bitXoin is the most advanced and innovative Buy Bitcoin platform in use today. Thanks to our extensive network of banking institutions, we are proud to service multiple countries and currencies, with more countries coming very soon.
bitXoin provides a fast, simple and affordable way to Buy Bitcoins using Australian Dollars and New Zealand Dollars.

Up until now, buying Bitcoins in Australia and New Zealand has been a long, complex and expensive process (requiring international wire transfers, transaction fees and significant processing delays). It has never been easy to convert AUD to BTC, until now with bitXoin.


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- October 21, 2014
starstarstarstarstar I will never deal with again!! I bought btc from them a few months ago and they stuffed it up initially and then rectified shortly after. Subsequent to this, a dumbarse by the name of David Collinson then carelessly transferred staff wages into my wallet (around AUD $2000 if I recall) to then plead for it back. I returned it to the retard and was promised VIP treatment for the good will I had shown. I have since emailed requesting VIP for a transaction only to be ignored by this incompetent, dishonest, business arsehole. David Collinson [email protected] - you suck!!
- July 4, 2014
starstarstarstarstar Deposited $1100 Monday still have not heard so much as a peep after a week of calling, emailing and texting the owner. Have spoken to at least 3 others who have had the same problem this past week. If i was you i would go somewhere else (only used these guys because getbitcoin was down) because this site just seems plain dodgy. If I could give it less than 1 star i would.
- June 30, 2014
starstarstarstarstar Deposited Friday $700 and never received my coins it is now Monday evening and still waiting. didnt receive any reply to my emails until last night. They are apparently experiencing difficulties with either a bank or there secondparty exchange. their words not mine. According to their site you should have them by 7:00pm on day of transfer and they have failed to meet this. I will take further action tomorrow if they dont fulfill or refund my order by tomorrow, Tuesday. I usually use as i have never had an issue with their turnaround times, theyre inventory is out though so couldnt use them this one occasion. Just writing to warn others as there is no notice on their site that they are experiencing "difficulties" Quite unproffesional indeed
- March 24, 2014
starstarstarstarstar i dealed with these guys a few months ago and they were pretty unprofessional but recently they have been getting betteer and I really respect the things they do. Right now it's just australia but I hear they are are planning to move to other countries / banks as well.
- January 4, 2014
starstarstarstarstar Fast processing speed on New Years Day 2014 thanks and will use again fur sure
- November 5, 2013
starstarstarstarstar OK based on positive feedback - I finally bit the bullet on bitcoins...

Just did $12,550 (50BTC) payment at CBA in my hometown (not exactly middle of the city) and still received coins within 42 minutes AA+++ supported by Gander (cheers mate). Let's see what these 50BTC are worth on 5/11/14?? Have unique private key storage system as well (split into 3 parts and 3 formats (one is not recorded in anything other than brain matter) - thanks for all the help bittrust keep up the solid work!! you have a lot of information for me but well laid out so found what I needed and all ended up 100% as promised.

- October 24, 2013
starstarstarstarstar Really fast turnaround - literally had BTC in my wallet before I got home from the bank! Highly Recommend!

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