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- July 30, 2021
Now i can afford 3 square meal in a day, it was not so that easy for me and my family through the Covid-19 everything became rough and there was no one to run to for help and i invested my Salary i receive from my working place to give a try to my last hope, then in return i was amazed when i receive my profit directly to my bank account, Mrs Mercy Brown you are really a life saver Write him via : ✍️✍️✍️✍️WhatsApp: +1 (502 ) 444 0079N

- July 23, 2021
Everyone deserves a chance to make good money without having to lose anymore. I'm so happy because I finally found a guaranteed and reliable account manager, who I can invest my bitcoins and receive assured profits! Contact Mrs Mercy Brown and thank me much later... 👇👇👇👇👇👇 +1 502 444 0079

- July 23, 2021
One of the best decision I've taken recently was getting to trade with Mrs Mercy Brown she has been a honest trader... Ever since I got to contact her and associate with her its been a massive improvement for me financially. I have earned a lot of money Contact her and I bet you would get exactly what she promised 100% 👇👇👇👇👇 +1 502 444 0079

- July 22, 2021
Coming across Mrs Mercy Brown was a blessing to me, because it was difficult to find someone reliable and trusted as her. All she cares about is trying all her possible best to enable you achieve all your set out goals. My financial breakthrough came through from her's good work. I appreciate you .Mrs Mercy Brown Contact her now if you're interested in trading. 👇👇👇👇 👇👇 +1 502 444 0079

- July 22, 2021
Success is in doing what others won’t, risk taking. Bitcoin investment is a very profitable system, an online trading that gives a large number of persons hope and life they're living today, but it's for those that keep the power of fear away and take a bold step to invest. Mrs Mercy Brown is an expert crypto manager and she has been a blessing to my life before and during the outbreak of covid-19. No experience needed, your profit return is 100% guaranteed. Feel free to contact her and start earning weekly just like others Bitcoins options and Forex Trade Investments. +1 502 444 0079

- July 22, 2021
I’m very excited earning a lot of money from home through my Bitcoin wallet,my life has been a blessing knowing such genius and reliable account manager who guide me through in Binary investment. I start with little capital investment with Mrs Mercy Brown She is the woman you need when it comes to trading with full login access to monitor your profit, thanks ma'am. Click on the number below to connect with her, 👇👇👇 +1-502-444-0079

- July 20, 2021
Are you ready to invest and you are looking for the best place for your trade! This is the best cryptocurrency trading platform with the help of a better professional, that specializes in trading,investment, and recovery aspects Mrs Sofia Williams, she guided me towards making a good income out of this. she provided, a more transparent, and quite reliable cryptocurrency and bitcoin trading platform WhatsApp chat her on + 1 985 240 2623

- July 10, 2021
I don't believe in worldly saying which says the rich will get richer and the poor will get poorer, that is a lie, life is all about opportunity, through an online investment i made with Mrs Mercy Brown i was able to overcome financial problem so many people are afraid and scared to trade and i true please i am not deceiving anyone to invest but just give her a try Click on +1 502 444 0079 to connect her Thank me later.

- June 10, 2021
Bitcoin options still remains one of the best ways to remain financially strong. A lot of people have lost money while trading either because they do not know how to trade or because they have been scammed due to poor security on their part. Well Mrs Mercy Brown offer a better, easier and safer way to get your account traded with you being totally in control..you can be making a whole lot every week through bitcoin options. For more info contact her via her WhatsApp: +1 502 444 0079

- June 3, 2021
My job is relevant but depending on my salary all the time wasn’t a good idea. Investing in Bitcoin options and Forex has a good and profitable status globally so I searched for an expert who will assist me in trading and generating a good and suitable profits weekly on my behalf while continue with my profession. Mrs Mercy Brown has never failed and doesn’t make mistakes. No disappointments whatsoever and her commission is just perfect for her work done. Bitcoin and Forex is the best investment for all, achieve something this month. WhatsApp: +1 502 444 0079

- March 12, 2021
Big SCMA !!!!!!!!!!!

- September 11, 2020
They ripped our clients off, but we contacted law enforcement and they shut down the site. All these positive ones where added by him to drown on the previous ones and are not real reviews, the positive one.

- August 27, 2020

- June 3, 2020
BTC to Loki worked for me, took around 1 hour but i got my funds

- May 13, 2020
Scam! do not use. The transactions fail and they will not reply to customer service requests.

- April 29, 2020
Thieves. They stole my coins and don’t reply to my tickets. Worst company and people I’ve ever dealt with. Worse than the top notch highly stupid dictator that’s ruled the earth. Stay away. Total scammers.

- April 13, 2020
I deposited my ETH into there wallet. And I wanted to get another crypto out of it. Instead of getting my crypto or my money back. They simply said: "There went something wrong, we can't get your money back". I am absolutly sure I desposited right, to the right wallet, with the right coins selected. Somewhere on their side went wrong and I GET NOT EVEN A PENNY BACK. This is 100% PURE SCAM.

- April 5, 2020
Transaction was late. Waited 30 minutes. I was about to send their support. Worked though anonymously

- March 27, 2020
Clearly something to think about. I had to sent 2 support tickets to get my funds. Anyway, not a scam

- February 25, 2020
BE CAREFUL! It is scam! I tried to send Ether to my DIVI wallet. I sent the money to their provided address 0xd157db06fb79b7601978215fdc7b9242d7fe004c and after 1 hour their system said "transaction failed". I wrote to the support, sent them my screenshots (which showed the output of their site with the mentioned address). but they answered that this wasn't their address and accused me of scam. So be very Careful with this!

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