Privacy-focused dedicated servers, VPS and cloud hosting at an ultra-secure data center in Zurich, Switzerland with zero carbon footprint and premium connectivity.


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- June 6, 2023
starstarstarstarstar Thank you so much for letting me be a part of your Bitcoin/Forex trading investors Lady Maria for an Excellent, friendly, Fast, knowledgeable, convenient, affordable trading service. My trade with you was amazing, and everything was so perfect. earning $6,500 with just an investment of $500 is great to me. Thank you for everything ma'am. you also want to earn well enough like me through Bitcoin trade? contact Lady Maria via.

- May 30, 2023
starstarstarstarstar A lot of investors are confused and go into deep research for a trusted and legit platform to trade and invest in. I was also looking for the best one until I read good reviews and recommendations about Lady Maria , With her great skill of trading and mining made a good profit for so many in their trade account. I was amazed how happy many investors wrote good comments about her. I contacted her and invested with her with believe and trust just as the way she replied me. I earned a very good profit and made my withdrawal $12,500 successfully directly to my Bank account on weekly investing with a minimum of $1,000. I am very happy to have met with her I made my second withdrawal and I can now trade mine on my own and earn good profit while sitting at home. I known this is inappropriate but this is my little way of showing gratitude and appreciation to her. If you wish to invest you can contact her via:
WhatsApp: +1(732)630-9483

- May 26, 2023
starstarstarstarstar Telling others about your company is the best I can do to repay you for everything you do for me, putting a smile on my face everytime I got my return, people like you are what the world needs more, keep up the good work Lady Maria, i'm still in shock because i was never lucky once it comes to trade,i got reap of my hard earned money times without number I was curious off getting my money back that why i have to give it a try with just $500, with the help of your skill i withdrew $6,500 just can't keep it to myself, she's just a God sent to changed peoples Lifes ,,,,,may God in heaven protect you and your whole family,give her a try and watched your Life changed to something Good, If you wish to invest you can contact her via WhatsApp: +17326309483
- May 24, 2023
starstarstarstarstar I Highly Recommended Bitcoin Expert with a good reputation and who happens to enter the mouths of thousands of investors due to her good works. Lady Maria is the best Trader I'm still gonna recommend. Not Just because I've seen so many persons recommending her, but because she's reliable, Honest, Transparent, and the very best in the Forex Trading System...
If she tells you that your $1000 investment can give you $12,500, that's exactly how it's gonna be because I'm a living witness to her trading skills. She does exactly what she promised.
WhatsApp:- +17326309483

- May 22, 2023
starstarstarstarstar Trading with a trusted account manager is what can make your dreams come through. For me Lady Maria has the best trading strategies to win. I never believed on any post recommending online trading until I gave a try and the outcome was great for me. Making $12,500 out of $1000 was a whole lot of profit for me.
Thank me later she is a nice and calm trader i never thought online trade could be so helpful
you can contact her via:
whatsapp: +17326309483

- May 20, 2023
starstarstarstarstar Great company, Great investors, it's only when a company serves her investors with truthfulness and reliability that it may produce great investors.
This awesome company has been making thousands of people millionaires every year according to the company's info.
At first I doubted, but at a point I decided to give them a trial and here I am now sharing my testimony.
You too can benefit from this same company from anywhere around the world, you only have to contact one of the company manager person like Lady Maria to help you grow your investment capital within a week, contact her via whatsapp number:+17326309483

- March 20, 2023
starstarstarstarstar It's very interesting middle-grade priced hosting with a lot of interesting features, but if you want create something complicated than static HTML site - you'll be faced down to unmanageable DDoS protection, which close all ports, all traffic and you will not to do anything with that.
In ToS they write about no refund, but below they write about refunds will be placed if DDoS affects their core infrastructure. Very strange service, very strange support, very strange ToS. Totally unsatisfied. "No refunds" seems like scam, but no problem - ToS is a public document, I accept it.

- March 8, 2023
starstarstarstarstar A solid provider for my business and personal needs. Happy to be a swissmade VPN user as well. Keep the good service up! Cheers from Bremen.
- February 3, 2023
starstarstarstarstar As a long time (over 2 years) customer I have been through a few minor issues with my server, but all of them have been resolved by support within a few hours. I truly appreciate the approach that I am treated as a customer here.
- January 3, 2023
starstarstarstarstar was little bit on a slow side when handing out my server credentials (took them about 3 hours to prepare the server), but nothing to complain apart from that. Good network speed, ssd iops are tolerable as well, cpu exactly to specs.
- March 18, 2022
starstarstarstarstar I had several servers for about a year with Swissmade, they had some technical difficulties from time to time. but most of them were solved in the end. Once those problems started I noticed that their support team are acting strange, almost like robots reading from a script. I didn't mind that since in the end no harm was made. NOW, about 2 weeks ago they suddenly asked me to verify my account, which I did, I sent all the requested documents and asked them several times for an ETA but their answers always was " it is up to the security team to decide". When I asked regarding compensation for the days my servers ARE NOT ACTIVE DUE TO THEIR SUDDEN VERIFICATION REQUEST- they told me they don't do refunds!!!! Up until now my servers are offline and their team of support keeps wasting time instead of moving forward and granting me access back. Terrible service, terrible support. Hope you stay away from them like fire!
- June 15, 2021
starstarstarstarstar A rare case when the hosting company name matches the quality and its attitude towards the clients. TRULY Swiss Made.
- May 18, 2021
starstarstarstarstar A decent swiss-based hosting without any major issues. A little pricier than hosting in germany or nl though.
Tip: 13oqbqhz4vRYP8FLdZHNALw6vmv5ZuuSrp
- May 4, 2021
starstarstarstarstar 100% uptime on my server, good network speed and really helpful live support. perfect location for privacy seekers.
- April 26, 2021
starstarstarstarstar Easily the best (moneywise) swiss server provider out there if you consider all the features it has to offer and the pricing. All the coins are accepted as well.
- March 5, 2021
starstarstarstarstar I went to get a VPS for hosting some simple, low-traffic web services related to a hobby of mine (ham radio). During the setup process, the security team rejected my request for the VPS. I asked for some clarification, but was not given any answer as to why my intended use was a problem.
They say a lot about support for privacy and freedom, but evidently are intrusive and critical of the uses to which clients wish to put their equipment. I will not attempt to use in the future.

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