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- April 14, 2024
starstarstarstarstar I've been using Evolution Host Developer VPS as a WireGuard router of my internal network. The VPS is equipped with two Xeon E-2288G processors, which ensures stable and efficient performance.
- April 12, 2024
starstarstarstarstar Evolution is the best and they provide excellent service and customer support. I must say that they are very flexible with their hosting services - their trained specialists are always online and ready to help. Worth recommending!
- April 11, 2024
starstarstarstarstar Evolution Host is the best choice for both beginners and experienced users. It's good NVMe SSD hosting + 24/7 friendly customer support! Highly recommend!
- April 10, 2024
starstarstarstarstar Simply put, evolution host is an outstanding VPS provider. Excellent uptime, probably around 3 years now without any interruptions, and overall great performance. Highly recommended!
- March 27, 2024
starstarstarstarstar Top Notch Technical Support. I was late with renewal and had my server terminated. My Server was restored within hours.
- March 26, 2024
starstarstarstarstar I've been thoroughly impressed with the performance of Evolution Host's VPS. The speed and reliability have far exceeded my expectations, making my projects run smoother than ever. It's evident that they've invested heavily in their infrastructure to ensure top-notch service for their clients.
- March 13, 2024
starstarstarstarstar Evolution Host developer plan (€10.00/month) have an excellent value for the money if you want to have a personal solid-fast VPS instance to develop small-mid size projects. The key feature of this is its 20TB Premium Bandwidth, which not other web hosting provider will offer for the same price. That's why I recommend Evolution Host at 100%.
- March 12, 2024
starstarstarstarstar Evolution Host vps is fast. Recommended! They are efficient and have always helped solve whatever issue I'm having. I recommended and guarantee you will have a peace of mind with this web hosting provider.
- March 11, 2024
starstarstarstarstar For a website, stability and speed are the two most important requirements. I have been using Evolution Host's VPS for six months and these two indicators are the most satisfactory. They are very stable and have never encountered any problems before, and the speed has always been very fast. Thank you to Evolution Host for providing such high-quality VPS service!
- March 7, 2024
starstarstarstarstar This VPS service is outstanding! It delivers lightning-fast speed, exceptional reliability, and remarkable uptime. Furthermore, the customer support team is exceptional, consistently available to provide assistance. In summary, I am extremely pleased with the superior service offered by this VPS provider
- March 5, 2024
starstarstarstarstar VPS performance is rock-solid, with basically no downtime for me. they have a good user interface
- March 1, 2024
starstarstarstarstar My third year with these guys. Rock solid. Had a couple of requests which aren't generally in the scope of email support, but they delivered.
- February 27, 2024
starstarstarstarstar This VPS service is excellent in terms of performance and reliability. The server response time is fast and the uptime is impressive. The customer support team is also very responsive and helpful. Overall, I am very satisfied with the quality of service provided by this VPS provider.
- February 21, 2024
starstarstarstarstar My Evolution Host is about to enter its second year and I couldn’t be happier. Amazing uptime, smooth stability, and great support. highly recommended!
- February 8, 2024
starstarstarstarstar It's so far no downtime no lag issue complete power full pack host, no lag issues no downtime perfectly build vps and The disk speed and network are still great without any issue.
- February 7, 2024
starstarstarstarstar Thanks Evolution-Host! I've been a customer for over a year now, and I have no complaints! Fast, reliable servers and network, and great customer support. I don't think I could ask for more!
- February 7, 2024
starstarstarstarstar I'm coming up on the 4 year mark with Evolution and I couldn't be happier. Amazing uptime, smooth and stable, and excellent support. Highly recommend!
- February 6, 2024
starstarstarstarstar This is my another 3 months follow up review with Evolution-Host.
There was no downtime or any issue for the past 3 months. My total time with them is around 4 years now.
Network, Disk and CPU are still working well, no sign of oversold at all.

- February 5, 2024
starstarstarstarstar I've been using Evolution-Host's VPS for quite some time now, and I must say that it has exceeded my expectations in terms of quality. The server uptime has been remarkable, and the network speed is excellent. It's clear that they prioritize performance and reliability, which is important for my business needs. Their control panel interface is user-friendly too, making it easy to manage and monitor the server. I'm very satisfied with the overall experience using Evolution-Host's VPS service.
- February 4, 2024
starstarstarstarstar I've been with Evolution Host for almost 2 years. They are by far the best VPS Hosting company I've been with. Friendly support, stable VPS, solid network. Definitely recommended.

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