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- August 14, 2020
starstarstarstarstar I went on this site thinking it was legitimate, gave them $300 of my money and never heard a word back from them. Supposedly after “6 confirmations” they get back to you, but they never did. Buyer beware!!
- March 1, 2020
starstarstarstarstar They are FUCKING SCAM
Tried to buy from Z33 and he try to be real however, he is not. FAKE PERSON, gives you all hopes and try to be legit. HE IS BIG TIME SCAM

- July 8, 2019
starstarstarstarstar asked a guy to do a job that he clearly didnt do or i guess never intented to do he charged me more money and sent me to this escrow saying its the one he trust and he was doing buisiness with them for years ... so total i sent 1486$ that was suppose to be secure the guy didnt do the work i asked for refund then the nightmare start ...
i got as an answer :
Dear Client,
We understand that you want a refund of $1,486.00 which you paid in
order to have services from the seller 'techpenetrator'.
We also want to assure you that the seller already confirmed with us
that the transaction has been nullified. The seller confirmed that you
can be refunded.
However, according to company policy, we do not refund less than
$2,000.00 dollars. This means that you have to send $514.00 to us so
that we can round up the amount to $2,000.00 and resend to you now. You
also have to pay us for the escrow services rendered to you. We only get
paid one percent of the transaction which means that our commission for
this transaction of $1,486.00 is $14.86.00
Therefore, you have to send the total of $528.86.00 to us now so that we
can immediately send $2000.00 to you.
As soon as you send, please inform us by email. Please we advice that
you send your wallet address for eventual refund.
Thank you for trusting our services
why would a legit site asked you for money to get money
why would they need to round up to 2000$ when its just digital transfer 2-3click and its done ... its clear that they there never gonna refund me
they dont even answer to email i sent or left on their site
the transaction number they gave me is not good
i signed up to the site for account opening i logged once saw my balance as my
1486$ its funny that i cant log anymore same log and password not working anymore ?!?!?!?!!?!??
this site is a scam they got me for 1486$
the site and the guy are working together
be careful

- September 30, 2018
starstarstarstarstar scam with somes verified Hidden Wiki store...
- April 19, 2018
starstarstarstarstar Fucking scam ....
try to buy from z33 other this website...
you'll get a confimation email and information about the BTC address after you payed the support wont answer

- February 10, 2018
starstarstarstarstar Website not working

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