Among numbers of trading platforms available across the world, bitcoin is becoming the most popular one. However, choosing the right broker and channel is imperative for safe and profitable bitcoin trading. In this array, serves to be one of the renowned portals for traders across the world to get your online trading account. helps you to instantly start our transactions in Bitcoin to buy and sell. Besides, we keep you constantly updated with the variations happening in the prices, which is imperative for successful transaction. Moreover, at you can get the direct payments to your bank account.

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- May 27, 2023
starstarstarstarstar Life will surely teach you lesson before you will experience the good part of it , I have a bad experience falling from one scam to another until I read up a post about Lady Maria, i was still in doubt kept seeing many testimony's of her good work so I was convinced and decided to give it a try and I gave in my last shot and invested $1000 for a start,she really played are own part of the deal as she promised me, now I have gotten my second withdrawal without paying for other charges fee like others account manager, If you are searching for an honest account manager, search no more and add up Lady Maria who taught me all I needed to know, thank you ma’am and may you have strength to continue to help others like you did for me.
You can reach her via

- May 22, 2023
starstarstarstarstar Everyday of my life, i see many reasons to testify about this great trader Lady Maria and her platform. She have really changed my life in the past few months I have been working with her. Through her i make weekly profit of $6,500 if i invest with just $500 and withdrawals are smooth and efficient. Thank you very much ma’am and I can’t stop testifying about you and your company. God bless you for me. You can reach her via her
WhatsApp: +17326309483

- May 15, 2023
starstarstarstarstar Since I started investing, it has been smooth and no complain. But I still see people complaining that they have been scammed in one way or the other. I wonder why, Investing in forex / Bitcoin trading has been so profitable to me. So I think I should introduce my manager Lady Maria to you if you're interested. She has being a honest manager all through and I am still investing with her till today. Invest with the right manager and there will be no more lost of funds, i promise you that. Kindly message her via
WhatsApp: +1 (732) 630-9483

- May 4, 2023
starstarstarstarstar I Recommend Sister Best, her services are "Topnotch" Best i have ever seen on every Bittrust reviews, no wonder people recommend you everytime on your outstanding works and effort, She is without doubt one the most successful Crypto Expert in the financial market I earn alot on her platform. For advise on how to trade connect with her info:
Whatsapp: +1 (732) 630-9483

- March 19, 2022
starstarstarstarstar This review is for Belfrics India operations.
1. In Belfrics India, you can enjoy your assets on computer screen only. That means, you can not enjoy your real benefits like transferring Fiat currencies to your account.
2. There is no organised structure in Belfrics India.
3. You can not contact anybody in case of clarification or any issues of that sort.
4. There is one Director by name Mr Vasim. He will not pick up his mobile, when you contact.
5. I have contacted nearly 100 times during last month. He avoided my call. Because, I have initiated my INR withdrawal on 5th March 2022. He has not confirmed it. He doesn't have money to send it to my account. That is the only reason, he ia avoiding my calls.
6. There is one Jeffy at Bangalore office. He is doing Marketing. When you call him, he will say that he is going to quit from this Exchange, as it has created more problems to investors. He is in desperate condition.
7. I convinced him and requested him to continue here.
8. Mr Praveen Kumar Vijayakumar, Founder of the company always giving Press Meets about his company as if, it the saviour of crypto currency enthusiasts. He doesn't know his company's real position.
9. Very very naive company.

- March 15, 2022
starstarstarstarstar This review refers to Belfrics India.
I am having account with Belfrics India from 2017 onwards and I am continuing till date.
During the period, I raised many support tickets. Some tickets were closed by the company with out any logical conclusion. Eg. The ticket is closed. If need be it can be reopened.
This is not the proper reply.
Eg. If I raise Fiat money withdrawal request, the reply will be" forwarded to Accounts section". I will not get my Fiat money. For the purpose of closing tickets, they say some irrelevant things and close the ticket.
The following support tickets which, I raised, still pending and un answered.
1. ID No 7407 dated 9.8.2018
2. ID No 11368 dated 27.2.2019
3. ID No 19019 dated 27.1.2021
4. ID No 20953 dated 12.11.2021
5. ID No 20971 dated 15.11.2021
6. ID No 20982 dated 18.11.2021
7. ID No 21280 dated 14.12.2021
8. ID No 22862 dated 2.1.2022
9. ID No 22888 dated 9.1.2022
10 ID No 22907
11. ID No 22909 dated 12.2.2022
13. ID No 22911 dated 15.1.2022
14. ID No 22912 dated 15.1.2022
15. ID No 23098 dated 5.2.2022
16. ID No 23171
17. ID No 23182 dated 15.2.2022
18. ID No 23219
19. ID No 23224 dated 16.2.2022
20. ID No 23228 dated 18.2.2022
21. ID No 23672 dated 5.3.2022
22. ID No 23714 dated 5.3.2022
23. ID No 23759 dated 11.3.2022.
This is the functioning of an International Exchange ( Belfrics India)
We can go on raising tickets, but nobody cares for us. But, they are claiming very tall claims.
From this you can understand how useless they are. There is no etiquette for corporate governance.
People will spit on them.

- March 15, 2022
starstarstarstarstar This review is for Belfrics India operations.
1. Quite useless Crypto Exchange, sofar, I have seen.
2. I can not withdraw my Crypto assets to other Exchange wallet.
3. I can not trade here also, because the spread is very high. Eg. There is a difference of INR One lac approximately between the spread between Buy and sell.
4. Even if I sell, I can not withdraw my Fiat currency to my bank account. Eg.
I made one INR withdrawal on 11th Mar 2022. Still, it is not confirmed. This is not first time. I was making withdrawal request and cancelling it for the past four years.
5. There will not be any reply for the support tickets.I have raised nearly 20 tickets and all are pending.
6. My crypto assets are with them with out any use. If you trade , you will not get your Fiat currency transferred to your bank account. If you initiate crypto withdrawal, they will not confirm it. So, it is a necessary evil to have your accounts with Belfrics India.
7. There will be all big words like innovative, hassle free trading, trusted provider of crypto trading, exceeding client expectations about the compay. All are utter non sense. I tell all this because my association with them is five years.
8. One Director Mr Jabeer is at Dubai and his mobile is mostly switched off.
9. Another Director by name Mr Vasim, who is in Bangalore, will not attend my calls, will not respond to my WhatsApp posts. I repeatedly called him through his mobile for confirmation of my INR withdrawal. He has not answered. So my INR withdrawal is pending.
10. I have initiated withdrawal of crypto assets (1 ETH) to other Exchange for a test purpose. Immediately, this 1 ETH was debited from my account. I was waiting for a week. It has not reached my wallet in other exchange. Then, I cancelled my request. But, the 1 ETH was not credited back. I raised support ticket to credit back to my wallet.This happened during Jan 2022. Still, it was not credited back. Just Rs 2 lacs is missing. I told the issue to Vasim, Director, and one Mr Jeffy to rectify it. No action on my requests and support tickets.
11. This is the fate of the Investors of Belfrics India.
12. I have all evidences with me for what I have narrated above. Quite useless people. They don't know the minimum basic courtesy to call back the person.
13. Only God can save the investors.
14. All these issues were taken to the notice of Mr Vijayakumar,vwho some times appear in media and boast about his Belfrics company.
15. Shame on them.

- July 21, 2021
starstarstarstarstar Love the crypto platform easy to use and very fast. I love it
- April 17, 2021
starstarstarstarstar This platform is very innovative, made money here. Highly recommended from my side!!
- January 18, 2021
starstarstarstarstar I have submitted my KYC 10 days ago and still waiting for the process to complete.
No one is responding to escalation case raised via app and online via support email id.

- October 13, 2020
starstarstarstarstar belfrics is not working last 1 year
no one can answer my question...
i'm stuck on belfrics...

- June 30, 2020
starstarstarstarstar The Tanzania segment of belfrics is quite untrustworthy as it does not even have a functional bank account as the account it claims belongs to it on the website is closed which is quite deceitful. There is therefore no operating exchange although they claim to have one. I advise anybody to stay away from belfrics.
- February 17, 2020
starstarstarstarstar This is a scam exchange. I sold BTC worth $9000 last year and I haven't received money to date. All employees left except one guy who heads the branch and he has been playing hide and seek with my money.
Keep off.

- January 3, 2020
starstarstarstarstar kenyan branch is full of lazy support staff
- January 3, 2020
starstarstarstarstar This is a very useless exchange, I opened an account with their kenyan branch, all am doing is play hide and seek with their support. They won't pick calls, KYC can take decades. Keep off.
- November 19, 2019
starstarstarstarstar Idiotic Exchange! It is easy to deposit your cash but they tweak the system to deny you opportunities to buy your preferred crypto therefore essentially denying you opportunities to his quick deals...why would your purchase order abort 99 times out of 100 trials in the guise that the "Engine is busy" and when the engine is not busy, your orders are cancelled the moment you get a matching sale ???
i suspect they hold your fiat and use it for their selfish cashflow issues..

- June 19, 2019
starstarstarstarstar I've been on Belfrics for 3 years. Smooth deposits, smooth withdrawals. Their platform is very intuitive and easy to make trades. Very easy to search, follow and copy other traders. They introduced product called Copy-Funds, so you actually copy a bunch of top traders on the platform under one fund name, so you don't need to search or make mistakes.
I met Belfrics team in person on one of the business shows in London. Still have got their Belfrics Bluetooth speaker which was given to me as a gift.
I've actually made some money there, so it works for me. It could for you, too. Give it a go!

- June 7, 2019
starstarstarstarstar Imperative channel is safe and profitable bitcoin trading
- December 13, 2018
starstarstarstarstar worst exchange ever.
Belfrics kenya is the worst exchange ever. they take 1day to release your bitcoins after you purchase. Imagine waiting 24 hours to receive btc with the high flactuations in prices. I would not recommend belfics to anyone, for me it's the worst exchange ever.

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