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Bitcoin Blender is an anonymous bitcoin mixing service launched in 2014. Its purpose is to help other people stay anonymous when using bitcoin. Bitcoin Blender is only available as a Tor Hidden Service: http://bitblendervrfkzr.onion Blog: https://bitcoinblender.wordpress.com/ Bitcointalk.org thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=436467.0


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- September 16, 2020
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- September 14, 2020
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- September 12, 2020
I have just finished my lessons with Mrs Mercy Brown and i really appreciate her hard working and experience. Even thought I had a 1 year experince in Price Action, she totally changed the way of my thinking about the market and the style of my trading. she is the only smart and highly experience woman in all the world right now. thanks again for this opportunity of learning from your bitcoin trading skills.you are absolutely the best.if you wish to learn from her to help your trading styles in the markets,kindly inbox her via her WhatsApp number: +1 502 444 0079

- September 11, 2020
For those of you looking for who to trust with your funds and investment, look into Mrs Mercy Brown.she's the only genuine trader i've met here in bittrust and the first to pay me my money earned. You will be doing yourself a favor if you contact her to assist you with trading. Whatsapp: +1 502 444 0079

- September 11, 2020
When I was a newbie I really lost all my investment cause I was new and didn't meet the right account manager to invest with. I was at the verge of quitting till I was introduced to Mrs Mercy Brown and my story changed. It's worth a try I can testify on this platform, thanks. My fellow investors please don't go nowhere ,she is real and good in trading, she will make my dream comes true, for more details reach her Via/ +1 502 444 0079

- September 5, 2020
I started with $5000 and I'm earning $50,000 now, all thanks gose to Mrs Mercy brown an account manager with a proper trading strategy. To all investors out there many of us are looking for a trusted account manager to trade with I recommend Mrs Mercy brown Contact Mrs Mercy brown via what's app +1 502 444 0079 for help...

- August 27, 2020
BINARY OPTIONS TRADING has been an easy way l have used to earn money Invest $100 to earn $1000 Invest $200 to earn $2000 Invest $300 to earn $3000 Invest $400 to earn $4000 Invest $500 to earn $5000 Invest in binary options trading with this secured trader. I invested and withdrawed my profits safely, interested individuals should invest and contact with Mrs Mercy Brown for your investment advice, You can also WhatsApp her: +1 502 444 0079 Telegram Name: Mercy Brown

- August 9, 2020
With the way bitcoins and other market as fallen due to the corona virus pandemic its reasonable to say that Communication and adaptability are clear strengths that contribute favorably to a productive and seamless collaboration. While pricing could be more competitive, the output quality and reliability that come with Coinbinotrade more than justify the cost, no doubt but they started acting strange and refused to reply my messages when i lost my funds. i was lucky to voice out before i got a reccomendation to get in touch with (Fastfundsrecovery At Protonmail Com) for all my experience concerning the platform. got all my funds back but it was a process i am happy now that i did . Keeping your BTC is key because of the rapid increase soon after the pandemic is curtailed

- August 6, 2020
Who would have done it for me in binary options trade if not for Mrs Mercy Brown, i feel like I'm not even thanking her enough after going through a lot of hard times caused by fake references and account managers, well i am happy i finally made a way out by the help of manager Mercy Brown, i am here to guard and direct my fellow investors never to make wrong decision by entering trade with the wrong people, Mrs Mercy Brown is tested and trusted i would recommend her for every interested investor to give her a try and see a way through your debts and ugly experiences,contact her +1 502 444 0079

- August 5, 2020
Attention everyone don’t send money to scammers. Please I’m a victim of this so called binary investment. Until I met Mrs Mercy Brown, I want everybody to invest her, I will advise you to join her, I’m testifying because I got another withdrawal payment (no withdrawal fee here) you don’t need to send money to anyone here double your investment minimum deposit is $150,$200, Instant withdrawal and 24/7 livechat active Paying and trusted.. on how to get started. just message her with this contact for more details +1 502 444 0079

- August 5, 2020
I'm so happy that i can finally embrace financial freedom. And only Mrs Mercy Brown made it possible, I actually earned my salary within a couple of days. I never believed i could gain so well in Forex trading. Mrs Mercy Brown is the right one to help you get financial freedom....start today.... +1 502 444 0079

- August 2, 2020
When I start trading. I passed through a lot of losses, I almost lost hope in binary trading. I don't have any idea of investing with an honest manager. Not until I got in contact with Mrs Mercy Brown who I have always invested in and since then I have no complain and my profit was paid without no delay or stress, you can give it a trial and become a successful trader like me. Talk to her directly, 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇 +1 502 444 0079

- July 28, 2020
was scared to invest and trade with her because of my past experience with fake Managers.I have to research on her to know her better, with all I have seen and heard about her. I decided to give it a try and trade with her, I couldn't believe after my first trade with her ,things started changing for me,I started earning more money, bought a new house and boost my business to another level. All thanks to Mrs Mercy Brown who made all this possible . That why I would love whoever is reading this post to contact him like I did and start experiencing a better life. Mrs Mercy Brown 👇👇👇👇👇👇 WhatsApp...... +1 502 444 0079

- July 25, 2020
I saw several people testifying for making so much legit money with the help of Mercy Brown from forex and bitcoin mining and i never believe until i decided to give it a try and now I'm glad I being a part of Mercy Brown mining platform and I am making over $8,000 in a week. Join the winning team and contact her +1 502 444 0079

- July 24, 2020
It have been a great opportunity trading with Mrs Mercy Brown Since I have been trading with her all I do is earned up to $10,000 every week, no scaming it real contact her on whatsapp and earn maximum profit return in just 5 days Whatsapp: +1 502 444 0079

- July 23, 2020
Am not afraid to make any investment now because My first trial on investment i got my profit back. I had never in any time had a loss since i started my investment. I get my profits on any investment I make as at when I was introduced to Mrs Mercy Brown, the business was exactly the way I was told I benefited from it, I get my profit every 6days, why not try it now contact her with this 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇 + 1 502 444 0079

- July 20, 2020
I count myself to be successful in trading because of the amazing strategy of Mrs Mercy Brown, I made over $24,000 after 3 weeks of trading with her as my broker, never you giveup. She help me alot , if you are ready to make good history in trading, please don't go nowhere, for more help from her contact via WhatsApp: +1 502 444 0079

- June 16, 2020
domain cc is SCAM! Real bitblender was closed in 2019 Onion address - bitblndrmoom55lc dot onion Cant login to account after making deposit :< "Support" tab doesn't work.

- December 14, 2019
Look at the reviews... scammers abound. Avoid.

- November 14, 2019
I have used many bitcoin blenders in the past but bitblender is fastest and best cleaning option for my tasks. I use bitblndrmoom55lc.

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