Same as Viagra but cheaper! Shipping from the UK.


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- September 4, 2021
Reported to authorithies

- January 13, 2021
This site is saying that they ship one day after the payment...thats looks not being true. Status is saying every day "In progress", all the money of your wallet looks to be seized even if it should remain something after payment of the order...for me I consider already the money lost and I will never reorder there !

- November 3, 2020
I commanded pills and I payed but I received nothing ... On the web site, my order is still "in progress" since 1 month ! It's impossible to contact the owner of the site because the message panel is off. Save your money, don't buy on Kamagra for Bitcoin

- September 28, 2019
I have get my order at kamagrashop dot online But 12 days to to get it to Finland Payment was in Bitcoin and more crypto was aktive on checkout

- August 1, 2019
try buykamagrauk they are best.

- June 5, 2019
check crypto-pharmacy io - never had any problems with them and prices are also much cheaper than most of the other shops

- March 27, 2019
Never tried these people. The only bitcoin pharmacy I order from is yourbitcoinpharmacy. They have the highest trustworthy rating and really a top bottom prices for all products. The cost of Kamagra brand is 70 cents/pill

- November 16, 2018
ordered kamagra for husband never arrived lost my money, will only use Gotmilk pharmacy, should have used them again, was happy with them, lost my money with these assholes.

- December 14, 2016
Great product with high quality. One site that i also consider to buy kamagra medicines is

- February 18, 2016
run away, save your coins.

- February 3, 2016
Gotmilk Pharmacy is the most respected, legally licensed FDA approved online pharmacy on the internet. As reported in news periodicals, Yahoo, Vocativ, VICE, Economist, International Business Times, India’s respected publication DNA and Gotmilk Pharmacy is famous for saving lives and offering clients access to 2000 medications, low cost, high quality FDA approved healthcare products. There are many scammers and swindlers in the online pharmacy business, selling fake medicine, stealing your credit information or plain fraud. Since 2011 Gotmilk Pharmacy has over 25,000 successful perfect rated transactions. A top rated pharmacy vendor on the Silk Road, Silk Road 2.0, Agora Market, Black Market Reloaded, Evolution, Abraxis, Alphabay, Middle Earth Market. Gotmilk Pharmacy Ranks in top 10 of all darknet vendors on Grams darknet review guide Gotmilk Pharmacy clientele include pro-athletes and professional musicians, military top Gun fighter pilots, global executives, Professional Gamblers, Preppers, Wall Street traders, Aspiring students, Single Moms, and Families. Gotmilk Pharmacy save 90% with over 2000 medications including hard to find products for sales at the lowest price on the internet. Go search on google –

- February 3, 2016
As I am not in the UK I was looking around for another seller. I found http://escrownzkrtx4dsf.onion on a pastebin onion list in January and ordered Suhagra (same substance as Kamagra and Pfizers blue original) It reached in a brown handwritten envelope airmail letter from India after 23 days. Most online pharmacies on the clearweb like Aclepsa have given up and there are no good marketplaces in onionland anymore too.

- December 5, 2015
I was scammed by these fly by night dealers, if they are so big why are they not on the trusted darknet markets. I am out $90 usd not a lot, but what losers!

- November 5, 2015
Very effective tablet. Kamagra tablets help me a lot in my sexual life. I am very happy by using this tablet. Knowledge about kamagra tablets-

- October 28, 2015 is the same as the old site

- October 10, 2015
The most relaible and trusted kamagra site around for sure you can know this as you will get your kamagra next day delivery in the uk give them a call you wont be disapointed

- September 12, 2015
This site is a scam, these reviews are all fake, beware. do not buy from them or you will lose money. Trust us go to darknet markets and see vendors performance, no blind trust.

- April 15, 2015
I am 45 years old. I suffered erectile dysfunction last 4 years. Then my doctor suggested me Super P Force. I buy it here last wednesday and seriously i recieved my order accurately. I am so happy to the delivery service and effect of the Super P Force.

- March 26, 2015
we accept all major credit and debit cards for all kamagra related products at

- February 24, 2015
I'm very pleased with the delivery. It came just as you said it would. And i am really happy to the quality of your Super P Force product. I purchased it here

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