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Send & Receive Money (US dollars and Bitcoin) over the Circle payments platform.. Secure, Instant & Free.


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- September 16, 2020
I'm happy making good wins and cashing out massively trading with Mr Mercy Brown.she's the best you can ever imagine when it comes to bitcoin investment ,binary option and forex trade. I'm a beneficiary of her trades and I can say she's the best. Send her a DM now to get started.👇👇👇👇👇 WhatsApp:+1 502 444 0079

- September 16, 2020
Get yourself enlightened under the latest and upgraded platform of Mrs Mercy Brown... She's highly recommended to everyone out there in search of a good and legit Account Manager. She has improved my financial status with her tremendous strategies of trade with a minimum capital of $500. Thank you ma'am. Reach her via Whatsapp: +1 502 444 0079

- September 14, 2020
I will never stop thanking Mrs Mercy Brown who showed me what it means to be sincere, never thought I will come across such a trustworthy manager that pay after my bad experience with so called brokers that claim to be legit managers and scammed me at the end, since Mrs Mercy Brown started managing my account, haven't experience any regret or stress with my investment, I'm now smiling and joyful, I feel so much happiness each time I get my profit, I'm grateful to you Mrs Mercy Brown. You can contact her via Whatsapp: +1 502 444 0079 Telegram Name: Mercy Brown

- September 14, 2020
💰BITCOIN OPTION TRADE ALL THE WAY 💰💰 Hello everyone, I saw a testimony post about Mrs Mercy Brown on Bitcoin option trade, so I wrote her and started trading with her, now I'm excited because I have made huge profit and I'm still investing with her, this's a legit opportunity for you to make huge profits like me, you can contact Mrs Mercy Brown on Whatsapp: +1 502 444 0079

- September 12, 2020
I have just finished my lessons with Mrs Mercy Brown and i really appreciate her hard working and experience. Even thought I had a 1 year experince in Price Action, she totally changed the way of my thinking about the market and the style of my trading. she is the only smart and highly experience woman in all the world right now. thanks again for this opportunity of learning from your bitcoin trading skills.you are absolutely the best.if you wish to learn from her to help your trading styles in the markets,kindly inbox her via her WhatsApp number: +1 502 444 0079

- September 11, 2020
For those of you looking for who to trust with your funds and investment, look into Mrs Mercy Brown.she's the only genuine trader i've met here in bittrust and the first to pay me my money earned. You will be doing yourself a favor if you contact her to assist you with trading. Whatsapp: +1 502 444 0079

- September 5, 2020
I started with $5000 and I'm earning $50,000 now, all thanks gose to Mrs Mercy brown an account manager with a proper trading strategy. To all investors out there many of us are looking for a trusted account manager to trade with I recommend Mrs Mercy brown Contact Mrs Mercy brown via what's app +1 502 444 0079 for help...

- September 2, 2020
I have been seeing this post everywhere and a lot of traders keep saying reach out to her and eventually I did and it turns out to be legit I followed her instructions which i invested $500 and within a week I got back $7500. I started seeing good results. Last week l made a successful withdrawal. Just stop worrying she will help you out. Thank you very much Mrs Mercy Brown... You can contact her via her WhatsApp number: +1 502 444 0079

- August 27, 2020
BINARY OPTIONS TRADING has been an easy way l have used to earn money Invest $100 to earn $1000 Invest $200 to earn $2000 Invest $300 to earn $3000 Invest $400 to earn $4000 Invest $500 to earn $5000 Invest in binary options trading with this secured trader. I invested and withdrawed my profits safely, interested individuals should invest and contact with Mrs Mercy Brown for your investment advice, You can also WhatsApp her: +1 502 444 0079 Telegram Name: Mercy Brown

- August 3, 2020
My heart is still smiling,truly the blessings of the Lord brings wealth....For there is no unanswered prayers with. God.... It is usually said that God blesses us through men and I confirmed today with Mrs Mercy Brown who God sent to lift me up...I was able to make $7500 just in 5 working days in my trades with her company.The risks indeed was worth it.For those interested to be bill free like me should reach out to Mrs Mercy Brown via WhatsApp: +1 502 444 0079

- January 2, 2019
Circle is behind USDC stable coin and intentionally designed it with a backdoor to be able to totally control it. In other words, they can freeze user funds whenever they want it. Is it safe to invest in a "stable" coin with a feature like that? I don`t think so.

- December 6, 2018
Cant withdraw my money from poloniex, support ignoring me, I dont know what to do, People pls use another platform to trade, Dont repeat my mistakes

- September 11, 2018
Use a different exchange. This exchange is owned by Goldman Sachs. He manipulates cryptocurrency so he can make money from those who freak out when they wake up and hear his remarks posted in the middle of the night I switched to Robinhood. It was a little harder to use at first but I got the hang of it.

- June 12, 2018
Closed my account once I submitted my documents for verification, reason being "to protect our customers." Right.... Sure, go ahead, use them, if you like being treated like a criminal. My best advice would be to use another exchange. Be sure to use exchanges with only stellar reviews because this is YOUR MONEY you are trusting them with.

- October 26, 2017
support not good

- January 30, 2017
Well they no longer facilitate Bitcoin transactions. According to a blog post in December, Circle no longer permits "the ability for customers to buy and sell bitcoin directly on Circle." Instead, they are "introducing a new preferred bitcoin exchange partnership with Coinbase." As for a digital wallet–Circle offers a quality product. It's easy to set up and their security protocol is good. They should continue to publish blog posts and explain their decision to end btc exchanges.

- July 3, 2016
Ease of use and access is marvelous, transactions are free (aside from CCs), and I can message my fiat friends on the app while not blasting my information for the world to see (cough cough Venmo)!

Tip: 14UUuv9MXofw7QMCfJ5grceJTc6QEk8LvS

- March 20, 2016
would give 6 stars if possible. was almost scammed by CEX.IO, and would have been if my bank didnt notice before they drained my account. have almost hit my weekly BTC amount on Circle with probably 10 BTC buys from them, and not one of them have taken longer than 10 minutes to receive, some were instant, and havent had one single problem with not receiving the BTC. constantly updates BTC value. have no bad experience to list. love Circle, and they now have a loyal customer for good.

- August 6, 2015
Very nice legitimate service. Haven't had any issues besides instant transfer caps, which isn't much of a complaint because this is the only place I can get instant bank transfer credit. While not a full fledged exchange by any means, terrific for the everyday person who wants to purchase something in BTC simply, easily, and cheaply. 1 star off since I would love more of a trader-friendly system, but I see that it isn't set up for it. Either way, already recommended Circle to my other friends who need BTC.

Tip: 1HdrGE4AbRm7vib6hXbGrkLgpDJnZmkz3a

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