You can easily and safely cash out/buy bitcoins at, my experience with them is fascinating. No fees, no delay and no sign up!


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- March 12, 2021
starstarstarstarstar We ain't about this furry shit here
- September 14, 2018
starstarstarstarstar The scammed me of over 1700$, please we need too close this sites asap
- September 14, 2018
starstarstarstarstar You guys are the biggest SCAMMERS THE WORLD HAS EVER KNOWN, I sent you guys 2000$ and you guys asked me to transfer extra 1300$ so my transfer can be done together, I made a new sell order, you guys asked me too provide my account number and name of bank, I did that, and you also asked me too provide swift code I also did, then you guys messaged me congratulations my transfered has been successful and it would be available for about 3 hrs it would reflect I waited, for 11 days still no reflection, then I contacted you guys back, you said I should provide you with my username, and password of my wallets sites, where my bitcoins are kept...then I asked you guy what you wanna use it for, all the answer I got was it for security purpose, then confirmed it was a Biggest scam sites ever, after I was ripped 3300$, then the furcoins customer service was even asking me too sell more and more coins too them, so you could track down my money, all ya are the weirdest scammers I ever met all my life.... FURCOINS WARNING!!!❌❌❌ SCAM❌ SCAM❌ SCAM❌
- July 28, 2018
starstarstarstarstar I started trading bitcoins last year and I went down the drain until I found a comment on YouTube about furcoins. I didn't hesitate to give them a trial, I traded with them and their service is reliable and cheaper. Thanks to everybody who posted about furcoins, you are all part of my Success Story.
Tip: btc
- February 7, 2018
starstarstarstarstar I sell or buy bitcoins at furcoins, my experience with them is fascinating. No fees, no delay and no sign up!
Tip: btc
- January 14, 2018
starstarstarstarstar 01/13/2018 - update - chatting with furcoins customer support
Me: btw, i successfully transferred bitcoin to my wallet (no boucne back or any problems encountered)
Furcoins: would you mind I verify that using my personal system so I will know how to present your case more forcefully to the transfer team?
ME: just proceed with my refund
Furcoins: then, you have left me with the transfer team insinuation that your wallet is not active
however if you want me to verify to know the authenticity of your assertion
In order to help hasty up your refund process KINDLY PROVIDE YOUR USER I’D AND PASSWORD ONCE I VERIFY that your wallet is active, I will personally call of the head of human resource to ensure that the needful is done and your refund done immediately
ME: *Do not disclose Password Google Authentication codes and SMS to anyone, including support
I got that advise from a reputable trading site
Furcoins: since you turn down my offer to help you fast track the refund process by making the necessary complaint to the head of human resource on some of these lapses experienced by some of our high esteem client
it may take up to 14working days

- January 12, 2018
starstarstarstarstar 01/12/2018 status update
after furcoins found out that i shared my experience in the web, below is their response. let me know your thoughts about it
We wish to inform you that everything in respect of your newly provided bitcoins wallet has been noted and your bitcoins ready for transfer to your new wallet

However, it is with greatest dismay and shock that our Monitoring Team inform the Board about your write up on various platform on the internet deliberately calculated to slammed the image of this platform.

In view of that, an investigation has commenced to ascertain if you actually did before any step can be taken in respect of your Order

Accordingly, your hasty conduct has placed your Order on hold

While we enjoined you to desist from further unwarranted write up, we shall get back to you on the decision of the Board

The reason I chose Furcoins from the beginning is the Positive reviews and customer satisfaction I read thru other platforms as well and in the review section of your website.
I was optimistic I could experienced also what others had - CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.
After being patient with Furcoins for over 24 hours waiting, it is a big consideration and gamble on my part.
What I shared in the internet is what I experienced using your platform. To my dismay, the review I send to your website was altered entirely.
Points to consider
1. Furcoins failed to deposit by using wrong Bitcoin Wallet Address from the start.
2. Furcoins failed to deliver within 45 minutes - 6 hours (maximum delay) as stated in your website. (over 24 hours still no btc in my wallet, But I still believe Furcoins can deliver)
3. Furcoins failed to provide proof showing my wallet is deactivated and unable to accept bitcoins despite numerous request.
4. Furcoins customer care support does not reply as needed even it's 24/7 as it claim.
5. Furcoins failed to provide real time update knowing our Time zone Difference
All of my concerns with you are supported with screen shots so it can be simplified for Furcoins to resolve. And it should be vice versa if you have any concerns especially with my BTC Wallet Address
To summarize: I made my payment in full to purchase bitcoin and Furcoins failed to deliver my bitcoin as scheduled. SIMPLE..
More than 24 hours delay to deliver is an unacceptable to any customer who believe in Furcoins that it can deliver as it claims.
I believe it is my right to have my payment be refunded as soon as possible. No need for the board to waste any more time.
PS: refund within 5 business days from day of request as indicated in its Terms and Conditions

- January 11, 2018
starstarstarstarstar Cont. Update status
Jan. 10 - furcoins claims technical problem associated with my wallet which made the bitcoins sent to bounced back and reassured bitcoin will be in my wallet in the next 3 hours.
After more than additional 6 hours waiting, furcoins claims that my wallet is deactivated and my wallet is unable to accept transfer of bitcoins
I’ve been requesting several times already for a screen shot from furcoins system showing proof that furcoins indeed sent bitcoin in my wallet – furcoins won’t provide any at all
SUMMARY: still no bitcoin in my wallet (01/11/2018)
Should I be worried on such delays?

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