Gatecoin, a trusted, secured and regulated bitcoin exchange.
Use local transfers. Trade worldwide.

Gatecoin is a regulated, Money Service Operator-licensed digital currency exchange in Hong Kong. We are focused on security, reliability and product innovation.

Users' digital assets are kept on cold storage with multisig wallets to ensure maximum protection. We run a secure platform with database encryption and an isolated back-end.

Our core team combines 30 years of Investment Banking, IT Development, and Strategy Consulting experience. We built our own proprietary trading engine that has low latency, low jitters in any market condition. Our exchange system is designed by trading professionals. It is decentralized and modular; and thus, scalable and reliable.

Product Innovation:
Our unique banking partnerships allow us to offer transparent, segregated client bank accounts in more than 40 countries to ensure users' cash deposits are protected. This also enables us to provide cost-efficient transfers.This makes us the most efficient solution for all types of users.

Gatecoin was named Hong Kong’s 20 Hottest Startups in 2015, winner of Talent Unleashed’s Best Startup 2014, and a semi-finalist in the InnoTribe Startup Challenge 2015.


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- April 10, 2017
starstarstarstarstar Now is the best time to invest in Bitcoin.
Buy BTC instantly with credit cards or Paypal safely and secure.
You can instantly transfer the bought Bitcoins to your wallet or keep 'em @buysomebitcoins!
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- November 25, 2016
starstarstarstarstar Total scam! Stick to reputable sites. Weeks and still unable to withdraw crypto... And I'm already tier 1 verified... I tested with a little as $5 worth of btc. Thieves!
- August 10, 2016
starstarstarstarstar is a fake website!!!!
- August 2, 2016
Plan1:-0.001-2 BTC 150% ROI
50 Hours Time Frame
Plan2:-2-3 BTC 150% ROI
60 Hours Time Frame
Plan3:-3-7 BTC 180% ROI
80 Hours Time Frame
Plan4:-7-12 BTC 200% ROI
100 Hours Time Frame
Running Days 08.
Open to check all others payments .
Automatic return in your wallet n legit

Tip: 17BsGrX5k7Ek6mF1dLHQyEfdoczxgtdDny
- July 15, 2016
starstarstarstarstar Earn, invest, lend, borrow Bitcoins. 7 ways to get bitcoins worth your effort.These guys are great. I am a non English speaker living in Philippines and found this company on Google. I placed my first order and received my bitcoins in 15 mins and now I am their regular customer and purchase bitcoins on regular basis. The best thing about this company is that these guys speak perfect English and respond very fast. I will recommend them to everyone.
Tip: 3FVChaDzJhFtxa3UHniH7oz19pWnH9xhBx
- March 13, 2016
starstarstarstarstar Solid and reliable
- February 23, 2016
starstarstarstarstar Better so far
Tip: 35yfaN5DbaoDg5GRQZXJR3cwkQGYAg2qrt
- September 29, 2015
starstarstarstarstar good stuff here. was able to get bitcoin wih HKD very smoothly.
- September 29, 2015
starstarstarstarstar Every smooth experience using the website, I had a question, got an answer in no time. I recommend their service for anyone interested in Bitcoin or Ether. They accept currency in Bitcoin, Ether, Euro, US Dollar, HK Dollar.
- July 15, 2015
starstarstarstarstar Sleek experience, serious exchange
Tip: 1GqDGHi8iKFhg2Lt53GmU2du2BwoRojSVv
- November 26, 2014
starstarstarstarstar looks like it's live now
- June 21, 2014
starstarstarstarstar currently in private beta!

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