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- June 27, 2024
starstarstarstarstar I'd been complaining ceaselessly to fix my withdrawals not going through but it fell on deaf ears. Pressured me into depositing£.100k as my first commission and overtime, it grew exponentially. However as time would go on, they'd pressure me into depositing more and £.50k was dropped. When my drawl was not going well,I started to get extra agitated and decided to get legal heΙp. olivia trader44 at gm ail co m .Was the company I reached out to and they acted swiftly and got me my money out.
- May 27, 2024
starstarstarstarstar Now, let me explain my own experience with stolen Bitcoin and the arduous recovery procedure. It all began with a casual action, an apparently innocent click on a questionable link. Little did I know that this seemingly minor oversight would lose me my hard-earned Bitcoin. The experience of losing something so important is unimaginable. I was astonished, outraged, and anxious for a means to rectify the damage. Dealing with stolen Bitcoin is an emotional roller coaster as you scour the darkest corners of the internet for a ray of hope. Luckily, I discovered Digital Assets Recovery. Their committed team understands both the mechanics of Bitcoin theft and the emotional impact it has on victims.I attest to ADMK LTD since they help me get my claims back
- May 22, 2024
starstarstarstarstar Hello everyone, I was a victim of bitcoin scam, I saw a glamorous review showering praises and marketing an investment firm, I reached out to them on their terms of investments and invested $68,000 and i was asked to top my trade with $99,800 which I was promised to get back in my first 15% profit in weeks, when it was time to retire my profits, I got to know the company was bogus, they kept asking me to invest more and I ran out of patience then requested to have my money back, they refused to answer nor refund my funds, not until an old family friend introduced me to a lady called Mrs. Roberts, I reached out and after submitting my case, Mrs Roberts she swift to action and within 36 hours I got back my funds with the due profit. I couldn’t contain the joy in me. I urge you guys to reach out to Mrs. Roberts Lee on their support email:  ( roberts l ee 6 1 8  at  gm ail c0m )   or
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- April 27, 2024
starstarstarstarstar They blocked withdrawals for weeks AND started paying new members. This is a good training to win more people. I recommend that you communicate.
ℝ𝐞ℂ𝕠𝕧𝕖𝚁𝕚𝕟𝐠𝙲𝕠𝗶𝕟 “𝐂𝒐𝕄
they are the ones who help me recover all my funds.

- March 30, 2024
starstarstarstarstar The trusted crypto exchange in the world ❤
- March 28, 2024
starstarstarstarstar Stay away from these scammers, i have been trying to withdraw my crypto for a week and they always reject it without giving any informations whay it ws rejected, they made thier profit by keeping our money with them, Don't get trapped by these scammers sty away
- March 25, 2024
starstarstarstarstar Not a scam. Just for some reason some address’s were giving me errors, but I just had to try different ones
- March 12, 2024
starstarstarstarstar CEX IO. At the beginning, the platform allows depositing money without any issues to invest in cryptocurrency. However, when attempting to make a withdrawal, it is not possible to withdraw, and if a withdrawal is successful, THE MONEY IS LOST and never reaches its destination. I made two withdrawals, one to my bank account. They recorded a successful transaction number, but the money never arrived at the bank. Similarly, with EPAY, they claim a successful transaction, but the money never arrives. In this last transaction, it was even more suspicious because my EPAY email is different from the one on CEX IO, and curiously, the confirmation email supposedly sent by EPAY was sent to the one registered on CEX IO, something EPAY never does. This leads me to believe that it could be a possible SCAM.
- March 7, 2024
starstarstarstarstar SCAM
- December 27, 2023
starstarstarstarstar Fake site. Register and try deleting your account. They won’t allow you because they wants to scam you
- December 16, 2023
starstarstarstarstar They just got my aunt for $200. They are not legit at all.
- August 3, 2023
starstarstarstarstar I went through hell before I could withdraw my money from their platform, other times I discovered my funds were missing. After I placed my withdrawal it was taking forever for them to credit me and their support was not responding either. I was only able to get help from who made sure I got my funds in full. This is nothing but absolutely scam. Stay away from them!
- August 2, 2023
starstarstarstarstar Total Scam!!
The platform will hold your money and you will never get back.
They are not registered in any reliable country.
All the 5 stars rating you see are fake to hide the reality.
Check the reviews in other websites

- July 15, 2023
starstarstarstarstar Total Scam!!!
Be aware don't put your money in this platform, you will not get back ever.
They don't have costumer service, don't reply on emails.

- April 12, 2023
starstarstarstarstar CEX is going to breaking bad. They hold money, slow verification process without any reason behind.
Stay away from this platform.

- November 27, 2022
starstarstarstarstar I have $250 at hand ,I would love to trade in your platform. If you can help ,because I don't know how to trade
- October 13, 2022
starstarstarstarstar Is biggest scam in crypto world, first of all they are not regulated as they are saying, they are saying UK based but run by Ukrainian scammers, Stay away from this fraud exchange, once you have deposited let say less than $100 or $200 ok but as soon as you deposit any higher amount these fraud immediately block your withdrawal saying verification even you are fully verified with them prior, and even after sending verification documents these frauds will never pay you money for weeks and months and no one, I repeat no one should deposit a single penny to these frauds, use coinbase, Gemini, bitstamp, binance like reputed exchanges and not these frauds.
- October 13, 2022
starstarstarstarstar They are a scam.Beware
- June 10, 2022
starstarstarstarstar They scammers. Blocked 2000 eur from me, I’ll never see that money
- June 4, 2022
starstarstarstarstar The exchange blocked my money on the basis of my nationality. I am a citizen of Belarus, although I have not been there for more than a year due to the political situation. I spent 67 days in prisons for protesting against the authoritarian regime of Belarus. Everyone of my family, except for a 10-years-old brother, was at least once arrested and tortured in Belarus.
"We will follow the sanctions that are being implemented. As soon as they are lifted from your country" — this is what they wrote.
But there is no sanctions imposed on me. Sanctions are imposed on Mr. Putin, Mr. Lukashenka and their friends, not freedom fighters who suffered the most from the post-soviet authoritarian system.
The company illegally holds my money. Since my funds were frozen, their price dropped at least 200%, plus, of course, they don't pay me any interest for holding my savings.
Such behavior is absolutely unacceptable. Harassing the weak, people like me, who first had to flee from the regime to Ukraine, then had to flee from the regime for the second time, people who have little rights abroad, is immoral.
I am open to communication in relation to this matter with media. This company shouldn't get away with it.
P.S. The list of documents I attached (I might forgot to include some here):
- Rental agreement in Prague, Czech Republic
- Resident permit in Prague, Czech Republic
- Vodafone bill in Prague, Czech Republic,
- Parking permit in Prague, Czech Republic
- Laboratory report in Prague, Czech Republic
- A letter from the Ministry of Interior in Prague, Czech Republic
- Bank statement
- List of bank transactions

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