HostSailor provides services such as VPS with different types of platforms and operating systems, as well as customised dedicated servers, domain names and SSL certificates.


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- September 14, 2023
starstarstarstarstar I will give my 100% recommendation to Lady Maria, her advice has helped make better decisions in the forex market, allowing me to grow my investments steadily over time. I've been able to diversify my portfolio, reduce risk, and take advantage of various trading strategies. her guidance has been invaluable and has enabled me to become a successful investor.
Get in touch via:
WhatsApp: +1 (732)630-9483

- August 18, 2023
starstarstarstarstar Really Super amazing platform, easy to use and quick withdrawal. I have been using this platform together with the most recommended Forex strategy on lady Maria and so far I have no complains, making close to $7000-$15,000 on a weekly basis. She is really great, best in her field and unique among others. I am thankful and want you all to partake from this amazing good works.
WhatApps: +1 (732)630-9483

- August 8, 2023
starstarstarstarstar Transparent Forex Trader with years of trading experience, I highly recommend Lady Maria to anyone interested in crypto trading. Withdrawal’s are being done successfully without being charged that’s what makes her platform very safe and reliable, investing and withdrawing profits has not been an issue. Customer service are always active to attend to any arising problems. I’m truly satisfied with her services. Message her on
WhatsApp: +1 (732) 630-9483

- July 28, 2023
starstarstarstarstar I feel impressed with the wonderful work well done, I was told every achievement begins with a decision to try, I was a victim of scam but I got convinced by the right person of which I gave in a try of $1000 investment and I got a profit of $12,500 in seven days. Thank you Lady Maria for the kind of smile you put on my face. For those who are also interested… you can contact her on

- July 14, 2023
starstarstarstarstar Trading with a trusted account manager is what can make your dreams come through. For me Lady Maria has the best trading strategies to win. I never believed on any post recommending online trading until I gave a try and the outcome was great for me. Making $13,500 out of $1000 was a whole lot of profit for me.
Thank me later she is a nice and calm trader i never thought online trade could be so helpful until I made good profit from it with the help of a professional Trader. Lady Maria whom I invested with and earned within a week. you can contact her via
whatsapp: +1 (732) 630-9483

- September 20, 2018
starstarstarstarstar Currently i'm using their OpenVZ SSD VPS with only $4.99 and for first payment i got promo code so i just need to pay $3.49.. Not just that, after that i have some issue with my VPS because i'm not an expert on this thing so i submit a ticket and i just need to wait 15+ minutes to get respond and after that they fixed my problem.. i was using VPS from other provider but they don't help make my site goes online because i bought their unmanaged VPS but i found Hostsailor and get their great support. I'm not trying to provoke you guys to use their services but they deserve good review.
- August 9, 2018
starstarstarstarstar Currently having a Seaman KVM VPS for more than a year, never had any issue/downtime with it during that period, cheap price, fast customer support (SLA
- May 12, 2018
starstarstarstarstar A wonderful hoster, good technical support and excellent price. What else is needed?
- May 11, 2018
starstarstarstarstar i like Hostsailor services,They have the best service its cheap and ov never had a problem they coukd fix
- May 10, 2018
starstarstarstarstar i like Hostsailor services,They have the best service and it is very affordable in nature
Many companies are offering dedicated hosting services but the best choice is to go with Hostsailor without thinking twice.

- March 8, 2018
starstarstarstarstar Host Sailor just plain rules. They have ridiculously fast peering agreements so that means you can easily host content for worldwide consumption on their network and the server won't break a sweat. We've been running a dedi for a few months now and have experienced zero downtime and only a small hiccup under an hour that support was on top of right away.
Did I mention they take bitcoin and rule? :)

- September 1, 2017
starstarstarstarstar Fantastic farm, great servers and superlative assistance, thanks to exist
- May 22, 2017
starstarstarstarstar -ToS 14 days refund policy is a lie
-VPS are shut down without your permission
-You're immediately forced to purchase upgrade, because they limit your VPS due to "excessive CPU usage"
-Dashboard information is deliberately misleading (including bandwidth usage)
-Customer support is limited to "please send email to %differentdepartment%"
Purchase at your own risk.

- December 7, 2016
starstarstarstarstar 1. Hostsailor just switched my vps power off because its consumption of resources was inappropriate for them.
2. Also I found deleted my VPS by Hostsailor for overdue though internal credit account had double of month pay sum.
3. There's no refund process in Hostsailor hosting company.

- May 10, 2016
starstarstarstarstar Second to none. HostSailor is just one a kind web hosting service. And the great part? No downtime! Keep up the great work
- April 6, 2016
starstarstarstarstar Started off with my business last year, I am in my business expansion phase. I opted for HostSailor initially and I am glad that I made the right choice. Even with increasing traffic, I do not have to worry about anything. HostSailor takes care of all my increasing business needs.
- March 25, 2016
starstarstarstarstar Hello ,
I am a gameserver owner , i moved my server from host to another 3 times due to instability , network problems , fake resources (RAM+CPU) .
After moving to HostSailor I never faced those issues .
Network speed
stability , up time and delivery time are impressing .
I am satisfied .

Tip: 12Lz8P3ZMSFnPiycMcCqiGgjkPPebjqG2u
- August 19, 2015
starstarstarstarstar At first, I didn’t even know what VPS hosting was until I met the technically sound and well-equipped team at Now my website is swift, secure and flexible like never before! Kudos to your team!
- June 16, 2015
starstarstarstarstar i like hostsailor services its the most suitable for my gaming servers , Sailor KVM is very stable and i never had any downtime with them also the price is low and the live chat guys are friendly they even give me discount code if i asked them
- February 6, 2015
starstarstarstarstar Hostsailor is a good VPS provider.

I was looking for cheap, reliable and privacy concerned VPS provider.
Must say HostSailor is 100% compliant. They accept BTC and Tor/VPN/proxy browsing/registration. I own Sailor and Seaman VPS, no prob at all.
Great OpenVZ VPS, good latency, untouched Linux distros and nice client area too.

Thanks for the good work!

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