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- August 15, 2017
I have 1.07 bitcoin over $4,718i.64 in Xapo account that I have not been able to get access to for months. Who are these guys and how are they allowed to even do business??? I have been writing them emails leaving my cell number for months and still nothing. I will keep trying but it's so discouraging that there are people like this allowed to keep operating in the blockchain community.

- July 26, 2017
Always got a great service from this wallet/card.... I was one of the first subsciber, i sihned in while it was still beta.....
Lately i receive emails concerning the renewal of my card. The email address of the senders are in
Here is the transcript:
On Tue, Jul 25, 2017 at 07:09 AM, "Debit Card" wrote:
Hi Patrick,
Your Xapo Debit Card will expire on August 31st.
Get started on ordering your new Xapo Debit Card right away so you can continue spending your Bitcoins.
You will not be able to use your current card while you wait for your new card to arrive.
How much does a replacement card cost?
Standard shipping (no tracking code): $12 USD
DHL Express with tracking: $67 USD
Read more about delivery methods.
Please follow these directions to order a new card, and one of our support representatives will be in touch regarding your card order.
Log in to your Xapo account on a web browser
Send the Card Replacement Fee to the following wallet address: 3FjCoGzZ1uXq7CDz5LtdMoYD1LwpVR2Q6S
Remember! Choose your the delivery method by sending the corresponding fee: standard shipping costs $12 USD, and DHL Express costs $67 USD.
Confirm your shipping address:
Once you've paid for the replacement, please respond to this email confirming your complete shipping address including city, state, country, and zip code.
Best regards,
The Xapo Debit Card Team
This look's like a scam to me.... (not xapo itself but this renewal process) if i'm wrong and it's the legitimous process they choose to renew the card.... well they just lost my support....
As i recall it, new cards should be issued automaticly, as long as my home address is ok in my profile....
I wrote to and so far no answer......

- July 25, 2017
Has anyone gotten there bitcoin after refusing to do the verification. Its been 7 days they took 400$

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- July 17, 2017
The WORSE APP !!!!!!!!, I tried to create an account using 3 different Gmails and I never could and the worse thing is that it never tell you if any information is missed, nathing, Just when you tried create it says something was wrong...bla, bla, bla...PLEASE NEVER TRY THIS CHEAP APP, you will missing time, instead you should try some app more proffesional as COINBASE OR BLOCKCHAIN.

- June 28, 2017
Pure Scam! Suddenly they increased their fees, and for a transfer of 15075 satoshis last week they took... EVERYTHING, so I received 0 BTC out of 0.00015075. Just stay away from them. Maybe they were trustworthy in the past, but not anymore.

- June 22, 2017
No support at all. If you're lucky and they reply within the 24 business hours they pledge to, they won't give a resolution to your issue. They blocked my account and several days after submitting my documents to have it unblocked they won't reply to any of my messages. They hide behind the support page and you're never sure if they even read anything you send. They have no email, no telephone number, nothing. It makes you wonder why the need of all this secrecy.
My advice? Don't use their service. Also, read their TOS and you'll see that when you accept them, you're giving them the power to do whatever they want at their absolute sole discretion.

- June 21, 2017
I made a transfer 8 working days ago and I do not respond to my emails. I'm worried someone might have spent something similar that delayed adding funds

- June 19, 2017
Xapo has become inconvenient for me since they changed their fees. Plus now I have to wait for transaction longer.

- June 14, 2017
They suspended my account without explaining anything. I used Xapo for 2 years, for micro payment and i liked it a lot, even the new app is pretty neat (i thought then) but as i wanted to buy BTC with MXN sent the papers they asked for, and anything else. I got this in response:
"We appreciate your interest in Xapo. However, based on the information you provided, we cannot provide you with our services. We will be required to close your Xapo account. If you have more than 55 bits (0.000055 BTC) in your account, then please contact us with the subject of "Xapo Account Closure" and an external bitcoin address in which we can return your funds to you."
That last time i could login to Xapo's account i wrote the mail they ask for, with external bitcoin address, the account had more than they requested to to be send, but neither the money or any response was given since then, tried via twitter with two xapo accounts, nothing.
Another shitty good looking service, dont use it, they have no support.

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- June 14, 2017
Poor communication.
Very slow [and inconsistent] transaction speed.
A great shame because the CEO came across as one of the good guys in interviews etc.

- June 10, 2017
Xapo hold 2000 Euros from me since 1 month! They admit that the money arrived but refuse any further support tickets from me and keep holding the funds.
This company is either highly fishy or in the best case completely overloaded. Until they change things. STAY AWAY.

- June 10, 2017
scam scam xapo scam now after i got first bitcoins thier deduct was huge almost i ,recieved nothing when i tried to transfer or send they wont allow me i contacted them many times no reposnd at all
stay away from xapo

- June 8, 2017
Not happy, i have transferred funds to the account and they have been processing for over 2 weeks and still no answer when i email Has anyone got a means of me getting hold of them other than their emails???

- June 7, 2017
update: they finally released my transfer after processing for a week, with no warning or explanation (i was already verified).
so i would say that it's NOT a scam. still not a service i plan to use again though, due to the long sending delay and poor customer service

- June 6, 2017
this appears to be a scam

- June 5, 2017
I opened a Xapo account and deposited funds into my wallet, but still waiting after 4 days and they have not released the funds so that I can buy my Bitcoin, NO response from them.

- June 5, 2017
i transfered to xapo wallet 3 weeks ago over 200 dollars and now they blocked my account and i cannot do anything on it. they never reply back.... SCAM....

- June 2, 2017
Totally SCAM!
Just lost 305USD, no support, no payment confirmation, and since my country does not use dollar, that is a lot of money!!!!
Fucking thieves...

- May 31, 2017
Do not use xapo once you bought Bitcoin they will not allow you to send anywhere. And support team will not reply. Trust me you will loose your hard earned money. I lost 3000 USD

- May 29, 2017
scam they refuse to give me the wallet address avoid it

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