Bitcoin Gambling Guide offers the where, what, and how of bitcoin betting. It is a must to know these things as your experience and winnings depend here.

Bitcoin Gambling Guide is a website that covers important aspects that will equip every individual in online gambling community with the best of knowledge and information about the bitcoin markets and related topics.

May be the first thing you have in mind why you want to try bitcoin gambling are the advantages you can get from it. You are indeed in the right site as this Bitcoin Gambling Guide will show this to you in a much better perspective. Compared to what the typical online casino offers, bitcoin gambling site can definitely double those things and features or even reach the triple level. Sit back and you will definitely be relaxed upon knowing the boons that bitcoin gambling will let you experience.

By just knowing and comprehending this Bitcoin Gambling Guide full well, you are sure to have a pleasant and fun experience in bitcoin gambling at; as knowledge is always a great armor when you are facing a great battle in gambling and the winning is as exquisite as bitcoins.


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- June 24, 2018
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- September 2, 2016
starstarstarstarstar As a Bitcoin gambler, I’ve made it a habit to check out information websites about online gambling. One of the sites I visit a lot is Bitcoin Gambling Guide. I find that it has a lot that I want when it comes to information about the many gambling sites. Knowing things about online gambling sites is important if I want to make a profit from it. There are several things that Bitcoin Gambling Guide offers me that makes me keep coming back.

First, the site has a ton of reviews. Some people think that it would be better to experience a gambling site or a game firsthand. However, this can be a waste of time. Personally, it will often take me half an hour to go through a gaming site to see what it has to offer me. On the other hand, I can read a review in a matter of minutes. Bitcoin Gambling Guide features thorough and expert reviews that can tell the readers everything they need to make their decision. It is not just casinos either. The sire also reviews individual games so I’d know which games would tickle my fancy.

Second, the site regularly posts about news about the Bitcoin gambling world. Current events can affect my gambling habits and being up-to-date is important. For example, if Bitcoin prices are on the rise, then it would for me beneficial to gamble because I would get more bang for my buck. Other news like updates on new sites are also important.

Finally, the site can let me share info with other gamblers. It allows me to rate individual casinos and post complaints about them. Sharing my knowledge with others helps me pay back the community in my own way.

- July 14, 2016
starstarstarstarstar If you’re looking for a review site for online casinos, you can do worse than visit Bitcoin Gambling Guide. A lot of people see the “Bitcoin” part of the name and walk away, but the site doesn’t narrow itself in its focus. Yes, there are quite a few Bitcoin casinos featured on the site but the site also features a lot of casinos that accept dollars and euros alongside the bitcoins. Here are several reasons why you should visit the site:

a) A lot of casino reviews – The site has a ton of casino reviews. The way it is done is very thorough. The reviewer picks apart the various components of a gaming site and goes into detail on how they work. You’ll know how sign-up and money transactions work from the review alone. They even detail how to contact customer support.

b) Slot game reviews – It isn’t just casino the site reviews. Bitcoin Gambling Guide reviews individual slot games too. If you’re hesitant on wasting your time on a particular slot game, just read about it first. Considering there are a lot of slot games out there, having an idea of what to expect is a good idea.

c) News articles – For those who want to be acquainted with current affairs in the online gambling world, then the site can also provide that. The site posts several news articles a day.

d) Complaint filing and rating – The reviews are not perfect though. People can file complaints about sites and give their own ratings about a site. This gives visitors a chance to give their own feedback. You’ll need to be registered though.

Bitcoin Gambling Guide is not perfect, but it is good enough as a starting place.

- July 11, 2016
starstarstarstarstar Great source of information

- January 5, 2016
starstarstarstarstar I am only too well aware of the fact that the internet is populated with many fake and scam websites that make sure to look genuine in order to be able to do their work. Many of the review sites are also tainted with fake reviews and with that are making it almost impossible for online gamblers to detect a safe site from a scam. Instead of analyzing the website information and providing a trust guide that assists in determining the risks, websites like Bitcoin Gambling Guide do the opposite – they help scammers to rob you.
My first encounter with Bitcoin Gambling Guide was prompted by my best friend, who is an enthusiast online gambler and reviewer. So, he was laughing his head off while telling me about this particular website. According to him, its design, content and reviews were so badly concealing its purpose that it was almost painful. That night I went to visit Bitcoin Gambling Guide and see for myself. I knew immediately that my friend was right. No reviewing website should look like that and can afford to post only positive reviews. To prove my point I wrote to the guy and send him a negative review about one of the reviewed online casinos.
As I was expecting it never appeared on the website and I never received an explanation why. I suppose Bitcoin Gambling Guide follows the modern system of gaining money through the promotion of scam. Do not believe the lies about big bonuses and sure winnings, not until you try for yourself. Too many websites today gain from your trusting nature and easy going. Stop making deposits in casinos that so many people report as scam. You are not different from the rest, if they scammed all of them, what will stop them from scamming you?
Bitcoin Gambling Guide made a big mistake – instead of reviewing it engaged in advertising online casinos. The moment a reviewing website starts to behave that way, it loses all of its credibility.

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