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- April 7, 2020
When you fail to plan. You plan to be a failure. Nothing would've made me to believed binary/bitcoin/forex option trading. one month ago I know how i was struggling with financial issues to the extent that I go about borrowing money. But my story today has changed for good. This lady made things turned around for me, I invested $700 and received $7000 in 120 hours. No experience needed as a newbie just reach out to her and recover all your lost. Mrs Van Yoelle, l thank you mam. Whatsapp: +1 518 622 1571

- April 5, 2020
Wow!! This is amazing I just got paid again. I'm so happy that I met a reliable manager Mrs Van Yoelle who always stood by her words when it comes to trade. I highly recommend her to all investors to join now and start earning with me, I just confirmed it, no scam,100% legit, Automatic withdrawal, no withdrawal charges, join now and invest for you to achieve all your dreams desire. Whatsapp: +1 518 622 1571

- April 4, 2020
This is unbelievable, my whole life has really changed with this Binary Options, I was really a deptor and was almost kicked out of my home but Mrs Van Yoelle changed that with her strategy. I invested with her and got my first withdrawal of $5,500 within 5days of trade.you can contact her on her whatsapp for more info: +1 518 622 1571

- April 2, 2020
I started with $10000 and I'm earning $50,000 now, all thanks gose to Mrs Van Yoelle an account manager with a proper trading strategy. To all investors out there many of us are looking for a trusted account manager to trade with I recommend Mrs Van Yoelle Contact Mrs Van Yoelle via what's app +1 518 622 1571 for help...

- March 24, 2020
Mrs Van Yoelle has helped me alot. It has always been my dream to earn big online ( Binary/Forex/Bitcoin investment ) All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them but thanks to Mrs Van Yoelle for making it a reality.I invested $500 and I got $7500 within one week of trading. It feel awesome to know the right person, contact her to start earning now.. WhatsApp: +1 518 622 1571

- February 23, 2020
Why do we really fall for scammers? sweet words is the major key they use to buy out our mind and after all we will realize that we have been defrauded, my good friends I want to use this opportunity to introduce Mrs Van Yoelle, she is a woman of her words and with her,my trust is now found, I'm using this opportunity to tell everyone that Mrs Van Yoelle is 100% genuine and legit You can reach her via Whatsapp: +1 518 622 1571

- January 18, 2020
If you lost your coins due to a scam like this better use a professional recovery service like recovermycoins▪com not some random dude over the internet. I got my bitcoins back with this service.

- January 4, 2020
Life has never been better if not for my account manager. A lot of people have given up on trading, yeah that's not a bad idea but when you give up in life and you haven't achieved anything, I think you are not supposed to say all account managers are scammer, How many times have you been scammed? When you lose once and give up in life, how can you succeed in life? The number of times i was scammed i know many couldn't have been able to reinvest with another manager,But i didn't give up but i was extremely careful to choose whom I'm to invest with again. Today I'm so happy to meet with Mrs Van Yoelle, thank you isn't enough but i know my God will reward you for your good work,feel free to contact her via WhatsApp: +1 518 622 1571 Wish you success in your trading.

- November 19, 2019
Good day friend, I'm Rick Stevens , a professional bitcoin miner and binary trader, do you know you can earn up to $7,500 in just 7 days of mining with a invest of $350 immediately you get connected to the new antiminers machine kindly dm for more information. WhatsApp: +1 (619) 399-2841

- November 14, 2019
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- November 14, 2019
A complete scam. They take your money, won't deliver bitcoin and refuse to refund. Utterly untrustworthy.

- June 26, 2019
Stay away from coinloft. Wi have you believe the process is as simple as 1,2,3 then when you have transfered your money they come back at you with all these requirements and you can't even just cancel the order. They will not return your money until you present all additional documents that were never mentioned. Even when you supply this they hold your money for 3 days. They are criminals. BE WARNED DONT USE COINLOFT!!!!

- May 16, 2019
high rate and not profit to buy crypto from here

- October 17, 2018
this company is a scam they say they are sending you an amount and send you much less. i purchased $380 of bitcoin paid $400 and receives $360 i sent them an email and they said it was the fault of my bit coin wallet i have used them before but this time they scamed me $16 DONT get scamed

- May 22, 2018
full of scam and nothing

- February 26, 2018
website is not working please check it

- February 20, 2018
its a pure scam

- February 20, 2018
Best provider of Bitcoin in Australia i have come across, very good customer service which are very helpful with prompt replys. Great company to deal with highly recommend them.

- February 13, 2018
work good nice services

- February 8, 2018
A great relief knowing I hadn't sent my well earn't off into Cyber space.

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