A currency exchange, which operates a BTC/USD market with support for various currencies for deposit and withdrawal.


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- October 3, 2017
Easy enough to get verified but trying to deposit money is a nightmare – they use simplex a third party CC processor which is a red flag right there and who are also liars stealing money. Next tried depositing directly from my LLoyds account and they held that up and then claimed it was a thrid party and unacceptable – even after sending further proof!! They then stole money on the return of funds. Fake office in London/ Slovenian crooks. AVOID THIS EXCHANGE

- September 27, 2017
Have used Bitstamp for many years. Good site, fast, and seems secure. Located in Europe too.

- September 15, 2017
This is an update to my previous review this week. After escalating to Legal & Compliance, finally Bistamp understood the issue and restored my USD as due. I have revised my personal rating for them therefore.

- September 13, 2017
An interesting story about Bitsamp to share with all the investors/traders. I did a USD deposit as usual from my USD account this Monday morning. I have also filled the optional deposit notification page to bitstamp to let them know funds were coming. Account to funds: USD Funds currency: EUR (I mentioned wrongly Eur as their system defaulted with Eur and I did not pick that. I wanted actually to select USD)...however, Comments: In the comments I clearly mentioned funds come in USD and I specified the bank name, account number and the USD amount. Same day in the afternoon, Bitstamp uses a very bad exchange rate and converted my USD incoming funds into EUR without any such conversion been asked by me. I clearly mentioned Account to fund was the USD and the funds came anyhow in USD. Their system got confused as I did not change the Currency of the deposit funds from Eur (that is defaulted) to USD (but did mention in the comments section USD X Amount deposited). I launched a support ticket and only 2 days later, I get the rejection response to my request Bitstamp to credit me in USD as funds sent originally to them. Excuse was their system got confused on the Currency of the funds to be deposited that was mentioned Eur (unacceptable as no matter how funds are sent in what ever currency, the currency to FUND in my Bistamp account was correctly mentioned as USD-hence no excuse for this unsolicited conversion). This is a clearly unsolicted n illegal financial transaction from Bistamp on the burden of the customer. Had bitstamp been a retail bank, such thing would immediately had been restored and the client may even had received compensation for the stress and trouble caused. Even the bank may have lost its license for such gross problem caused to the client or malfunction and if not, for sure would have paid regulatory penalties had the client launched an official complain. So as of now, I am left with very few Eur in my account (due to the bad rate bitstamp applied) despite sending funds in USD to fund my USD account as always and despite my instructions to reverse this credit and turn it to USD... Will contact the regulators in Luxembourg with all screen shots and see what they reply as for sure this is an illegal unsolicited transaction and we should not let Bistamp treating client funds in such irrisponsible way. There is a compliance framework when a financial transaction should be triggered. No way such transaction should be triggered if the client has not agreed or solicited such. There is a serious regulatory breach here guys. If Bitstamp later justify my dispute, I will update here

- September 8, 2017
Bitstamp s seems to be one of the most resilient and reliable crypto-exchanges out there.

- September 7, 2017
I came across Bitstamp one year ago and since then I have been using their service most of the time. I like Bitstamp's internal navigation and tradeview. In general everything seems to be easy to find. I can also trade BTC on the mobile app which is pretty awesome for the cryptocurrency exchange. Good service, very happy so far.

- September 7, 2017
Bitstamp is a SCAM!!! DO NOT USE!!! I deposited $5000 USD into my account, and it has been in the "In Process" status for weeks despite many support tickets and phone calls that never get answered. A few people I know told me after the fact that they lost thousands with BitStamp. This should tell us something, if a so called "Major Crypto Exchange" cannot afford proper customer service, do you really want to put your money in it? Again, no legitimate company will accept customer's money without providing support. SCAM!!! SCAM!!! SCAM!!!

- September 7, 2017
Never had a single problem with Bitstamp! But I am able to understand that all the exchange sites are probably hard at work since the freakin' coin traffic got INSANE this year. If only I had bought more in January XD...BITCOIN 4 LIFE!!! And F%&K carrots!

- September 7, 2017
Bitstamp is one of the most reliable and trustworthy crypto exchanges out there.

- August 23, 2017
I made a transfer for them more than a month back, still my account is not credited, they ignore support tickets, even complaints email, they do not have an office in London as they claim, now in the process of filing a lawsuit on them in Slovenia.

- August 18, 2017
I sent Bitstamp £2000 and to cut a long story short. They lied about receiving the money, blamed the 'lost' money on their bank and then refunded only ~£1800 of it back. They claim that the fees were charged by their bank but I wasnt doing business with their bank, i was doing business with bitstamp. I I have countless unanswered support tickets, the ones they did answer were basically saying that they dont care that their failure to provide their service has cost me money and they have since blocked me on twitter and ignore any subsequent tickets. This company are unreliable and dont value their customers. Coinbase, when their mistakes have cost their customers money, refund them out of their own pocket. These jokers just blame their bank and ignore you. They'll be out of business soon, a quick google around will find countless other people who've had exactly the same problems I have. Scam artists.

- August 17, 2017
I first used Bitstamps in 2014 to purchase some BTC, all was fine. However I transfered some funds recently and i have not been credited on my account for a week now, it is impossible to join their support (the phone line is not working, they do not answer mails, etc). I have missed a lot of opportunities to trade, I will not go there again. As soon as I have my funds I will send them on another platform.

- August 16, 2017
Incredibly slow service. It takes days to get verified and then a further week to get the bank deposit credited. Every single time you want to fund your account or buy bitcoins there is a different problem that causes delays. ID checks, photo uploads, audit questions, etc etc etc Their support response is incredibly slow having to wait over 24 hours for a unhelpful response. AVOID!!!

- August 16, 2017
bitstamp scams small traders and first time investors by pretending that they have a KYC thing running, the truth is they confiscate the transfers as long as they can by going back and forth and then you stop hearing from them, you go to reddit and complain a bitsmap-matic contact you asking for customer id, 5 days after that they send you account termination, you ask for reason they do not reply, you ask for your money back they do not reply, you try to reach them and then: YOU FIND OUT THEY ARE A SCAM, no offices no management, nothing. Would you transfer your money to them? My money is with them for 1 month now and there is no way to reach them.

- August 16, 2017
No customer support, they will contact you only when they need, once they have your funds they will make it very hard to withdraw it. Try complaining or reaching them (no office in London, no phone line) and only then you will know that they are a scam. I am suing them in the UK and they have no office there!

- August 14, 2017
I've waited more than 10 days to verify my registration, (still nothing) meanwhile the price of bitcoin is doubled. Enough is enough, i give up on this lousy exchange.

- May 31, 2017
Everything fine until I sent $500. Then a 6 digit code is required for 2 step verification that I didn't set up and therefore do not have. All the appearances of a scam.

- May 4, 2017
Worst experience ever! Out of 5 traders I'm not sure they deserve to even be in that title. Just want people's Money with out the actual people. Stay away!!!

- February 10, 2017
Probably the worst Bitcoin provider on the web...not friendly, expensive, crappy buggy website - simpyl cannot be trusted. They're also based in Luxembourg which means probably pay little or no tax...

- January 21, 2017
Rubbish stay away

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