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Xapo combines the convenience of an everyday bitcoin wallet with the security of a deep cold storage vault. At Xapo, we believe that bitcoin’s ultimate success will be based on trust – trust in the digital currency and trust in the industry’s service providers. That’s why we assembled a team of financial services and security experts to build a new usage and storage experience. By offering two distinct products – a free, easy-access Wallet and a fully-insured Vault – we’re marrying the convenience bitcoin users want for everyday needs with the security they require for confident bitcoin savings.


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- September 19, 2019
I saw several posts recommending Mrs Van Yoelle, as a good account manager in forex/binary/bitcoin trading and I'm still in shock that I got my returns from her with an investment of 500$ I earned 15000$ in a week and I was able to take care of my family, May God continue to bless your good works Mam. Interested persons should inbox her Whatsapp: +1 518 622 1571

- September 17, 2019
It all got to a point where I have already made up my mind to stop trading, then i started seeing a lot of testimonies from different investors about Mrs Van Yoelle. i decided to give her a try and behold she was who i have been looking for all this while. Start trading with her today and get your payout in five days of investment..it is good to say the truth so that others can also benefit from her, this is my experience with Mrs Van Yoelle, there was no trade loss due to her skills and profession talking about bitcoin investment connect with her now on WhatsApp: +1 518 622 1571

- September 14, 2019
good working

- September 11, 2019
Ever since I started investing in bitcoin with the help of my account manager Mrs Van Yoelle my life have never been the same I really want to thank you introducing me into something that benefited £5,000 every week.you can reach out to her via her WhatsApp: +1 518 622 1571

- September 8, 2019
My success in😊 binary/ forex/bitcoin trade is as a result of the great experience and skills of a great trader, Mrs Van Yoelle in Whom I've been trading with for a while now, I have invested💵 500$ with her and I got back a huge profit of 💵💵15,000$ within an interval of five trading working days, and ever since then my sucess has been tremendous💃💃 contact her to recover all your losses via WhatsApp🖋🖋: +1 518 622 1571

- September 5, 2019
I have always tried to invest in bitcoin , i heard people making a lot of money from it , but any time i make an attempt to invest has never been profitable until I came across Mrs Van Yoelle here on Bittrust site. It has been an amazing journey with her, making money from the comfort of my home, I promise I was going to tell everyone about her if she was reliable or not but with the amount of withdrawals i have made in this platform i must confess she is the best account manager..for more information reach out to her on Whatsapp: +1 518 622 1571

- September 3, 2019
I have always been very skeptical about binary/bitcoin/Forex option trading after been scammed 2years ago but I have being proven beyond doubt that binary/bitcoin/Forex option trading is real.while scrolling through bittrust site I saw a comment by Mrs Melissa testifying how she made profit with Mrs Van Yoelle .i then decided to trade with her risking her minimum investment although I feel I shouldn’t expect anything from her. Today I'm grateful to her for correcting my loses into profit and ever since then I have been reinvesting over and over again without a loss.she is real and legit, inbox her via... WhatsApp: +1 518 622 1571

- August 31, 2019
ALL THANKS TO MRS VAN YOELLE. I never believed in binary/forex/bitcoin trade, but you told me to give it a try and I did. I'm so grateful ma, you have turned my life around.. Now I have course to smile and I'm gonna tell everyone about how you have changed my life ma. a little investment of 500$ I got 7500$.. God bless you ma for helping me. If you having difficulties in trading or a newbie, contact MRS VAN YOELLE to start making profits, you can contact her via 👇 WHATSAPP: +1 518 622 1571

- August 30, 2019
I just want to testify about Mrs Van Yoelle,she is an account manager with a difference, I have been trading with her for two months plus now and she has turned my life , she saved me and my family with the profit I got from her when I am about to loose my house to the bank and after that trading with her has boosted my financial life now I can now boast with earnings from her, I don't depend on my salary anymore and I'm living the comfortable life.. you can contact her on Whatsapp: +1 518 622 1571 for help...

- August 21, 2019
I have been seeing post about her everywhere and a lot of traders keep on saying ''reach out to her I eventually did and it turns out to be legit. I followed her instructions with which i invested and within a week I got back my profit, I started seeing good results. Last week l made a successful withdrawal. Just stop worrying she will help you out. Thank you very much Mrs Van Yoelle Management . I would advise anyone seeing this post to contact her, I m responsible for the content I post here on bittrust, I m so serious about this you can inbox her directly via; WhatsApp: +1 518 622 1571

- August 20, 2019
They have good BTC and they also had good manager that manage this company,but I think someone is behind the company that scam some customers,Have you lose in any trading,are you trading without profit, do you have withdraw problem, now listen I advise you to contact Mr Mario via WhatsApp +447467185671 and tell them you're problem and he can teach you how to know good companies, you can share to save peoples life.

Tip: scam

- August 16, 2019
RICHARD'S EXPERIENCE (His testimony) - After I invested a total of $191,360, they tried to pull a fast one and put a bag over my eyes with claims of my investments been LOST ON BAD TRADES. Fortunately, earlier in the week I saw an interview on YoutubeTV about how a man had been scammed 4 times by binary options and was only happy to share his story cause He’d got it back through LEGAL247RECOVERY, so I looked up the link and reported to them. They got it all back in a week along with profits and damages. Too many bad eggs out there, stay secure. Report your case to them already.

- August 15, 2019
Being scammed lots of time made me strong and more anxious to get what i need, Mrs Van Yoelle shown me that truly there is hope, trading with her changed my life and is still changing it. Investing 500$ for a start with her really paid off, in not less than 7days I got 15000$.she is 100% real, you can invest with her. Her WhatsApp contact +1 518 622 1571

- August 9, 2019
I just received my money now. are there still principled women that can keep to their word? this is unbelievable I received profits from Van Yoelle with 100% assurance,she is honest and humble.A very big thanks to you Van who helped me regain all I have lost.i know most of you have heard about her and most of you are still afraid to trust her ,but I will give you this assurance,she is for real and she helps manage accounts and win profits ,I never believed till I tried her out with just 500$ and I gain 15000$ as promised, now I and my friends are trading so much, don't be left out you can also regain all your lost in Binary options and forex through Van's amazing strategy .I promised to tell the world about her if she is real and honest, And if you are new here or you have lost some amount before ,take this advice ,contact her, she will help you win profits in Binary options and forex You can contact her via her WhatsApp number Whatsapp: +1 518 622 1571

- August 3, 2019
I used xapo for years without a problem and now they blocked my account after a deposit so I can't access in my dashboard and now passed several weeks(plus 4 weeks)...Support reply ever the same answer "your account is under review by our compliance team,...etc..." so I lost finally my Eur deposit and bitcoins also holded in it...Stay away from them...

- July 31, 2019
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- July 31, 2019
this is full scam and nothing

- April 27, 2019
Xapo blocked my account and requested me to provide supporting documents in order to unblock my account. Then they completely ignore my requests to unlock my account after submitted my bank statement. It been 2 months and there’s no updates from them. I was dealing directly from support (Rosa & Samantha) by email but they did not reply my emails anymore. Xapo is completely SCAM !

- January 23, 2019
AP tweeting out internal communications... “when the CFO likes your presentation”

- November 27, 2018
Xapo blocked my account and asked me to send ID documents which I did. Then they completely ignore my requests to unlock my account. I was dealing with someone directly from support by email but she does not reply anymore. So as things stand they have stolen my bitcoin.

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