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- June 18, 2024
starstarstarstarstar If you're having any issues of withdrawing your money please kindly contact a cyber investigators to assist you via their mail (cyberhelps AT proton. me) I got my £79,000 back with the help of them, I followed the processes that they told me
- May 28, 2024
starstarstarstarstar It was really really tough for me and my family at the beginning I thought it was real I was convinced then I decided to invest hoping for a good outcome but all in vain i was charged many times for me to withdraw but yet I couldn't withdraw my money and profits I lost all then I seek for help from friends until I was referred to Alex who helped me in recovering my lost funds thanks to.... Alex crypto help (at)consultant (dtcom) and the team for their great job
- May 28, 2024
starstarstarstarstar I had a terrible experience with this broker, but {P S T P 2 RECLAIM} came to my rescue. They provided me with timely and professional help, and I was able to get back most of what I lost in the scam. I am really grateful for their assistance and highly recommend them as a reliable partner in the world of investments.
- May 25, 2024
starstarstarstarstar You can use the exchange office they will provide you with if you are from a sanctioned country and deposit as much money as you wish!They won't let you take out money using the methods that are offered on the platform.Before allowing you to withdraw money, they normally apologize for asking for your bank account information. I am grateful for ADMKLTD assistance in obtaining my money back.
- February 13, 2024
starstarstarstarstar They used to be good but are now…
They used to be good but are now terrible. Account suddenly had restrictions on it making it useless. Stopped taking Bank deposits and PayID. Then Blocked me from making payments with BTC.
Then I get
"Unfortunately, we are not able to provide any further information as to why your account has been closed."

- December 23, 2023
starstarstarstarstar Locked out of my account, thousands of dollars worth of crypto gone.
Absolutely no communication from btcmarkets.
Use literally any other exchange option.

- February 13, 2023
starstarstarstarstar Legal proceedings have commenced against BTC Markets for alleged market manipulation, wash trading and fraudulent/misleading representations. If you have suffered a financial loss through representations of this company during 2019-2021, or you were affected by the BTC Markets data breach please contact me. ASIC and AUSTRAC have been invited to join this proceeding. I am a former customer from 2019-2021.
- May 12, 2022
starstarstarstarstar Locked my account for one year, still waiting for them to unlock it. Waiting in the dark. Limited communication, changing case managers, but problems remain.
- April 22, 2022
starstarstarstarstar I also got scammed, read the reviews peoples. You get locked out of your account, they come up with stupid excuses. Then your money goes missing. NOT HAPPY!!!
- April 17, 2021
starstarstarstarstar BTC Markets is the most creditable digital asset exchange in my opinion. I would not trust my hard earned money with any one else.
- April 9, 2021
starstarstarstarstar To be honest, BTCmarkets had been the most popular trading platform in Australia despite its high trading fees and the lack of liquidity until they faced a real competitor, the Binance Australia. Since the Binance Australia launched in the early 2021, the BTCmarkets has lost the leading position in Australia. I had used the BTCmarkets since 2018, but I moved all my assets and funds to the new platform recently due to the reasons following:
1. Trading fees are ridiculously high. It starts with 0.85% and it could only be lower to 0.25% even you trade $ 2M per month. Also, trading volume is reset every month. These fees are nearly 10 times expensive than other major cryptocurrencies markets, such as Binance, coinbase, Upbit, etc. The BTCmarkets could only survive with these high fees because there have been no real competition in Australian crypto markets. However, it is not any longer.
2. Their system is very unstable and has numerous transaction errors sometimes. They could not stop or block withdrawals when one of crypto network system is unavailable. They even don’t have any info systems for announcement! If the system is unavailable or a transaction is stuck, what a user could do is hoping their best and waiting until it is solved. Tech team’s skills are so bad, they had to take so long time to solve a problem. If you are using the BTCmarkets for deposit or withdrawal cryptocurrencies, you may expect at least 10% of transactions would be stuck or delayed. If it happens during weekends, you have to wait until next Monday because they are not working during weekends.
3. The BTCmarkets does not support mobile app.
4. Some of coins have serious liquidity problems and you may only see only bot which is being run by api.

- April 7, 2021
starstarstarstarstar BTC Markets has been a great service for me and my mates. Would recommend to all Australian's.
- January 12, 2021
starstarstarstarstar if I could give BTC Markets NO STARS for customer service I would.
I made an OSKO deposit over 48 hours ago and my bank has confirmed it was sent as an OSKO. I have raised 3 tickets with BTC and still no reply.
I have also noted some $2k worth of BTC 'missing' by my calculations which is a concern.
I wonder if we need to start a class action against these guys and call them out for the crooks they really are!!!

- January 11, 2021
starstarstarstarstar I've been trading with BTC Markets for a while and their customer service is terribly slow, they take several days to reply to tickets submitted on their website. It took me several weeks to even set up a company account with them because they kept changing the criteria of what they required from me and didn't reply for days between messages.
While trading with them I've had my account suspended several times due to them needing to verify my ID again even though I have already provided everything to them before.
The major issue I had is when I deposited my money into BTC markets then purchased bitcoin and Etherium. There was no problem purchasing the crypto but I then withdrew it to continue trading on another exchange. After my withdrawals were made I still have not recieved my funds in the other account and it has been over 24hrs. The rate on BTC and ETH has dropped dramatically in this time and I have no access to my coins which is killing me. Ive submitted over 10 tickets and emails asking for help but its still not resolved. I received 1 reply email from the BTC Fraud department that said my crypto was locked because of unusual logins on my account and they requested a video of myself with my ID to reactivate the account. I submitted that video immediately which was 15hrs ago now but still nothing and no response from them.
Also its always a different representative that responds to the emails all the time which adds to the delay. I dont know if they lock their user accounts on purpose for profit but i have lost alot from that happening and also the delayed responses from their customer service department is ridiculous.
Can anyone else suggest a different exchange to use in Australia? I tried Coinspot but their ebuy prices are always higher than BTC Markets

- January 9, 2021
starstarstarstarstar BTC Markets is a scam website. They recently leaked all of their user email addresses in a breach with sheer disregard to customer safety. It has been proven that their pricing is not only the highest, but they have triple charged users from the same account. They stole my BTC.
- December 4, 2020
starstarstarstarstar 0 stars for btc markets.
I got scammed of 6 eth.
-Btc told me hackers got onto my computer.
-I then read the reviews about btc markets.
-I thought about the response from btc markets and the scam. The guy on the phone said one thing that makes me know they are the scammers. He said....
I was EXTREMLY PLEASED how quickly the btc markets acted toward shutting your account when they found out if was violated. If you think about it...
-I was sent an email that my daily limit was increased to 10k and to contact btc if I didnt request this.
-I sent BTC an email and 5 minutes later I could see funds in my account moving but they blocked me from having any control of my account.
-I sent multiple emails to btc markets.
-Btc markets call me 10 minutes after this happened and had an answer for everything. This wasn't the first time they have had this convo. This has happened with many customers with out a doubt.
-The guy was extremely pleased that btc markets acted to quickly after all my money had been scammed out of my account. I wasn't extremely please, not pleasantly pleased, not pleased, think of the opposite of pleased and that's how I was. I tried my best to stay calm and collected with this turkey and after I told him btc is going to have to compensate me he hung up. Their phone number and address are fakes and the only contact I would get after that was automated responses. Bla bla bla responses.
-This happened approx 2 years ago.
-Now I get an email from btc saying btc markets has leaked the emails and info of all their whole CUSTOMER DATA BASE including mine in batches of 1000. I have an email from btc containing the info of 1000 btc markets customers and my details are on this email.
-Over two years later and your still fucking annoying me, seriously btc...what kind of one man show leaks the details of every customer they have. You need to stop taking what ever drugs your on.
-One of the scams I read was btc changed the btc markets banking details without telling any of their customers. So people would deposit money to the wrong account. The list goes on, I read the reviews every now and then.
-The positive reviews btc markets write about themselves are so funny. Its so obvious they are writing the reviews.
-I was angry like alot of people in the reviews but can laugh about it now.
-I even saw on btc markets face book page where they mention the customer data base email leak, one of the comments from a customer is he had all his ripple scammed. Yes mate you did, and it looks to me the same guy who hacked my computer also hacked your computer. And all the other peeps this has happened to. I would love to know how many of us there are.
-Thank you for reading this, I dont even think 2FA will save you with the btc one or two man show.
-btc scam is probably a couple of brothers or mates showing off....flashing money on a big boat, then their gf complains there is not enough on the plate and starts having a bit of a hissy fit and these clowns have to keep the big show going so they have a little dip into peeps accounts here, have a little dip into peeps accounts there, and everywhere. I have had to watch this for two years.
-They leaked the email accounts, I still shake my head but at least I can laugh now.

- September 28, 2020
starstarstarstarstar Good trading experience
I saw some bad reviews before I started to trade with them and I said to give it a try anyway.
$ 250 is something that I can risk and even that I will loose them at least I will get an experience.
And what do you think? I am still doing it. And I still have money in my account, and I DID WITHDRAW MY MONEY, cause this was my main concern.
After my first week I made $ 100 more and I was able to withdraw them very easy. In 2 days they were back into my bank account.
It may have been some bad experiences for some people, but don't forget, we are all different in this world.

- September 23, 2020
starstarstarstarstar Straightforward and quick service, although you have to go through extensive security checks.
- September 23, 2020
starstarstarstarstar Opening the account didn't take to long, you just have to know the requirements upload documents to verify your identification and the process is very simple. Just did it with computer not phone, because I just send Bitcoin to a known wallet. They even called me about a technical question I had with them on the chat. Overall excellent service
- September 23, 2020
starstarstarstarstar Very quick registration & necessary ID checks, then very easy and quick verification of payment methods even on a Sunday afternoon! Also multiple payment options, can only recommend this site.

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