I was using advertises Nanaimo Gold FIRST in their list of suggested exchangers! Steer clear of Shane Smith and Nanaimo Gold, no matter what.

- August 10, 2016
This guy is such a scammer, he completely steals people, and he stole me a small ammount which i sent to see if it was trustworth or not, i didnt check for reviews before. As it looks he is a scam. I will do anything to take this random shane smith guy down, please if anyone get scamed lets try to take this stupid website down. He still doesnt answer my emails, and is impressive he can take other people like this but it was definetely a BIG mistake to take my money.

Tip: 1DEZT2xAKc51kuLnx3hJVzxYUBZLU3GdFH

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