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CoinJar is a next-gen personal finance account.
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- September 8, 2023
starstarstarstarstar Coin jar have provided a bad service, each time I send money to my account I have to call them before the money arrive and if you don’t then that’s it,
In the process they demand for countless this for verification, at the end I was locked out of my account. I had to file a fraud case with apexchargeback. c0m to get me reimbursed. the agency deal on numerous fraud case and victims can file a case.

- April 27, 2023
starstarstarstarstar Every time I make a deposit with coinjar, the doesn’t shows up unless you call up their customer services team, and would then demand you to give them proof that you made such a deposit. if you don't call in to claim your deposit, the burden is on you, Never met such a ridiculous broker with a malfunctioned operations in place. I earn daily on benarmstrong-trades and I don’t have these issues. just recently the company closed a lot of orders negative from my account saying that due to market volatility it happen, but such volatility did not happen at that moment, it is very obvious. When I contact the company to refund my lost money they do not care about looking at my case, and give my money back! I deserve better
- June 15, 2022
starstarstarstarstar I don't understand the bad reviews on here. The app is really easy to use and I've never had any issues depositing or withdrawing money. The Coinjar knowledge base is really handy if you want to learn more.
Love the coinjar card as well!

- April 1, 2022
starstarstarstarstar They only let me transfer money and btc into the 'account' that I don't have any control over. They kept lying about my being able to transfer out into any outside btc account, so untrue. They are lying thieves and hackers protected by the blockchain centre people in Melbourne. They're not liable for the fraud they've committed in Australia according to the authorities. Such crypto companies have stolen from so many people, yet they got away with it because it's unregulated. Lost all money from every crypto I invested in, including USI and JT Foxx mining. Wake up sheeple to the many crypto companies that's stolen from so many people.
- April 19, 2021
starstarstarstarstar The support is non existent. I have been waiting forever to get my a count verified and still waiting. I even sent a police check and hope it will speed things up. I’m praying.
- February 13, 2021
starstarstarstarstar Don’t use CoinJar. This is the second time I have had to write a bad review about this exchange. You can’t get verified which means you can’t link a bank account which means you can’t withdraw your money. No matter how many support tickets you submit.... no one responds. Use another
- April 20, 2020
starstarstarstarstar I love bittrust
- September 3, 2019
starstarstarstarstar Just paid $7.50 to send some bitcoin, apparently it was for 'bitcoin mining fees', even though they are about $0.05 at this current time.
- July 17, 2019
starstarstarstarstar I've been with Coinjar for a while now. They have done nothing but given me excellent service from the second I joined.
I even asked for a spreadsheet of all transactions from the day I started and within 24 hours I had it.
I don't understand bad reviews here.
Just saying

- June 16, 2019
starstarstarstarstar I have not been able to login to make any transactions since they required two-factor authentication. The problem is they never send the code to my mobile phone so I can't access my account at all. I have no problems with other applications that send SMS code such as Uber, etc.
- March 17, 2019
starstarstarstarstar Coinjar removed my 2 factor security lost 80k
coinjar pressured financial ombudsman in August 2018, i lost my bitcoin, 80k worth due to the removal of my 2 factor security?, what company does that without a phone call to the account holder? with that much in funds in the account?, lets just push a trolley on the street with 80k and leave it there its no different
i even notified coinjar by direct message on twitter 3 days before the 2 factor security removal i was being hacked and they ignored it? they did receive the information and acknowledge, but never passed it on to their internal IT security team, so the left hand did not know what the right hand was doing within coinjar with its staff
said i should have used the word compromised email and not hacked, thats ludicrous, they had no phone numbers to call and thats why i used twitter, coinjar reply saying lets talk really they have done everything to block or ignore me

- January 14, 2019
starstarstarstarstar This is my story and experience with Coinjar,
I haven't been able to login for well over a month as your system thinks I am logging in from a new device when I am not. It says it is sending a confirmation email which it never does, then I write to your support and receive help messages that I have to login to see, I am so glad I have no money with your website currently as I cannot believe the situation you are causing myself and possibly other customers. If your system sent the confirmation email like it says it will I wouldn't have this problem please fix your website.

- August 23, 2017
starstarstarstarstar Rates never follow market bitcoin rate, overcharge for bitcoin and underpay by $200-300 each. Then charges ridiculous fees on top.

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