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CoinSwitch.co is the first cryptocurrency and altcoin exchange aggregator. It has integrated many leading exchanges across the globe to provide best exchange rates to users. Currently, it supports over 100 cryptocurrencies and more than 6000 pairs to exchange. Here is the list of all supported coins at CoinSwitch: https://www.coinswitch.co/coins Please write to support@coinswitch.co if you have any queries! Why CoinSwitch? 1) CoinSwitch supports more than 250 cryptocurrencies and more than 6000 pairs for conversion. 2) They combine all altcoins available on all listed exchanges. So people don’t have to worry about which exchange supports what coins. 3) You can compare rates of different exchanges in a very intuitive UI which always gets you the best price. 4) We know the availability of exchanges better, so we can suggest the one which is working well for others. 5) They provide real-time chat support. So if you have any queries, it can be resolved on the go. Major supported cryptocurrencies It supports over 100 cryptocurrencies. Here are the few major ones. Bitcoin NEO Ether Ripple Litecoin Ethereum Classic NEM Dash Monero Stratis Golem BitShares EOS and many more...


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- July 29, 2019

- July 29, 2019
will take hours to sort out ETH gas issues

- July 29, 2019
quality and effective fix the ethereum gas for god sakes.. every time it runs out and then another transaction comes through an hour or so later to correct it. why does the first transfer to ethereum wallets get rebounded. although this is annoying as it takes time; all crypto was exchanged at same rate. I received exact same value of eth as guaranteed whilst I suspect the increased gas comes from them so I can't be too annoyed.

- June 4, 2019
i send 0.05 btc and till date they dose not send me my ether its a scam or what happen??

- May 28, 2019
sometimes its working and sometimes its not what is this?

- May 27, 2019
Why does every good review mention CoinSwitch's support? BECAUSE THEY ACTUALLY HAVE REAL LIVE CHAT SUPPORT WALKING YOU THRU EACH STEP AND ANSWERING QUESTIONS IN REAL TIME AS YOU GO! I just exchanged BTC to XMR. I was always confused by Monero before because of the difficulty in acquiring it. But CoinSwitch changed all that, I started out small just in case, just $11 in BTC to XMR. Bottom line is I had the Monero in my wallet in a matter of 15 minutes and the status of your exchange is listed from beginning to end.

- May 15, 2019
Good exchange, amazing support, will use again!

- May 13, 2019
I was referred by my friend to this site. I found this site is very user-friendly, very easy to trade on this platform. Quick and efficient service. I liked this exchange and would definitely recommend this to my friends as well.

- May 2, 2019
this is nothing its a group of fake peoples they are fuckers

- May 2, 2019
Good service, fast and reliable, not sure why bad reviewers. Been using it regularly to swap coins without leaving traces.

- April 30, 2019
By seeing these all reviews,this site is SCAM! Multiple reviews of same people giving five stars and multiple people giving same exact reviews? SCAM!

- April 25, 2019
Stay away! Scammed me out of my coin. Just kept getting BS messages from support...then finally they just ghosted me.

- April 3, 2019
Made a few exchanges through exodus that went fine but then did one that got "flagged as suspicious" whatever this means. They will not give my tokens back unless I submit to their demands and sign up an account with them, make video to send them, proofs od identity.. etc.. Basically kept my $287...scammers? - YES!!!

- February 5, 2019
Get Triple Your Bitcoin In Just 3 Hours. triplebtc.bitrix24.site It's Limited Offer. I am recommending because I tripled my bitcoin for first time without being scammed. I am very happy :)

- December 8, 2018
I found coinswitch article on Google. They provide good information about cryptocurrencies. Also, they have many wallet related articles which help us to choose the best and secure wallet. An option to buy a crypto at the best rate at 1 place.

- November 10, 2018
Super fast support! The support team is so good, they respond so quickly within few minutes. When my transaction was stuck, I was so worried. Immediately I contacted the support team of Coinswitch, they responded so quickly and made me feel relaxed. They kept updating the status of my order and the issue was resolved on the same day. I felt so happy about their support. Very much satisfied with the service and will definitely recommend everyone to use.

- October 8, 2018
Wonderful exchange I ever used before! 2 days back, I made an exchange with Coinswitch. My transaction got stuck for some reason. I immediately contacted the support team, they helped me in resolving the issue. Fast transaction and good support. Must recommended exchange.

- October 2, 2018
The best crypto instant exchange. I found them on Google and I tried to convert btc to xrp. Fast transaction and the support is very kind and fast.

- October 1, 2018
You should using Coinmarkethash I am a regular customer of Btc trading, In my opinion you should using Coinmarkethash. With an amazing support (livechat support, ticket system, email support) Coinmarkethash has proven to be the best website to sell bitcoins worldwide.

- September 24, 2018
Pretty neat stuff and amazing support. I have used them just twice, found simple & easy to use.

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