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Mixes your coins, but owner Michael Moriarty is a scammy clown and stole RickyJames 80k then blamed the user for "overwhelming the pool." Details at http://antilyze.com


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- July 24, 2021
One of the best decision I've taken recently was getting to trade with Mrs Mercy Brown she has been a honest trader... Ever since I got to contact her and associate with her its been a massive improvement for me financially. I have earned a lot of money Contact her and I bet you would get exactly what she promised 100% 👇👇👇👇👇 +1 502 444 0079

- July 24, 2021
Everyone deserves a chance to make good money without having to lose anymore. I'm so happy because I finally found a guaranteed and reliable account manager, who I can invest my bitcoins and receive assured profits! Contact Mrs Mercy Brown and thank me much later... 👇👇👇👇👇👇 +1 502 444 0079

- July 24, 2021
More of a Dream come true creating multiple sources of incomes. Truly proud of the decision of getting started with Mrs Mercy Brown trading team, so far they have proven to be the best. You can also be part of this opportunity by connecting with her directly. +1 502 444 0079

- July 20, 2021
Are you ready to invest and you are looking for the best place for your trade! This is the best cryptocurrency trading platform with the help of a better professional, that specializes in trading,investment, and recovery aspects Mrs Sofia Williams, she guided me towards making a good income out of this. she provided, a more transparent, and quite reliable cryptocurrency and bitcoin trading platform WhatsApp chat her on + 1 985 240 2623

- June 10, 2021
Bitcoin options still remains one of the best ways to remain financially strong. A lot of people have lost money while trading either because they do not know how to trade or because they have been scammed due to poor security on their part. Well Mrs Mercy Brown offer a better, easier and safer way to get your account traded with you being totally in control..you can be making a whole lot every week through bitcoin options. For more info contact her via her WhatsApp: +1 502 444 0079

- June 3, 2021
My job is relevant but depending on my salary all the time wasn’t a good idea. Investing in Bitcoin options and Forex has a good and profitable status globally so I searched for an expert who will assist me in trading and generating a good and suitable profits weekly on my behalf while continue with my profession. Mrs Mercy Brown has never failed and doesn’t make mistakes. No disappointments whatsoever and her commission is just perfect for her work done. Bitcoin and Forex is the best investment for all, achieve something this month. WhatsApp: +1 502 444 0079

- May 26, 2021
Unbelievable results!! This has been an incredible experience from day one! This wasn't my first time trading but honestly I didn’t know what to expect when I first joined. After much loss. God walked me through the entire process from start to finish, which was a HUGE plus! They made the entire process so easy and hassle-free! I’m very impressed! I will definitely be referring her to you all. Her Name is Mrs Mercy Brown Contact her directly on WhatsApp +1 502 444 0079

- August 30, 2017
At frst t worked for 3 or 4 transaction, then all of a sudden, the site was gone, no response to my emails, of course. After 1,5 months site was running and I saw my money was still on status "pending". Total ripp-off, lost over a 100 bucks, please people don´t make the same mistake!

- July 26, 2017
I quit Bitcoin, Im so frustrated.

- July 25, 2017
This asshole stole ~$100 from me in BTC. No response to my emails. fuck this shit. Wish I had read these reviews before I deposited my BTC.

- July 24, 2017
He stole me 0.087 Bitcoin. Please, I need this money back. This is alot for me. You are set up for life, but I need a year to compensate this loss from my monthly income.

Tip: 1YfTdHERbimPof6eK6AbCYh7AeFHBKcMz

- June 26, 2017
SCAM! They stole my money!

- August 16, 2016
I wish I could fucking put less than 1 star. They stole 500$ from me yesterday, and like an idiot I've been waiting for over 24 hours. Please never trust this site. I wish there was something I could do. I don't want donations, all I want if this fucking dude to give me my money back.

- August 12, 2016
As soon as I put a small amount of BC into my wallet my password was changed. In another few moments, the wallet was cleared. Glad I only tested with $30 worth of BC. Total SCAM!

- March 8, 2016
Stole 500 dollars in bitcoin won't respond on customer supporr

- February 8, 2016
2/52016 I put $900 worth of bitcoins on Helix Light and they stole them. The sending site said the transfer was successful to the address Helix indicated.

- November 26, 2015
Scam! AWoid! AS newbie just lost 6 btc ! they send them to their address

Tip: 1BGwUuPVEgE9aEnmF5a5svUkNTfjU7FR4N

- October 25, 2015

Tip: 1PhzrLGWEeox7a3vynGma7xSrQc6kBdbzE

- July 11, 2015
They don't answer emails and they steal. Do not use them or any of there other sites.

Tip: 161HVVQ4nFdLpw7Tmq3SZdxMrBKGHa2gMV

- July 6, 2015
He stole 2btc from me

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