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- May 27, 2020
My trading experience has been so wonderful. Having a reliable and trustworthy account manager is the secret to every successful trade investment. My investment with Mrs Van Yoelle has been so profitable and i would love to recommend her to everyone who is interested in boosting up their financial situation. Whatsapp: +1 518 622 1571

- May 24, 2020
Get yourself enlightened under the latest and upgraded platform of Mrs Van Yoelle. She's highly recommended to everyone out there in search of a good and legit Account Manager. She has improved my financial status with her tremendous strategies of trade with a minimum capital of $500. Thank you ma'am. Reach her via Whatsapp: +1 518 622 1571 Instagram: Van Der Laan Yoelle

- May 21, 2020
Wow!! This is amazing I just got paid again. I'm so happy that I met a reliable manager Mrs Van Yoelle who always stood by her words when it comes to trade. I highly recommend her to all investors to join now and start earning with me, I just confirmed it, no scam,100% legit, Automatic withdrawal, no withdrawal charges, join now and invest for you to achieve all your dreams desire. Here is her link below Whatsapp: +1 518 622 1571 Instagram: Van Der Laan Yoelle

- May 17, 2020
As confident as i am about his trades and returns , i will also reassure any one that she will definitely make you rich within months. Mrs Van Yoelle trades and profits are great and satisfying. I will assure anyone here that is willing to trade and make profit should contact her via her whatsapp: +1 518 622 1571 Instagram: Van Der Laan Yoelle

- May 12, 2020
I never knew investing in binary/bitcoin/forex option is this profitable, it wasn't long ago when I saw a post online of people giving testimonies about Mrs Van Yoelle, how she helped boost their financial status. I decided to give her a try and I can proudly tell you today that it all went well . I decided to share the good news with you also , if you are having problem with investment or having difficulty finding a good manager. I urge you to give Mrs Van Yoelle a try out today and testify like me in a short time . Whatsapp: +1 518 622 1571

- April 27, 2020
Stop wasting your time on fake websites Stay at home and start making money online working from your home you can start making 1000$ worth bitcoin in every 48 hours interested members should contact Mrs Van Yoelle for assistant: Whatsapp: +1 518 622 1571

- April 22, 2020
I’ve been trading my bitcoins and making steady withdrawals from Mrs Van Yoelle platform with no extra fees, send her a PM on how to begin (investment required) or message her directly on Whatsapp: +1 518 622 1571

- April 5, 2020
Scam, run!!!!! Please do not try investing with these people, they are scammers! They blocked me off after I sent them money. Thanks to flashassetrecovery* c o m for helping me recover every dime I sent to these scammers.

- February 25, 2020
Awful support, money never got paid into my account. They didn’t want to sort it out and blamed Swapforex. Swapforex don’t reply. My bank said it’s up to Liquid or Swapforex to sort it out.

- January 30, 2020
Sad situation with this company. They were once a very promising group with a great idea. But I get the feeling they either have poor management at the top level or were just looking to scam their investors from the beginning. In the early days they had their entire business plan laid out on a precise, focused timeline with estimated completion dates. This was known as the "liquid road map." And had they been able to pull it off, it would have been revolutionary at the time. Their goal was basically to create a global trading platform in which everyone could directly exchange any major currency for crypto and back again vs having to find a buyer to sell their crypto to. This would have essentially turned crytpo currency into fiat through their native "Qash" token. Their plan to accomplish this included creating a world book, getting major credit companies on board and even obtaining banking licenses. However that isn't what happened. It started with quoine selling all of their investors on the idea of this Qash coin. It was strongly implied that this token would explode once the liquid platform launched for a myriad of reasons, but mostly because of its importance in making crypto directly exchangeable for fiat. They then used the money raised from that ICO to launch their Liquid platform as planned, but then did absolutely nothing else to advance their business plan.Things that were supposed to be in the "completion" stage by mid-2018 are still in the "planned" or "in development" stage, and the estimated completion dates of their road map have now been removed. To further complicate things, not only is liquid itself nothing more at this point than another standard crypto trading platform, it's not even one of the best ones out there. Another note of concern is that communication from the company has ground almost to a halt. Where exciting updates and status reports were once a bi-weekly occurrence, the liquid team now goes months on end without so much as a simple update to its investors. It almost seems like they are trying to find a proverbial rock to hide under.

- September 7, 2018
Quoine are now Liquid. RUN. They are terrible!! All the reviews below are still relevant to Liquid. I just made my final withdrawal to Binance.

- June 18, 2018
They never answer support tickets.

- April 12, 2018
I make withdraw QASH It occurred error and I did not get my qash. They provide error TX and say it has completed I opened ticket, contacted them on the telegram. I still do not get any answers I waited for more than 2 weeks to get help . I haven't received any answers until now, Did I lose my money? Can anyone help with legal actions? thank you

- March 11, 2018
Newbies and existing users need to exercise caution in using this exchange based in Singapore. It looks rosy from the outside with representatives from the company giving weekly positive updates on development of its exchange, however, you will only realise how bad its customer service is after using it, as per several users' reviews here.

- February 28, 2018
My application for withdrawal verification has been pending for more than 10 days. I contacted the support but no reply. Really unhappy with this company. Stay away from it as much as you can.

- February 20, 2018
They will take your money and not respond to your emails. Rubbish scam company-you can't withdraw your money /scammers avoid

- January 23, 2018
Scam. They just want your money. They will manipulate the market to make your balance = 0

- November 9, 2017
These are my observations about Quoine Excahnge, more so when the market is volatile: 1. The platform will become unresponsive. First, the pages will not refresh. Next, the homepage will not populate and you cannot log in. My experience over several occasions that it will log you out anywhere from 30mins to an hour +. Imagine you have open positions you wanted to take profit or cut lost and you just could not log in..... 2. The bid and ask prices will fluctuate vigorously. As such, you will ALWAYS open a position at a price not to your advantage. 3. The algorithm will manipulate the spread so high that it is disgustingly unreasonable to trade. I have seen the spread of around $500+ which is non-existence in other established platforms. In the most recent case of B2X hard fork suspension, the artificial spread will ensure you will close a position (buy or sell) at a hefty lost. In all fairness, the platform is easy to use. If you want to make serious money, the algorithm will seriously make you lose big time. I will not recommend this platform unless you want to attempt to outsmart their algo trade bot. The only reason I use this platform is because I can trade using my local currency 24/7 as other established platforms (that I know of) either do not have the option of funding with my currency or operates 24/7.

- October 21, 2017
Below is a list of points for consideration before using this platform 1) Poor customer service. Support tickets (regardless how major or minor the issue is) not answered for days and months. 2) Withdrawals take days to transfer. There's always a need to submit support tickets to expedite withdrawals. 3) Ambiguous fees for fiat deposits. Only realize when you actually use the platform. Do a background research using Google and you will be able to see its track record that let people think whether it is safe or not to use the platform.

- October 11, 2017
There's a reason nobody uses this platform. Minimum withdrawal amounts make you have to send currency to the exchange just in order so withdraw your money. Takes days for withdrawals to transfer. Worst platform ever.

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