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- October 17, 2017
Hashflare might have changed their lifetime contracts to 1 year, but the profit is still big. The best part about hashflare is that you can change your mining pools which is crazy!! That way you're getting the best profit from the best pools. Hashflare has really changed my life cause I'm making so much from it, and all I did was reinvest and reinvest. Since bitcoin price is going up my bitcoin is worth so much more cause me to be in more profit. You can do it to tbh, especially with the bonus bitcoin link that payouts a bonus amount of bitcoin every payout, its what I use and I did a test which I see about a 10-15% bonus, but It all depends on how much bitcoin your getting paid out that day. Use signup link for the bonus bitcoin payouts to activate.

- October 16, 2017
Not a scam, lookup what it means. Hashflare is legit.......

- October 14, 2017
Sold a lifetime plan and suddelly changed to 1 year plan

- October 5, 2017
When in doubt, go with hashflare :P. Its one thing I say because hashflare is legit as they come, exspecially for being one of the most popular cloud mining companies out there. They've been up for years without any problems at all. The one thing I like about hashflare is that its very easy to use, so if your new to cloud mining dont worry its not complicated at all. You could also switch your mining pools up for the best mining profit. Use hashflare signup link for bonus bitcoin payouts everytime you get paid out, it helps in the long run cause it adds up a lot over time.

- October 3, 2017
I'm not sure why everyone thinks changing the length of the contract, allowable by the contract itself, makes this company a scam when in fact it offers protection to customers who would otherwise be on the hook for their lifetime. Perhaps they misunderstand what they have agreed to pay.

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- October 2, 2017

- September 27, 2017
Hashflare is legit hands down. Withdraw usually takes 20 min to fully go through but other than that hashflare is amazing. If you consider buying with hash flare I highly consider using bonus bitcoin payout link that increases every payout by a lot.

- September 25, 2017
HashFlare is a good site and they are legit. They are not scammers and you do get a good profit but I hate how they changed the price to 1.50 and only one year contract. They are going to lose a lot of people. I would sign up now if you have not already.

- September 20, 2017
I just started joining Hashflare right before contracts were still lifetime. I was somehow disappointed with the changes and did email them. Like anyone else, we always wanted on the safe side gaining good profit. No one would want to lose some bucks. But still, change is permanent. I know its not a good move changing contracts from lifetime to yearly as it will greatly affect almost all of the customers, but the end of the day, it is still their policy that will matter. So for those saying that Hashflare is now a scam, better find some legit cloud mining sites. For me, as long as it is paying and I'm able to get revenue from it, then that would not be a problem at all. I'll stay still.

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- September 18, 2017
Before they were a good company. Now they single handed decide to change the lifetime contract into year contract, without informing their customers. Contract breach is what it is called. I am going to sit out my contract with them (there is no other option). But i will not buy new hash rate from them nor will i re-invest. They made a big mistake but they do not realize this yet.

- September 18, 2017
They are scammers. It was good company...but a greed of owners killed this project. I don't reccomend this company

- September 18, 2017
Truthfully these guys have been good so far. Yes the contracts are NOT lifetime contracts and the cost is up but u still make your money back +plus an extra 2 months of earnings. Assuming you've reached your ROI in 10 months. If they full fill the stated 1yr term and don't take everyone's $$ then it's all good. We'll have to wait n see how this plays out.

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- September 16, 2017
Completely scammed their customers with a change of terms on lifetime contracts, DO NOT INVEST WITH HASHFLARE.

- September 15, 2017
Ever since they converted to their new pricing and limited to one year contracts, the per day earnings have tumbled. My own daily payments for Scrypt and SHA-256 have dropped by about half. I will certainly not be making any other upgrades or renew after the contract ends. I’ll stick with Genesis Mining.

- September 13, 2017
Was all going great at first! Purchased a couple Terahashes from them at 120 per TH and now they are doubled prices and the contract now only exists for one year. If I had known that would happen I would have invested in Genesis mining while I could have. Seems a bit scammy what they just did.

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- September 2, 2017
Jenna - June 12, 2017 referal links Tristan - June 7, 2017 referal links Mark - June 6, 2017 referal links Tristan - July 29, 2017 referal links Joanna - July 26, 2017 referal links Julie - September 2, 2017 referal links the same person gives 5 stars look at the history, it's crazy, only scammers. They lie to people just to gain a small percentage. Bad Company Don`t trust Hashflare

- September 2, 2017
Katie - September 1, 2017 Julie - September 2, 2017 SAME REFFERAL LINKS LIERS dont trust them

- September 2, 2017
Do not trust them, maybe they wake up tomorrow and change 1 year contracts to day contracts. Don't be fooled and lose alot of money like 10000 other customers that got screwed.

- September 2, 2017
Hashflare is not a scam btw, now what they did was pretty messed up but you can still make a profit, It just will take longer than before. You can make profit faster by signing up here This sign up link offers a bonus to mining payouts.

- September 1, 2017
Terrible company screwed me over. Just rediculous!

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