The Hybrid Stock Exchange is an innovative online trading platform for already well-off societies, as critically dependent on the confidence of the users of our platform; issuers, investors and employees. This confidence is based primarily on compliance with legal, regulatory, contractual and internal regulations and conformity with customary market standards and rules of conduct in the business activities of the Hybrid Stock Exchange.well as for SMEs and start-up companies, to increase capital finance. The success of the HYBSE is

HYBSE is an online financial market with an unprecedented ease of use. Financial investors and entrepreneurs achieve the ideal platform for their desired goals, with access to the international capital markets. The traditional broker concept is bypassed because the transactions are always "User to User" (buyer to seller), hence unnecessary costs are avoided. The first-class, user-friendly and well-designed interface with its logical layout makes the site fun and easy to navigate.


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- May 12, 2020
starstarstarstarstar Started with KKOG for a trial period supposedly and end up having to make an account with this unknown Hybse stock just to cash out after I was hesitant about moving forward, have not been able to log in, contact or any of the sort,cash just lost unsatisfactory at its finest.Thanks
- May 12, 2020
starstarstarstarstar I started my investment off with KKOG. I had no intentions on moving to HYBSE but was forced by KKOG to create a HYBSE account. My wishes were to cash out with KKOG and not move forward with the changes. I made this decision based on how the staff mismanaged the organization of the transfer and also how they disregarded my wishes and concern to not move forward with the new company. Well to make a long story short. They no longer reply to my emails, the HYBSE site has not been available in over 6 months. I have not received any info on gains or losses or any funds from the company. No updates, nothing. But the still run social media ads and no longer mention HYBSE on the KKOG page I initiated my investment with on IG. I HAVE NO IDEA WHATS GOING ON AND FEEL As if i am a part of a scheme. I am ok with losses but no explanation via email or acknowledgment of what’s going on with the investment is discerning, disappointing and just plain unprofessional
- January 24, 2020
starstarstarstarstar I made a small investment of $8k with KKOG through HYBSE platform. Initial reaction was good, website was working well. Within 1 month, i was no longer able to access the website nor the $12k that was now in my account. I emailed HYBSE multiplies times with no response as to what what happening or when the website would be back online. It was been almost 2 months, and still no word.

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