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- October 21, 2019
I was scrolling through bittrust site, when i saw people posting about the good work of Mrs Van Yoelle about forex/ binary/bitcoin trading and how i could earn much more than i can imagine, i got in touch with her and she made every step clear to me and how her strategy works and i gave it a try and it really worked!!! If you are having difficulties in trading, worry no more!. Mrs Van Yoelle is the solution to your problems. WhatsApp +1 518 622 1571

- September 24, 2019
Words are not enough to show gratitude for all you have done for me. Mrs Van Yoelle, I was written off by my friends and family, because of the huge amount of debt I owe in my region, until one day, I came across a post concerning Mrs Van Yoelle, I reluctantly gave her a trial and my trial became a huge success to me. For those of you who desire to make a success story in forex/binary/bitcoin options trading, you can contact her on WhatsApp: +1 518 622 1571

- September 8, 2019
My success in😊 binary/ forex/bitcoin trade is as a result of the great experience and skills of a great trader, Mrs Van Yoelle in Whom I've been trading with for a while now, I have invested💵 500$ with her and I got back a huge profit of 💵💵15,000$ within an interval of five trading working days, and ever since then my sucess has been tremendous💃💃 contact her to recover all your losses via WhatsApp🖋🖋: +1 518 622 1571

- August 26, 2019
I'm living it big on this Forex/Bitcoin/Binary stuff, I met with the right Forex Trader she helps me generates 20,000$ USD with merely 500$ USD in one week. Mrs Van Yoelle is really awesome I'll recommended every investor in Forex trading /Bitcoin mining to contact her via her whatsapp contact below 👉 +1 518 622 1571

- June 6, 2019
IQ OPTIONS has to be the worst in the world, how they would con me to invest and deny my withdrawal was so surprising, there greedy actions almost left me terminally ill its terrible. I almost lost 190,000GBP to them, luckily for me after countless request for withdrawal I got in touch with this recovery company, Binaryoptionrecoveryspecialist (dhuot)-(chroom) they helped me get my funds back so happy to share this you can thank me later..

- June 1, 2019
If not that I reported to: LEGAL247RECOVERY , I could have lost it. This is how it went down - I was browsing the internet and got a pop up on my browser. I decided to click on it since it was about investment. I got a call from David who told me about how much I could make in a month if I’m serious with the trades. I wired $52,000 to start with, and we made profit. After little while I was asked to invest more which I obliged and invested over $113,000 once. Then, all of a sudden he started losing the trades and I wasn't allowed to withdraw the money. I was furious as this was my hard earned money and I had no control over it. I kept sending emails upon emails, still had no response and feasible solutions to getting my money back until I send more money, and fees to transfer my money to me. I was not comfortable with this and I had to report to an investment recovery firm ( legal247recovery ). I got 98% of my money back. Just found out that it’s unregulated so loss of your money denies your bank from giving you a charge back.

- April 12, 2019
Got help running to RECOVERYCIRCLE.EU to get my returns from them since march 31st 2018

- February 16, 2019
Invested 30,000 Since july 2018 no payout. I had report to swiftrecovery.eu to get my money back.

- October 22, 2018

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- August 12, 2018

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- August 12, 2018
I'm not open

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- July 16, 2018
I want mining.

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- June 24, 2018
fraud services

- February 19, 2018
yes and they have another website as well which has been going a long time, they just delete your investment before you can get a payout and eventually lock you out.. it's called MICRO-BTC You can trace who they are if you analyse the facebook posts..

- February 13, 2018

- January 24, 2018
telcominer and minerjet is the same. telcominer was not hacked - they stole people money and gone quite ... now minerjet try to steel your money too. no address, no imprint, no tax id, any questions ??! don't send Coins/Money to them - it`s Scam !!! Betrug ... läuft ein paar Wochen dann ist das Geld futsch ! bei solchen Seiten immer! nach Impressum, Kontaktdaten und Firmenregistrierung schauen - wenn da nix zu finden ist, dann will man Dich abziehen.

Tip: 1PTJdqJ3qLcdxtVWjMHz5XzNevrspN3Bin

- January 23, 2018
tienen alguna informacion de quienes son los que nos estafaron???

- January 14, 2018
I agree that the telcominer and minerjet is one 100% sure so don't invest. they change all of it but when you read the information is the same.

Tip: 1PmEPB8KQQbZXV24yiNSekxtiAozLzqikE

- January 13, 2018
they are fucking delete all of our review here. is this wedsite and telcominer and minerjet have relative?

Tip: 1BvzhyUUZSfet5rCLS2zBeV2ZSDEfVUuTk

- January 13, 2018
telcominer and minerjet is one company. telcominer stole people money and gone quite the now minerjet try to steel your money too. so don't invest to them if you don't want loss your money

Tip: 1KYghjAfFzrFwv25jbmvJKXxDppVvHvMX4

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