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- March 10, 2021
domains4bitcoins is a SCAM, STAY AWAY, I paid for a domain name and g suite, they took my money and blocked my account, they said because the domain name is on a bullshit list of theirs, I was I suppose to know.....Anyway I will take legal action with this, THE WEBSITE IS A SCAM, DO NOT BUY THERE

- July 31, 2020
I won't even allow my enemy to use them. They are scammers they will take your money and not deliver any service to you. They are SCAMMERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- July 24, 2020
they will take your domain if you buy from them this is a scammer company

- July 17, 2020
never buy from this company they block you after you buy their service

- April 5, 2020
Not the best but they are flexible with TOS

- March 20, 2020
The panel is terrible

- March 20, 2020

- February 14, 2020
They sell domains that are listen on Spamhaus so you have domains that don't work for email, they have also suspended my domains upon malicious complaints made by my competitors. Stay away from Domains4Bitcoin company when it comes to domains they are a scam. They have caused me allot of trouble, I will never use this company again. They are a scam.

- January 6, 2020
terrible hosting service I can't uploading my files to ftp server with cpanel error since 10 days ago I have contacted support team many times. but it's still not fixed. they are screwed up my business.

- September 13, 2019
Access is simply changed by the owner. Of course, support does not help. money and domain lost, scammer. not the first time. ;)

- August 29, 2019
Not even 1 star. I researched and what appear is they are scammers from India and what they do is scam people of bitcoins also they fuck up your server and other details and from research I found a lot of illegal sites are hosted on this and that's how they survive. Report them and stop them. SCAMMERS.

- August 29, 2019
very low-cost hosting services and quick support

- August 21, 2019
I like them. They accept BTC, they are cheap, the business email is at practically giveaway prices. If you contravene their TOS, they won't kick you off. You may have to configure yourself, though. But, hey, it's the internet. Google MX and TXT records and learn something. If you want plug and play, then go to Namecheap.

- June 8, 2019
DO NOT TRUST THEM! At first it was a good company but then later they started cheating, Do not invest in this domains, they take your bitcoins and can't refund you.

- March 19, 2019

- January 17, 2019
For sure the other reviews saying the service is good are fake. I also experienced rude and unhelpful responses from support staff,and the hosting is god awful. They are just reselling server space on somebody else's servers. Customer support and satisfaction isn't a concern for them, because once you sent them your Bitcoin, you've got absolutely no recourse for a refund. So yes, total scam.

- August 18, 2018
I don't know why people are giving all these negative reviews. Their services are awesome. I have been their customer for two years now. There have never been a server downtime

- July 18, 2018
100% FAKE COMPANY They got my money and gave me a very bad server with no support at all . when you talk to them they're very rude and unprofessional , never helped with configuration even while they're using a wrong information on the server ! BE AWARE OF THEM .. This advice costs me 25$ so i hope you save your money .

Tip: 1MRvCJWfh1TJqTRHVXmzj3Qo7crNFkpwvf

- June 12, 2018
This service is horrible. When you purchase using bitcoins they give you 15 minutes to complete transaction. Most bitcoin wallets need more time to send bitcoins. Dashboard is total crap. You can't find your purchased domains easily. Forwarding domains is horrible, i'm still waiting (30h) to get my redirections work. On other domain sellers redirection works 5 minutes after setting it up. Support doesn't answer all day. I will never buy there again.

- March 9, 2018
This site is a joke, let me begin by saying if you purchase any type of service from them they FORCE you to configure everything... The chat support is rude and not helpful at all I purchased a wordpress hosting package and this guy is telling me I have to point the servers myself he REFUSES to do it for me, COMPLETELY FLAT OUT refuses to change it for me after I just paid him money for the package. I even received an email from the company saying the servers where propagated Your wordpresshostingusa Package Details Your wordpresshostingusa has been successfully provisioned. RUN FROM THIS COMPANY DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY MONEY !!! THEY WILL SCAM YOU !!!

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