A currency exchange with market for trading between bitcoins and other currencies, including the U.S. dollar, Russian ruble and other cryptocurrencies Litecoin and Namecoin. The site has Russian and English user interface translations.


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- September 4, 2017
BUY BITCOIN AT CHEAPER RATE My name is Laura Jones. I am a bitcoin merchant. I have a large amount of bitcoin to trade on cryptocurrency websites. But due to scams and delays in receiving payments on cryptocurrency websites, i decided to switch to peer-to-peer method of trading bitcoin by selling directly to individuals at lower rates below the official market price of bitcoin. I sell 1 bitcoin at $2500. Buyers from 5 bitcoins upwards will get it at discount price of $2000 for 1 bitcoin. Check my bitcoin wallet address 18rnfoQgGo1HqvVQaAN4QnxjYE7Sez9eca on for proof of recent transactions and balance. Contact me on Thanks.

- July 27, 2017
Owner has been arrested. Thank god justice has been served.

- July 27, 2017
Its been fairly OK for me trading on btc-e, atleast for the few months I have been on this platform.

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- July 26, 2017
BTC-e will just find some excuse to block you out of your account and then have a strategy to keep you waiting and asking. They only will reply with standard responses to your support requests 1. get asked by btc-e to provide transaction history 2. get asked to create and verify my account with xbtce 3. xbtce asks for ID and proof of address 4. xbtce asks for notary certified ID and proof of address as well as income statement from my employer as "proof of income" 5. get asked to send all the notary certified documents to a shady address in Malaysia 6. get asked to send also notary certified copies of your transaction source to the shady address in Malaysia every step with as much time as possible in between of course...

- July 26, 2017
apart from having 37k usd stolen from me they constantly fake ddos attacks so you cant sell when prices drop ,lock ppls accounts and even after attempting to verify through there other con project xbtce they say xbtce is not related to them lol .you faker scum i hope you and your family have a miserable live

- July 19, 2017
I've had no problems with BTC-e personally, but keep in mind that I've only traded small amounts with them. I've heard about people having huge amounts of money stolen by the owners of the site due to "inactivity" (as a web developer, I can tell you that this is purely done by choice in order to steal money, and is by no means reasonable), "suspicious amounts" (they chose the limits, and yet they might steal your money even though you didn't exceed their limits) or some other nonsensical, made up reason that they will try to pass off as expected, reasonable policy. I wouldn't trust them with more than a few hundred dollars.

- July 5, 2017
My account had been suspended because I have not logged onto it for a year. BTC-e now demand that I register an user at another site and upload scans of my personal ID. My antivirus also warns about fraud when entering the support site of

- June 28, 2017
Wow, they closed my account and said it was because 'some large transaction occurred'. I begged them to give me my account back. When I logged in, no history of any large transactions. Very scary. I immediately moved and will never go back. They held my account hostage for about 3 weeks until finally releasing it to me.

- June 28, 2017
do not use this exchanger. its a pure scam. also, no address, no phone, nothing.

- June 24, 2017
The entire market is subject to manipulation by what I believe is the ownership of the site. There is a group of people coordinating the trends in the markets, which do not even nearly resemble actual market movements. Especially for coins which are exclusively traded on this exchange. Beware, stay away, save yourself a nightmare.

- June 19, 2017
Long time btce user, banned for no reason, all funds taken from me as they were on the exchange. No reply from support.

- June 18, 2017
BLocked my account with all the money for no reason. Ignore the support tickets. Bastards! :(

- June 17, 2017
My account blocked. My account was suddenly blocked, when i try contacting them there is no answers, been trying for months. Please DO NOT USE THIS TRADER, this is a scam trader. So what it says on the homepage of BTC-E. If your account has been inactive for over a year we will basically take all your funds and close the account. Stay the fuck away from this site!!!

- June 12, 2017
Was just banned

- June 9, 2017
They stole my money! How can they just make up the rules as they go and suspend my account? That's MY money. Not their's to steal. Suspending accounts due to inactivity!? Thieves.

- June 9, 2017
Got my account suspended as well: "Your account suspended. Please contact support" I've submitted my ID and a lot of other documents the request and then no answer at all. I've opened an account with as they requested. I think they are related, so be very careful! Lost quite a lot of money...Crooks

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- June 8, 2017
was working good but got banned for no reason

- June 8, 2017
Been over a month. They won't release my coins. Told me I deserved it

- June 7, 2017
And Ponzi was his nameo

- June 6, 2017
This is the type of business that gives Russia a bad name internationally. As you will read here and elsewhere on social media, they decided to screw early, loyal customers and it should be their downfall. They have decided to unilaterally lock funds for "non-use" even though that was never in their original terms of service. They had one of the greatest exchanges and they got greedy and decided to steal from their earliest customers. Now the U.S District Attorney's office and the UK fraud office are involved. You can't steal from US customers and then hide in Cypress. Look at what happened with Argentina and their bonds. US courts finally got justice for the bond holders. You can run BTC-e but you can't hide when you decide to commit FRAUD. Every crypto enthusiast worth anything will stay away and spread the word about their theft. The fastest, best exchange is ruined because you can no longer trust them to return your money. That's the single most important thing an exchange does!....and BTC-e DOES NOT RETURN YOUR MONEY! Stay Away - they deserve a slow fade into irrelevance as better, more honest exchanges take their place. Even if you have had a good experience with them SO FAR, if they stole from me and others on this board, they will likely steal from you too.

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