Genesis mining is the largest and most trusted cloud mining provider in the world. The company was founded in 2013 and now owns mining farms located in Europe, America, and Asia. Genesis mining offers a smart way to invest your money, it is suitable for those who are new to the world of crypto currencies as well as for experts and large investors. With Genesis mining, it is the easiest and most cost-effective solution for crypto currency mining. You do not need to buy and set up any specialized mining hardware and software, Genesis mining takes care of all of that. They are heavily investing in the best available mining hardware which they offer to their clients for rent. You only need to buy hashpower to start mining your favorite cryptocurrency. They accept cryptocurrencies as well as credit card payments. Main features of Genesis Mining: very low min. investment amount, daily payouts to your wallet, no mining pool fees.


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- August 18, 2017
Alright so here it is, don't ever invest in genesis , there is no way to make a profit, even have your money back, I bought a 2 years contract and 3 months in is almost not paying and will stop paying in 2 months if I'm lucky. It was an 18 000 $ investment, I will lose around 5-6 k on it. If you invest less money it's gonna be even worse. If you want something really profitable that give you money every day like Genesis but you get your money back at the end, try this , there is nothing to compare and cliff mention it in one of his report for those who know him, and again don't invest in genesis i quote one sttar but i would vote minus 5 star

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- August 17, 2017
First time mining and have been researching for weeks! Genesis mining is probably the highest rated for mining and trustworthiness. Starting a youtube channel to document my journey as a female nerd :). Use this code! jSnRUB

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- August 17, 2017
I've purchased the 15Th/s contract a few days ago and my daily payout is around 0.00319 BTC, after a $0.00028/GH daily maintenance fee. According to coinwarz I'm getting $4,969 annual profit that's 162% return of investment! Profitability depends on the mining difficulty and the price per coin. Wait for 3-4 days and you can see the changes in payout. Don't expect to see profit for the first 6 months. Use code: sr8TUZ for 3% discount on your next purchase in GM.

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- August 14, 2017
As a person who have tried a lot of cloud minings and been in the cryptocurrency field for a while, I can see that among all cloud minings, there are only genesis-mining, hashflare, hashing24, whose reputation and truthworthy is highly recognized. At further analysis, regarding profitability and ROI: - Hashing24: the customer service and payout is the best here, rarely they receive complaints and customer negative reviews for their services. However, the rate is too high, cost per TH/s is a few times higher than Genesis Mining and Hashflare. This is the reason why I didnt invest in their services. - Genesis-Mining: the longest operation period with highest trust rate online, the firm runs with the most transparency in term of operation and mining facilities. Reasonable payout (having delayed payout issues recently) and profit rate. Their cost is decent with the lowest maintenance fee, I would say in term of long-term profit, Genesis Mining is the best. I used them for a while and recognized their potential investment. Longest mining contract for ETH, Monero at the moment. Recommending: ETH mining, BTC mining. - HashFlare: not much for saying, they started later than Genesis-Mining but already proved their standing. The customer satisfactory is only 2nd after Hashing24, maintain regular payout and profit rate. Furthermore, the cost per TH/s is the lowest among all with average maintenance fee. With the situation where mining difficulty is rising, I would say this is the best for short-term investment. I personally rate their bitcoin cloud mining will be the MOST SHORT-TERM PROFITABLE. However, their demerit is only 1 year contract for other AltCoins at a little rate cheaper. Recommending: BTC mining. - I can say they are the MOST TRUSTWORTHY cloudmining since they developed this new function based on a previous bitcoin news official page. They provide a lot of packages for customers, but I recommend the 6-month or the popular package. Their rate is quite high compared to the above 3, so your ROI may come a lot later and not so profitable, however, if you can invest and be patient long enough. This site worth a try. I personally do not choose this site for my investment. GENESIS MINING: 3% Discount Code: kZcYT7 HASHFLARE: registered here for extra 10% discount (only for new users):

- August 10, 2017
Looking for an Easy Way to Mine? One click away! Get a 3% discount with this promo code: WwPBTH

- August 10, 2017
Many people claimed that Genesis Mining is a Scam and for this reason, I have tested their Bitcoin contract and did some calculation. I purchased the 15Th/s contract a few days ago, my daily payout is around 0.00319 BTC or $11USD (while BTC@$3400). GM has deducted my daily maintenance fee, otherwise, my daily payout should be 0.00408 BTC (this calculation corresponds to any online calculators you can easily find on the internet.) that being said GM is legit. Profitability all depends on the difficulty of mining and the price per coin, which has nothing to do with GM. Don't expect to see profit for the first 6 months. If interested into cloud mining investment, feel free to use this code "ju0iUT" for 3% discount on your next purchase in GM.

- August 8, 2017
Wait for 3-4 days and you can see the changes in payout. look at FAQ you can find solution because Customer service is bit slow... use code: MEmtDI for 3% discount...

- August 6, 2017
They stop payments all the time. They were just hacked. SLOW support staff. I haven't had a payout in over 7 days!

- August 5, 2017
Genesis Great Cloud Mining Profits! Get a 3% discount with this promo code: WwPBTH

- August 1, 2017
I'm mining with Genesis Mining now for just over a year and I'm already making profit, ROI reached in less than a year. Genesis Mining is a reputable company that really mines, it's not a scam. If you are looking for a working discount code, use this one: 5KX4ZQ.

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- July 26, 2017
AVOID. They stopped paying anyone as of 7/21/17.

- July 20, 2017
Genesis mining is legit. Trevon James, A person on youtube has used Genesis for over a year and is making more than 200$ a day, it could be more. Use my code at check out for a discount WpYbwL and email me yours, so when ill make a purchase ill return the favor.

- July 17, 2017
poloniex stole all my mining from genesis 1.83 bitcoin, now im into trouble , have 21 months left to my contracts of 4040 mhz x11 worth 18 k usd , if anyone is interested i would let them go for 10 k usd , we would go through genesis for payment and transfer, send email to if interested, write genesis as title please thanks

- July 14, 2017
i bought 18 k usd of dash mining, its a good investment, not the best investment but still a good one, i got 9400 back yet in 3 months use my code to get 4 % discount on your next buy ML4FmJ

- July 12, 2017
Genesis one of the best cloud mining services. They are legit and do own mining equipment. I would suggest doing research about them, check reviews and decide whether it is for you or not. Do not expect to get rich quick though. It is a long term investment and you will need to do some work as well. They are paying out constantly. Here is a signup bonus of 3% for each purchase you will do:

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- July 9, 2017
genesis mining is legit use my 3% code 2i0Wj8 to trade coupon codes please email me a screen shot of purchase and use of coupon code. Email me your code so i can buy with your coupon code. Thanks

- July 8, 2017
Genesis mining is paying a bitcoin and etherium as the contract. Don't worry about it. It is the latest vaild 3% discount code. >>> mFIeLx

- July 3, 2017
Make sure you have reasonable expectations when buying mining contracts as they do not make you rich quick. You will most likely have to wait a minimum of 6 months before you get your money back depending on many factors. It's just like the stock market as in it bares risk. That said Genesis Mining is one of the few reputable companies in the cloud mining game. Just make sure you understand reputable does not always mean ptofitable. If you want to get a 3% discount you can use the following promo code tXs7eQ

- June 29, 2017
I am good to earn Bitcoin, Etherium and Monero from Genesis Mining. It is the latest vaild 3% discount code. >>> mFIeLx

- June 25, 2017
Yea genesis is the most legit cloud mining site. They actually have real mining farms with proof. Cool thing about genesis is that you can get a 3% discount by signing up here Or you can use discount code Lpnfyi for the discount.

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