Bitcoin Security is a blockchain digital asset trading platform that leads the innovation of currency transactions and provides mainstream virtual digital currency transactions such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Coincoin, etc. It creates a blockchain asset trading platform for users, Providing currency trading platform, virtual currency trading platform, offering BTC trading, ETH trading, LTC trading, BNB trading, NEO trading of small ants stock, providing virtual currency quotes interface, dedicated to providing lovers of digital currency with a safe, fair, open, Efficient currency trading platform.



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- May 27, 2023
starstarstarstarstar Life will surely teach you lesson before you will experience the good part of it , I have a bad experience falling from one scam to another until I read up a post about Lady Maria, i was still in doubt kept seeing many testimony's of her good work so I was convinced and decided to give it a try and I gave in my last shot and invested $1000 for a start,she really played are own part of the deal as she promised me, now I have gotten my second withdrawal without paying for other charges fee like others account manager, If you are searching for an honest account manager, search no more and add up Lady Maria who taught me all I needed to know, thank you ma’am and may you have strength to continue to help others like you did for me.
You can reach her via

- May 22, 2023
starstarstarstarstar Trading with a trusted account manager is what can make your dreams come through. For me Lady Maria has the best trading strategies to win. I never believed on any post recommending online trading until I gave a try and the outcome was great for me. Making $12,500 out of $1000 was a whole lot of profit for me.
Thank me later she is a nice and calm trader i never thought online trade could be so helpful
you can contact her via:
whatsapp: +17326309483

- May 15, 2023
starstarstarstarstar I feel very safe again to invest my Bitcoin for I have found a platform that I can trust for the first time in a while. Severally trading with the fake platform, I feel so happy and felt I must recommend and share my success story with Lady Maria the best account manager. As I earn in the comfort of my home $12,500 a period of 7days of Mining and trading in my wallet. investing in crypto/forex and Bitcoin and these platform has changed my family status, I truly recommend the trade for everyone who has the plan to invest in them self and their future to earn good profit... If you are interested reach her and you will testify like others because as for me, I will invest with her forever. You can reach her
WhatsApp: +1(732)630-9483

- April 21, 2022
starstarstarstarstar I love this platform, this place is the dream come true,
- July 25, 2021
starstarstarstarstar The first few weeks are okay so that you get some money into binance. Then you try to login and suddenly sms text notification is required too. But they do NOT send you an sms text notification. So you click re-send, again and again .... and again and again, binance does NOT send you any sms text notifications to you ..... so you cannot access your account anymore and binance gets your money. Clever huh?
- April 22, 2021
starstarstarstarstar Hi there!
Binance is the best company of cryptocurrencies with perfect quality services, much trustworthy.
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- March 28, 2021
starstarstarstarstar Honestly, I can’t understand the bad reviews. This is 1 platform and exchange. It’s excellent and if you don’t know how to trade on such professional tools. You need to do your homework.Start with thus:P98F 28MX and safe -40 proc. fees for lifetime.
I wish I knew it last year...

- March 25, 2021
starstarstarstarstar I have problems with binace. Huge amount of money lost. I don't know where's the one has gone. My account manager is not responding at all. I don't know how to get that money back
- March 18, 2021
starstarstarstarstar I actually enjoy the website. But the customer service absolutely ruins it for me. There is a lot going on on the website and anytime I have a question I spend hours looking for an answer on the web because I know it'll take me longer to get a customer service rep. They take between 7 and 11h to reply - that is if the internet connection doesn't fail or if they don't disconnect for no reason. And they NEVER have an answer, EVER. Now it reached the point that they don't even answer anymore. They make a lot of money on our backs and we as customers deserve better. I'm still waiting to know where my money has gone and I'm not sure I'll ever know.
- March 10, 2021
starstarstarstarstar Never been disappointed by binance since 2018.
- February 27, 2021
starstarstarstarstar After opening a Binance account and trading a few crypto pairs, I was shocked one morning to see my balance showing $0 and $877 taken through what they call charges with no explanation. I have tried to contact binance with no success as no means of contacting them on website. This company is an absolute con
- February 26, 2021
starstarstarstarstar I can trade without problem but they simply deny my refund orders. I can not take my money out from there. They say that their partner ClearJunction deny my refunds, but that is not my problem. I need to get my money back and they don't allow me to do it. The client service only says day after day that it is not Binance's problem, it is ClearJunction (their partner) but don't offer ant solution.
- October 13, 2020
starstarstarstarstar Someone knows about ?
We sent BTC on this platform, but impossible to remove it.

- July 22, 2020
starstarstarstarstar How can i start to trade, i am from Texas,
- May 3, 2020
starstarstarstarstar In Binance future transactions, buy and sell orders are not displayed separately. Every transaction is in one position, we can not close position separately. so I lost 5700 USD . I want a refund.
Also I put limit order . it is suddenly buy from market price. Limit order did not work.

Tip: ekremcelikiz
- February 16, 2020
starstarstarstarstar It’s a scam, they just blame the system and won’t repay. Keep away from binance
- February 7, 2020
starstarstarstarstar Hello, i tried before some days to withdraw an amount of btc but binance suspended my account and wants to verify my account with id and facial. It allows you to deposit but not to withdraw. I had a very big problem of mine and i needed cash but they suspended my account. I was very afraid because someone can steal my info and they are personal, maybe they can sell them like coin base did. After all they are private info and how in the hell can they know who is behind the account. I am very disappointed from binance and I will never invest in crypto anymore. I think that binance is the biggest fraud company that steals others info and more importantly MONEY, they take them in a good way lets say. Why dont they ask you for verification in the first place when i registered or withdrawed?? The answer is that they want to take the money. That was my life investment and non of them in the supprot time didnt help me. "Gwenn" was my supprot i talked to him in live chat but he talked to me very bad and with no issue solved and he ruined my life. I "cried" to him because i needed very much the money but the didnt unlocked my withdraw without verification and i was forced to borrow money to close my problems. BINANCE IS THE BIGGEST FRAUD COMPANY IN THE WORLD. If someone puts 1 million $ in binance he cant withdraw without verificaton so Binance will keep them for themselves and also if you deposit 1$ you cant withdraw without verification because binance needs money to keep for themselves. This doesnt happen 100% of the time but 99.9% of times this case happens.
- February 5, 2020
starstarstarstarstar Worst transfer process and costumer service ever.
I made a transfer trough selecting their wire transfer option and they claim it was done as an ACH.
My bank charge me for making a next day transfer and Binance just excuse themselves saying that Prime Trust (their banking partner) receive it as an ACH, but they don't show any proof of it

- January 8, 2020
starstarstarstarstar This is a shady company based in China with no known phone number. When my son died, I sent the necessary legal documentation and death certificate to Coinbase and they graciously transferred his account. Binance told me that I'm basically screwed and they are keeping his money. STAY AWAY!
- December 4, 2019
starstarstarstarstar Be aware: they steal money from folks like myself for arbitrary Terms of Service alleged violations that did not occur. You are giving them a blank check to steal your money for any reason.

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