Genesis mining is the largest and most trusted cloud mining provider in the world. The company was founded in 2013 and now owns mining farms located in Europe, America, and Asia. Genesis mining offers a smart way to invest your money, it is suitable for those who are new to the world of crypto currencies as well as for experts and large investors. With Genesis mining, it is the easiest and most cost-effective solution for crypto currency mining. You do not need to buy and set up any specialized mining hardware and software, Genesis mining takes care of all of that. They are heavily investing in the best available mining hardware which they offer to their clients for rent. You only need to buy hashpower to start mining your favorite cryptocurrency. They accept cryptocurrencies as well as credit card payments. Main features of Genesis Mining: very low min. investment amount, daily payouts to your wallet, no mining pool fees.


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- November 25, 2017
I'm getting regular payouts from my ETH and BTC contracts on genesis, which have been running for a few months now. Nice to see them offer BTC contracts again! :) -3% off contracts with: 0Sv4sN

- November 24, 2017
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- November 23, 2017
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- November 22, 2017
Bitcoin mining contracts are are back! Genesis mining has exceeded my expectation with daily payouts. Get a 3% discount with this promo code: WwPBTH

- November 20, 2017
Be careful with this people, they are not paying.

- November 12, 2017
Be very careful and do not make large investments with mining in Genesis, the main problem is that they skip the days of payments, you have to claim them and they are very slow to respond, the answer they give is not consistent at the end you accumulate missing days without pay, on top of that when the difficulty of the mining goes up they give you less the same day but if the difficulty goes down they do not pay you more until you claim it. They pay three days late and make many mistakes always in their favor. Constant problems, a lot of headache.

- November 12, 2017
Very good service, does a great job, I have made my investment back in less than a year. If you want you can use my affiliate code to buy contracts: qiBjLu

- November 12, 2017
You'd most likely be better off just buying BTC and holding, but Genesis Mining provides a nice way to get some passive income though :) 3% discount code for genesis-mining contracts: 0Sv4sN

- November 11, 2017
Use this code for %3 discount on genesis-mining orders: Nf7lqg

Tip: 18akmQCPa6SRSpLwzJPhHJGvvrBPn1o1qo

- November 11, 2017
Other than that Laser Online is amazing. If you'd start with $1000 deposit, you'll be credited $120 interest every 24 hours (on business days) for the next 12 business days. After 12 business days you will be able earn a total of 144% i.e. ~ $1440 in total, in other terms NET profit of $440 ~ 44% per term (within 12 days). I could earn more in same way. However for new Investors at the beginning I would like to giving back 5% referral bonus to whoever signs up under me. moreinfo:

- November 10, 2017
Poor website, Poor Customer service though fairly regular payouts (technical issues permitting!) Genesis Mining have the most frustrating and useless website about as far as mining goes. They show you a list of payouts though if you are under their payment minimum for anything have no idea on how close you are to actually getting paid. They list your "returns" as a chart in USD which is pretty pointless unless you are cashing your crypto to USD then and there. The chart seems to randomly at times reset to start from zero again. Only way I can tell how it's going is by using a spreadsheet and tracking the actual payments received. BTC is pretty regular in being paid tho they still seem to have technical issues now and then. ETH I can't really track too easy as some days "payments" seem to disappear on their list so no idea on what I got for that day and can only go by the actual payments received in my wallet. BTC seems to have paid for itself after 3 months (thanks to the bit increase in the value of BTC) but I would have been way better off to have bought BTC and just let it sit in my wallet. Trying to get any answers through their "customer service" is also painful and frustrating. BE prepared for standard non-replies and waiting ages for them even. Good luck getting any actual resolution!

Tip: 1GdmyYMjohN6W7LJvKosaMJjyAL9Zdo4Kz

- November 4, 2017
🍀🔆🍀 Genesis Mining! >>> Use o Código >>>>>>(((((( U5XWLu )))))) > Invista em Mineração de Criptomoedas na Genesis Mining! Pagamentos Diários... >>> Escape do Barulho e contas de Eletricidade dispendiosa >>> Faça Mineração na nuvem! >>> 🍀 🔆🍀

- November 2, 2017
Very profitable! Would recommend Genesis Mining to anyone interested in a stable long-term income. I bought hashpower for over 10k and earn daily payouts with solid returns, I applied promo code "V9xZPn" on the checkout page that saved me a lot of money on my purchase. You can use this promo code as well to get a discount :)

- November 1, 2017
Genesis is not bad website but slow earning. Wwwbitcoinsfly com is better than genesis

- October 25, 2017
Garbage! stay away as they steal your money by selling you crap infrastructure that is actually not able to mine much. So you never get your money back!

- October 15, 2017
I've had a contract for 2 months now, nothing to complain so far. I wish they would offer life time BTC contracts again... 3% discount code for genesis-mining contracts: 0Sv4sN

Tip: 196UVArB4fuuCFVLc47Ad7mHyqkW17KGPk

- October 11, 2017
Genesis Great Bitcoin & Ethereum Cloud Mining Profits! Get a 3% discount with this promo code: WwPBTH

- October 7, 2017
Genisis Mining is very profitbale.They are the most trusted cloud mining company operating since 2013. I am using it since a long time.They are giving daily payouts. Genesis offering mining contract for two years. Currently they have contracts for etherum,zcash and monero. Use Promotional code “oJwQ1A” to get 3% discount at Genesis Mining All the best!

- September 30, 2017
tHaGlr heres is my discount code ok Genesis-mining is very profitable, the main check is if they actually pay, yes they pay daily! Genesis Mining is the best platform that i have found, they have sold out bitcoin mining contracts, but they still have several lucrative coins to mine right now! These are 2 year contracts, bitcoin and cryptocurrency is risingê, i believe this is a great time to invest in gensis mining.. Peace World!

Tip: 1GqbaMY3MUmgyp8ozZdMurom153Ey5wfbx

- September 28, 2017
I've had an open support ticket for over a month. Haven't received a payout in 2 months !!! Buyer beware !!!

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