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- April 9, 2024
starstarstarstarstar I used FixedFloat on March 26. They kept my funds, didn't return it, and claimed it was from criminal activity.
In actual fact, the crypto I sent them came from a refund from CoinGate (a legitimate crypto payment processor).
I supplied FixedFloat with the confirmation email I got from CoinGate explaining the origin of the funds, and they simply responded with this:
"If you refuse to provide data about the origin of the funds sent or provide false data, and if the data you provide confirms your connection to criminal activity, FixedFloat has the right to freeze the funds for the subsequent return of funds to the victims with the assistance of law enforcement agencies."
In other words, "we'll accuse you of crime and keep the money."
The current situation is that they won't return my funds until CoinGate contact them. I've asked CoinGate to do so, and they said they'd look into it. Haven't heard anything since. FixedFloat is obviously a scam because they could just call CoinGate themselves and sort this out. They haven't.

- February 22, 2024
starstarstarstarstar I made a Bitcoin swap transaction using the services of Fixedfloat, which is an exchange without identity verification. After depositing money into their account, they stopped the transaction, yet sent me an email confirming the transaction. Following my inquiries through email, they requested various information including transaction history and wallet addresses, all of which I provided. Finally, they asked for identity information, and when I sent my passport, they declared that they have frozen the money because I am a citizen of Iran (without any other reason) and will neither proceed with the transaction nor return it to the original account. This is their final word:
According To the Terms оf the service:
5.1. FixedFloat reserves the right to restrict or deny its services in certain countries.
5.3. Use of the Service is prohibited in countries where usage of cryptocurrency or usage of Service is forbidden by applicable law.
The use of Service is prohibited to citizens and residents of Iran, as well as individuals and entities located in countries on the United Nations Sanctions List. Additionally, any individual or entity that is located in these countries, regardless of their nationality or citizenship, is prohibited from using this service. Any attempt to use this service from a prohibited location is strictly prohibited.
Since you provided the documents of an Iranian citizen, we cannot unfreeze the order.
Best regards,
FixedFloat team.”
I must mention that the citizens of Iran are not subject to any sanctions, the sanctions on Iran are only targeted at specific entities and individuals whose names are mentioned in the sanctions, and I am neither of those nor have I had any relation or had transaction with them. Therefore, I demand that this illegal process be stopped and my money be returned to the original account. Also, I kindly request those living in the free world not to use the FixedFloat website, to show that the crypto world is not governed without laws and by force.

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