A site which facilitates P2P Bitcoin sales by allowing users to list their own buy/sell advertisements. It makes it very easy to run your own bitcoin-cash exchange. It also allows online transactions and offers escrow and other security services, as well as a reputation system for buyers/sellers. The site boasts exchangers from 142 countries and 1733 cities.


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- October 16, 2017
I have a major problem with localbitcoins staff suspending my account without notice. I move over 80 bitcoins per month as reflected on this site. By suspending my account for 72 hours without giving me a chance to work this out with the seller, I have lost thousands of dollars over the weekend. Can you please give me a contact number or chat with upper-level management? Instead of suspending my account the moderator could have said "Samphil, you have 24 hours to return the bitcoins to seller or else your account will be suspended". This would have been respectful of me and would have saved me a lot of money. I do NOT want a response from a lower-level contact person. I would like to speak with a supervisor or upper-level management please. This situation is UNACCEPTABLE. Thank you. Samuel Phillips Juris Doctor

- October 8, 2017
After been scammed by all these sites I read about one Mr Stephen Rex a bit coin seller, after I mailed him he gave me his terms and now I just had my 4 successful transaction with him and all my friends now buy and exchange cryptocurrency with him . Do not waste you time with these sites mail him now via stephenrex3@gmail.Com

- September 26, 2017

- September 20, 2017 is A BIG scam! In my OWN personal opinion. I rather use decent exchanges and will spend 48h+ on international wiring than ever use Localbitcoins again. Here's quick story: I using theirs service for almost 4 years, 100% positive feedback, trade volume 50-100BTC and there never was a problem until now. On Friday evening I bought 0.23 BTC from the trader with whom I've traded 5 BTC+ in the past. Now since I was trading with him before I din not care to read his terms&conditions (my bad really) and eventually this trader added 7 rules in order to buy BTC from him. Ofc I missed them and than the shit hit's the fan. For starters was him saying that he will withhold my BTC locked for extra 24-48hours after it received. Than Tuesday (~after 36 hours of payment received) he sends me message that I have to do ID check with Localbtc because I did not followed his rules and I've paid from my wife's account. He agrees that he have the money, but now he plays smart ass and keeps holding my BTC because "I could be a scammer who paid it from stolen account). So opening a claim with support. Now support just sending me automated replies until tonight I've receiving this email: 01:36 (7 hours ago) to me xx, do the following in 8 hours or the dispute will resolve to the seller: 1. verify your ID here: 2. attach a picture of your ID held next to the laptop or phone screen showing the online payment (with the full screen and browser address bar visible). 3. attach a picture of your ID held next to the laptop or phone screen showing this trade page (with the full screen and browser address bar visible). They giving me 8 hours to fix all they asking for. And email received at 01:36 in the night. Means that if I were working today I would be done (as I don't have access to such websites from work PC), if I was sleeping longer than usually I would be done again, because 09:36 am was the deadline. Seems that support of this website always leans towards the one who have bigger trade volume. And localbitcoin dying to get your ID uploaded to theirs website! Update: Now when I completed steps above, I got this email: D.King: s2, Please also provide the following documents with your wife's ID in 8 hours 1. attach a picture of you and your wife hold your ID together with a note " I am xxx and I am aware my husband is buying bitcoin with account s2 on localbitcoins paid with my bank account" 2. attach a picture of your wife's ID held next to the laptop or phone screen showing the online payment (with the full screen and browser address bar visible). 3. attach a picture of your wife's ID held next to the laptop or phone screen showing this trade page (with the full screen and browser address bar visible). Next request will be: Stand naked in the terrace with D.trump photo and say you will worship no one but him and only him??? Update: After sending message with request to refund money, or other wise we will initiate charge back.Seller have agreed to refund to my payment. What is strange that, after leaving negative feedback for seller and seeing him blocked by 6 person's he still have Feedback score 100 % Huh Huh Huh Huh Now Q is: Why Localbitcoins blackmailed me to upload my passport ID and verify account and in the same time send my ID next to screen with Localbtc account and banking page account. If they knew that it will not help to resolve the case and they will ask more and more pictures with my wife and such? I've asked them to delete all identification pictures I've sent them and also remove "Id verified" from my account. If they fail to confirm that they did so, I will raise complain with local authorities. Because I believe I was blackmailed to upload my sensitive personal data without legit reason and I'm not sure that Localbtc will not misuse it in the future, or will not get hacked and all my private data will be out in the open?

- September 17, 2017
bitcoins stolen from my account by administrators of the website scammers had trasnfered bitcoins 1 day and 3rd day gone definately inside job as no one has my details and just used a brand new laptop and logged on.with it so no phishing or any hackers hacking my computer 100%

- September 13, 2017
SCAM, SCAM, SCAM, TOTAL SCAM!!!!! Here is my experience with them: So I wanted to buy the 150$ Paypal to Bitcoin package, but there was somehow a problem with my Payment... They suggested me, to buy Bitcoins with Gift Cards, so I bought a 100$ iTunes card and made a new Bitcoin order. Then OVER 24 hours later, they've said, that one digit of the Gift Card code was missing. (I think, they did this, to get more time to not have to pay those Bitcoins anymore! Ok, let's continue...) I was like "WHAAT???", so I made a new order again, with double checking the code... The stupid live-chat guy said, it will only take 0.5 to 6 hours till I receive my Bitcoins... 24 hours passed, still no Bitcoins! I went on their site to ask the live-chat, why I didn't receive anything, but THERE WAS NO LIVE-CHAT ANYMORE! So I wrote a ticket on their website, and hoped, that I will receive an answer. I also emailed them, but DAYS passed again with NO RESPONSE!!! :-( Today I went on their website, and the first thing I've noticed, is that the purchase limit of Bitcoins with Paypal decrease from $250/day to $25/day. I thought this is somehow fishy... Then an hour later or so, I've seen, that THE WEBSITE IS DOWN!!! FUCKING SCAMMERS!!! Now I have 100$ lost!!! I always do my research, before putting my money ANYWHERE! But they had many positive reviews, so I thought this website is legit... Turns out, its NOT! Please, if you have some cryptos to spare, I would REALLY appreciate it! Just 5 bucks or so, it would really help... :-( BTC: 1Auznfr76CdYRxd8G2L2Px6EDeRsYt11fj ETH: 0xbd2cb5c5f2e724c2f7a251459e258f65183fb29d DSH: Xq3FjBCZqEPMGoQs25kEfWytviibJCy8uu LTC: LX5ovygT4LAdE9Bc4Wjc5bCwNbUYhNYrXB

- September 12, 2017
! have not had a bad experience with this site. I am a Nigerian and live in Nigeria. I bought bitcoins here in December 2016 and it was a seemless and secure experience for me. I made this transaction only twice though. I will not hesitate to patronise Localbitcoins, again. Do a careful study of the sellers before you place any order. That is my advice. I, however, wish they trade other coins. I have being searching online for days now looking for a secure and excellent exchange to buy other coins.

- August 28, 2017
Got my bank account closed over fraudulent payments.

- August 27, 2017
Nothing more than an ID theft site, the core of the site doesn't even work properly. All in all all they want is to steal/ sell your identity.

- August 13, 2017
I don't have complain about LBC but about some buyers.. Most of them try to send you fraudulent money. It happened to me 3 times and my bank had freezed my account and banned me from using couple features for sending and receiving money. Even though i showed them trade history but still they are not listening. I feel like I am a criminal now. By the way I withdrew all my bitcoins from lbc and sold somewhere else.

- August 9, 2017
i had a couple issues on lbc. one was a guy who couldnt recieve money so he called me a racist and left negative review. he was on watch list so how he mad at me. problem im having now is buyer said i froze his bank account witch was a lie and i disputed and the cutomer service is horrible they dont respond at all i have a mental disorder and i got nasty and tey said im suspended for my language well the guy finally released my money after 4 days no i cant send it to my wallet and mind you i have the cops invloved and they actually just called me for an update and they will be calling me back tomorrow cause they said they cant hold my money for that so they supena the company and mine u this is to pay my rent i was behind and landlord made deal with me to give him bitcoins if i dont im out on the street so yea ive been flipping over this im completly broke and out of work not right

Tip: 1Fm4Y2A8NdEuuXsiCywi9XV6L95wyn6GkS

- August 4, 2017
I wasn't sure about these online mining companies. This one really is legit and pays out. Making nice returns. sign up!

- July 3, 2017
I have been buying and selling on for 5 months and have never had an issue. My grandson, who taught me how to trade, has over 1500 trades with no issues. Love LBC!

- July 1, 2017
try its easy and no need verification just 5 minutes

- June 30, 2017
I was quite sceptical from the mixed reviews but made 3 sell transactions in 2 hours with only 1 buyer contacting me to say that his published price was wrong so overall mine was a very good experience, especially since I got nowhere with Bitcoin for weeks.

- June 13, 2017 best place to BUY and SELL BITCOIN

- June 2, 2017
I'm on forced holiday please I need a help to be revolve

Tip: 1JiUTJLxPxotrSry4qvHWMG4X8QZFZNmwg

- April 18, 2017
Im a seller who has over 300 trades and 100% feedback score, been using the site for about 2 months. The customer service SUCKS. I am from Miami, Florida and here in the states we are used to some level of customer service from companies in the financial sector and the level of service offered by local btc staff is minus 0, it is really a shame. Very easy to scam a seller, i understand there are dishonest buyers and sellers as well, but the level of fraud on this site is alarming. Everything could be fake, feedback scores, IP address, names, you name it. It is a reflection of the bitcoin ecosystem as a whole, great potential and real-world practical uses, but just full of scammers and fraudsters that can easily get away with scamming you and nothing happens. The local BTC support staff is practically useless when it comes to account security and claim resolution. Honestly i would stay away from sites like this. Buy your BTC from an exchange, its more tedious and takes longer but you are not going to lose any money. These guys are a joke and they handle customer's funds just like a bank. Imagine if a bank would work like these people, they would be in jail right now.

- April 10, 2017
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- March 28, 2017
there is no less thanZEro its ZERO all along no start at all, stupid custom when you paid the cash deposit their damp they ask you for ID ???? its cash deposit? shame bitcoin are damp don't do business with me but i will sue them for sure , i will keep update

Tip: 1DHhFynrcqxJ822MNnVdpqguRFTK1JxsQH

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