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Cryptohuge is a Bitcoin cloudmining site offering 9 different contracts for different cost and mining power, ranging from $ 100 to $ 25600. The special feature of this site is that it allows you to get the first $ 100 contract for free without providing bank details because the site offers you $ 100 after registration. You can start mining Bitcoin without any cost or bank details to provide. This first $ 100 contract provides a theoretical profit of $ 2 per day. Knowing that it does not cost you anything, you make a net profit of $ 2 a day without any work, nice to round off the ends of the month or to make pocket money. The sponsorship system is quite special here because to receive his reward for the registration of a godson, he must have reached the $ 150 in his balance, to ensure that the godson is active and is not that a fake account to make money easily. Only one account is allowed per IP address and web browser, an anti-fraud system is in place to verify that a user does not use multiple accounts on the same computer. We can notice the huge amount of payment and transfer solutions proposed as: American Express, Diners Club, Discover, Stripe, Alfa Bank, Bitcoin, Maestro, MasterCard, PayPal, QIWI, Russian Standard Bank, Sberbank, VISA, Wallet One, WebMoney, Yandex, Payza, Payeer, Advcash and Western Union.


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- November 10, 2019
Good day I'm a crypto investor and a Blockchain consultant. On this platform, it's my responsibility to guide any investor on the proper measure on how to invest in bitcoin with maximum profits within just 15hours after investment.. The procedure is very transparent and reliable.. With a minimum investment of $250 you stand the chance to earn up to $3,500 when your blockchain wallet starts reading after just 15hours.. Kindly hit me up if interested. +1 (904) 370 3598

- September 19, 2019
CRYPTOHUGE Totally bullshit!!!! SCAM!!! after earning more than 30$ and then they wont let me log in again!!! I have to start from 2$ again!!! Did email couple of time, no respone at all!!!! Im trully sorry for those who lost more than 1000$. Lucky for me just lost bout 46$

Tip: 14uViYwKum7mFgKEqvG22pAczk92dNtEEP

- September 8, 2019
scam cryptohuge

- August 27, 2019
Crypto huge is a scam. Didnt want to believe it when I started. I had my hopes high. Thought I could make easy money. Since I reached $1000 and withdrew it, nothing yet. It's been a month gone and I haven't received a penny/cent from cryptohuge. Nocustimer service number no help line. They are just a bunch of scammers who will make you waiste your precious time.

- August 10, 2019
After one years spending my time,my life my hope on this web earn over $1030 in one night I even cannot log in to my account they keep opening new account which I have to start from $2 ,if I do not get money belive or not I will share to all world what scams they are,may even I ask from all my followers to share in all over the world share this Cryptohuge account and how they scams I have all pictures prove of the money from £2 until $1000 , but I wish at list with me they do not play such a dirty game.because belive or not mat one person can not but one millions person can do something

- July 29, 2019
Two times I requested to withdraw $1000, the first one payable to my paypal acct., the second one to my WU acct. but until now I have not received a single cent...I have lost any hope that this thing is for real..anyway I still play the game as I'm earning $112/day now just for kicks.🤪🤪🤪

- July 18, 2019
SCAM They don't pay out at all Dont waste no time and no money on that site Avoid

Tip: 3CyrrmSaPVBZ18Z257U2D2RiWCxn5GBsGh

- June 16, 2019
Totally big scam do not invest your money to this website as i lost 10000$ to this fraudulent scheme but all thanks to malaikarecoveryDTcom i was able to recover my lost funds.

- June 1, 2019
be careful! This is scam and do not pay single penny, waste of time. In uk i recommended more then 8 people and every one gone above $1000. Who ever request for withdrawal they got nothing till now and more then 3 months gone. No customer service email or contact number on this website where u can contact them. ONLY FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD.

- May 27, 2019
Great project. Perhaps you already know that the project gives $ 100 for registration. You immediately start earning without investments, and if you invite friends, then for each partner you will receive $ 20. I wish you success.

- May 26, 2019
I am very glad that I once started earning money in this project. Thanks to my friends for advising me this project.

- May 17, 2019
If you still think that money will fall to you from heaven, then I will disappoint you not. But I guarantee you that if you join my team, I will teach you how to earn money in the Cryptohuge project without investments.

- May 17, 2019
If a person does not want something - he is looking for a reason. And if he wants, he is looking for an opportunity. I was always looking for an opportunity to make money on the Internet. And Cryptohuge is the best I've found. I recommend this project to everyone. He is worthy of your attention.

- May 16, 2019
crypto huge is fake site dont wast your time

- May 13, 2019


- May 8, 2019
Herkese merhaba arkadaşlar. Proje hakkında birkaç kelime söylemek istiyorum.Proje harika .Gerçekten ödüyor .3000 $ çıkardı ve para bir ay sonra geldi ödeme koymak gibi.Çocuklar kayıt ve kazanmak, çok basit.

- May 8, 2019
12 months, still waiting for a payout... Stinks of scam

- May 7, 2019
Very promising project! Recommend. I earn here for 4 months and completely satisfied with the results !

- May 3, 2019
Hello dear friends. I want to leave your true feedback on this project. My friends advised me to the Cryptohuge project. I am familiar with the project already half a year. I earn here every day. And I earn money sitting at home and renting a server and invite new partners. The project does not take me much time. That's why I can do other things. I can also earn at Cryptohuge anywhere. And I have enough mobile phone and the Internet for this. What I want to say last month I was credited with $ 1,000 on my bank card. And I had no doubt that the project would not pay me. Cryptohuge really works and this is the best project I've ever met. And it is completely legal. Good luck to you my dear friends.

- May 2, 2019
Very surprised that they write bad reviews about the project. I've been working on this site for almost a year. The moderators are responsible, pay the money, the money is paid. There was never time for me to worry about paying. You can earn a lot here and without investments . Something tells me that negative reviews bought.

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