One of the biggest BitCoin accepted online casino. With the variety of different games and the lowest rake on the market, is definitely one of the best houses to place your wagers. Very friendly customer care and lightning fast withdrawals!


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- June 18, 2020
starstarstarstarstar It's by far one of the best sites I have used for sportsbook and games/casino. Even during the period of hardly any sports due to COVID19 the team still have lots of markets available throughout. Not only this but the live in-play play is better than most, allowing you to easily follow games.
For anyone, major factors are deposits and withdrawals which are by the fastest I have ever being part of, especially withdrawals. I managed to withdraw my winnings to a wallet within 20 minutes at the weekend, this is probably the fastest withdrawal of winnings I've ever had.
There is an in chat service where you can talk to other members it's pretty cool and adds a bit more flavour.
Finally but not lastly the team at betcoin make it what it is, great support team, fast responses and even join in the chat.
Lots of sportsbook markets and games including live.
VIP bonus, betback and lossback balance.
The superfast support team that includes chat and the support engineers.
Good community and members.
UI of the site could do with a refresh in certain areas.
I've been using the site for around 2 years and I'd suggest you all do the same.
If anyone else has got some good reviews, please share I look forward to hearing from you all.

- October 3, 2019
starstarstarstarstar Betcoin.Ag is the best overall bitcoin casino
The support and management by David is all around superior to the rest of the casinos. The gameplay and instant payouts are the best and overall casino is a 10 star place.

- July 25, 2018
starstarstarstarstar best company working
- April 23, 2018
starstarstarstarstar I wish to leave my thoughts here regarding, after spending a reasonable amount of time as a player there.

A little background - I have played at Bitcoin casinos for around 5 years now. I like to think I've been round the block a few times, so to speak. I have seen both good times and bad times. I have seen many ups and downs with crypto currencies, profited as a result, and lost the same, obviously.

One thing that always was however far, far more important to me than anything else was the casino I played at, in that current time. If the casino was good, honest, fair and decent, my experience gambling with BTC sky rocketed. If the casino was lacklustre, then so was my experience.

After playing at many BTC casinos over the years, I grew to see the positives and negatives, the good and the bad, within the casinos, and the people who ran them. I attained VIP status at several; this of course showed a casinos' true merits. If their VIP program was there simply to keep you playing and losing as quickly as possible, then you were going to get burnt out fast. if it rewarded you greatly and you felt part of something, it again, enhanced your experience.

I gradually either moved on to a different casino through either something that went wrong, be it customer service or technical, there always seemed to be something that reared its ugly head. Then, a lot of casinos seemed to be unavailable to me full stop...due to my location. So, there I am, doors shut on many casinos, and the ones left I wouldn't touch with a barge pole. Which then brings me to

I discovered by accident, seeing a forum post about their sports book. I remember thinking...yeah I fancy trying some sports betting. I'm a slots man myself, always have been, so this was something new for me.

I loaded up the site, made my first deposit, and the rest is history. is by far the best BTC casino I have ever played at. And it takes a lot for me to say this. And ill explain why:

Customer service:

Utterly fantastic. The team in place here know their stuff, are kind, courteous, patient and above all professional. Every dealing I have with them is a pleasure, whatever my query. I could spam them one hundred times a day, and still be treated the same. Which is so much more than could be said for other casinos. perhaps this is a bad example, but I feel a valid one. All my emails are answered promptly and to the point, no messing about, no excuses. It is just refreshing - that is the best way to describe it.



Here I honestly believe Betcoin excels. You know how you join a casino, you deposit and take their "amazing" welcome bonus? The one with all of those nice sounding free spins? So you excitedly open up the free spin game......oh. 10 spins at the very bottom stake, or even worse, half of the slot lines missing.! Betcoin gives you free spins, you better believe they are what free spins should be. I was stunned the first time I used them. On a very large stake, more than perhaps I would even bet myself comfortably, and all completely wager free. I mean..... just fantastic. The deposit matches too, very nice wagering amounts. They are 25x. Far below what I've seen elsewhere; 35x to even 100x I have seen. So again, very agreeable. Very generous Betcoin is too, sometimes I am shocked at their generosity almost. Again, it just gives you that little bit of faith that there are still good casinos out there, that are not just greedy.


Game selection:

Massive. And I do mean massive. You have the usual big boys like Betsoft, Endorphina, Quickspin, Pragmatic just to name a few. Then there is a Sports book, poker client, huge live casino section, loads of different limits. As I say, I'm a slots man myself, and so my analysis is limited outside of slots. But from what I can see, there is something for everyone. I cannot fault. I have never logged in and thought.... there's nothing to play. Would not happen.


Deposits/ Withdrawals:

Loads of crypto currencies to choose from, deposits, as you would expect of any casino, a breeze. Withdrawals instant of course, as it should be. This is where i would like to credit too - there is nothing, and I mean nothing worse than winning, excited to cash out, and there is a giant pending period sat in your way. It's terrible, and any BTC casino with a pending period deserves no custom, and never will from me. Purely a tool that benefits the casino, nothing more. Especially if its sat fully reversible. Betcoin does not use such tactics....if it did, this would be a very different review:)


To end this review, I wish to say that to me, has been a true revelation. You realise how much your online casino experience was hindered previously, before you played somewhere decent. It hits you suddenly like a ton of bricks.....why have I been wasting my time playing at places that simply can't hold a candle to a casino like Betcoin? It's the complete package, if you will excuse the saying.

Truly a credit to the industry, and I for one will be there as they grow from strength to strength. The best BTC casino currently online, in my opinion, for what it's worth.

Overall score: 5/5

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