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- January 24, 2018
starstarstarstarstar Hello to all. I wanted to make quick review for using this website for doubling bitcoins. I am not new to bitcoins but i am new to this type of thing. I was very skeptical because they said that in 24-48h i will get my doubled coins back. So i decided to test them with 0.03btc , and i was amazed to see in my balance maybe 6h later doubled amount!! I was like WTF! Then i contacted them again, and they said i can only do 1x this month :/
Nevermind that i tried wtih 0.06btc so i can see what will happen, and again they doubled i said okay i will wait for next month and little by little i am at whooping 0.78btc right now with far i used them over 8-9 times and i am very happy. I also affiliated my friend to test their system and i got paid for that too...
Thank you for reading, hope i helped someone. I certainly know someone helped me :)

- December 27, 2013
starstarstarstarstar If there was a negative star I would certainly give it followed by 5 Skull and Crossbone warnings!! I recently got interested in Crypto Currency and one of the easiest ways to get access to it is via web faucets. Unfortunately I made the mistake of using Coinadand the end result was theft of over 1.7BTC from two different wallets. I followed the blockchain information and both fraudulent withdraws went through CoinAd or CONAD. Net value to me in USD is nearly $1,500 at the time of this writing. Thus, my warning to all that read this is the following:
- if you have accounts on any crypto exchange or mining pool sites like Mt.Gox, BTC-e, Coinbase, Slush, etc be sure to utilize two factor authentication regardless of the value contained within them for all aspects from logging in to changing your account settings or making transactions
- Be sure to encrypt all of your wallets and protect your Private Key. Consider multiple storage locations for wallet backups online and offline especially as value of your wallets increases
- never use your main wallet with any faucet type site, have a wallet specifically for collecting these earned coins then immediately transfer them to a safer wallet, one with a different address than the one you entered at the faucets.
- if rewards are higher than usual be very suspicious of those sites being referred by Coinad, they are more than likely installing TrojanHorses, worms, bots, and worse yet key loggers on your PC while viewing them. I always maintain a clean current operating system with regular full anti-virus anti-malware scans and persistently up to date signature definitions. After visiting a few Coinad sites and noticing the fraudulent wallet withdraws my antivirus software detected a boat load of malware and viruses.

I hope this advise helps other noobs to crypto currency be more cautious than I was so they do not make the same mistake or experience the same frustrating loss by theft of which you can do basically nothing about. In the end this very issue may very well be the death knell of BITCOIN and other crypto currencies in general. Part of me wants to turn my back on this whole concept and never look back, but the futurist and anarchist side of me wants to persist and see crypto succeed and not just become Hacker Currency.

Shameless Plug:


If any value perceived in these lessons learned I would welcome any donations to help try to recoup my losses:

Happy Holidays!

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