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Sells security tag detachers and deactivation devices. Currently, four best selling products are available for BTC payment (expansion to entire product listing pending on BTC take-up). Website established April 2011. BTC integrated September 2012.


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- February 23, 2020
Why do we really fall for scammers? sweet words is the major key they use to buy out our mind and after all we will realize that we have been defrauded, my good friends I want to use this opportunity to introduce Mrs Van Yoelle, she is a woman of her words and with her,my trust is now found, I'm using this opportunity to tell everyone that Mrs Van Yoelle is 100% genuine and legit You can reach her via Whatsapp: +1 518 622 1571

- February 11, 2020
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- February 9, 2020
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- January 26, 2020
Spent the last 2 years learning and trading stocks but took a recent interest in bitcoin due to its ease and profitability. Bitcoin latest uptrend shows the bulls are still very strong and ready to run and getting one bitcoin will be out of the purchasing power of many due to the upcoming bull run so now makes it the best time to buy, accumulate and increase your portfolio. An approach to trading which I have taken over the years and has always been productive for me is trading under the guidance of a well-seasoned expert trader and Mrs Van Yoelle stands out among the lot. With her trade signals, I have grown my portfolio from 0.3 btc to 0.9btc in just one week. Her trade signals are accurate, effective and gives you consistent winnings in your trade. If you Need help trading, her WhatsAapp: +1 518 622 1571 I urge more investors to tap into the great potentials bitcoin trading holds I mean it gets no better learning and earning at the same time...

- January 19, 2020

- January 7, 2020
Hello Binary/Bitcoin/Forex option I have been trading with Mrs Van Yoelle, for some months now and I have gotten countless withdrawals from her. my last withdrawal was $35,000. I'm must confess that experience with her is a testimony. if you want to invest on binary/bitcoin/forex trade contact her via her WhatsApp: Contact info: +1 518 622 1571

- December 17, 2019
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- November 21, 2019
uugghh I wish I would of read the reviews I jus made an purchase with this company but since you guys says its an scam Im about to dispute the payment with my bank they can keep there product that they seem to never ship anyway Ill go to another company

- November 11, 2019
Good day I'm Alex Gray, A crypto investor and a Blockchain consultant. On this platform, it's my responsibility to guide any investor on the proper measure on how to invest in bitcoin with maximum profits within just 15hours after investment.. The procedure is very transparent and reliable.. With a minimum investment of $200 you stand the chance to earn up to $3,500 when your blockchain wallet starts reading after just 15hours.. Kindly hit me up if interested. +1 (619) 399-2841

- September 14, 2019
not replying from many time

- May 22, 2019
I placed my order with this company over a month ago, and I have not received one shred of information nor have I received a tracking number from them. There is no customer service number, communication is non existent, and this item comes from China, which you are led to believe it is a US product. AVOID THIS COMPANY!

- April 16, 2019
It’s a scam!!

- April 5, 2019
Stay way scam company

- December 5, 2018
Hello guys I place a order with Tagdetacher Co. on Nov 13 paid $30 for 4-8 shipping which ain’t mean nothing and asked for tracking number after placing my order I received a email saying my payment has been confirmed and my order is being processed so I thought everything was all good til 3 days had passed and still no email with my order being shipped or a tracking number I emailed them about 3 times still no reply so I start reading reviews about them from other sites because apparently the ones on their page are fake or something and all said the same thing FRAUD do not order which was to late for me I already spent $130 than I received another email 6 days later mind you I paid for 4-8 day shipping the email said my order has shipped and has been marked completed on their side but still no TRACKING NUMBER so I wait to see what happens next thing 7 days pass still nothing and I receive another email from them saying their sorry my order was shipped rather later due to payment clearing at their bank and my order should be on its way and that they’ll contact me again soon than I received a text message 3 days later on the 29 with a tracking number which surprised me but than again it’s a few reviews that received a tracking number and never a package or a tracking number and something they didn’t order so I didn’t get my hopes up oh yeah and I clicked the link they sent me and looked at the details and it said it weighed 1lb and that it was a mini can opener with made me laugh pretty hard like wtf I hope they really didn’t send me a a fucking mini can opener anyways I was pose to receive my package on the 3rd but didn’t receive until the 5th due to delay in customs and the lazy ass delivery driver who didn’t want to find my apartment so delivered it to my leasing office but I have received my order and when I opened it I was like damn they sent me some bullshit but it wasn’t it was everything I ordered just in another item box to make sure it gets pass customs so at the end of the day I would say order at your own risk and yours PayPal so you can be protected because it’s 50/50 chance everything goes right

- July 22, 2018
Wish I read these reviews before I purchased. Items never arrived. Took weeks to “ship” and they sent a tracking number and although the status says it was “delivered,” I have yet to receive anything! Such a scam..have emailed them a couple times and it’s been over a week, yet still no response.

- March 23, 2018
I should have read the reviews of this company before I bought. I never received my item and couldn't get a hold of anyone. Will not deal with again.

- January 26, 2018
It’s been 30 days since I ordered, emailed them several times and still nothing.

- November 18, 2017
Ordered over 10 days ago! They sent me tracking number and have not received my device. How do I get ahold of them. Some one please! Not happy.

- September 28, 2017
Took my money immediately off my card 9/16/2017. NO NOTHING. DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY. IT IS A SCAM, I REPEAT SCAM!!!!!

- July 22, 2017
It has been 15 days and I have not received any sort of tracking number. I have emailed, phoned and opened a ticket without any response from the company. This is very disappointing. I will not do business with this company again.

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