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- September 15, 2020
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- August 29, 2020
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- August 7, 2020
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- August 6, 2020
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- October 14, 2015
I signed up with Quantum Kiwi for hosting in 2013 and had decent service for just under a year. Then I lost access to C Panel and my website and no one there would reply to my emails. I discontinued service in October 2014, having had no luck in getting any communication from them. In addition, I saw a number of complaints online from other customers complaining of poor service and abusive responses from Logan Douglas. One year after discontinuing service, I am receiving invoices from them for service I didn't request, accompanied by threats of forwarding my details to a debt collection agency. I've reported this as a scam to and I encourage anyone else in NZ to do the same. International scam complaints, for former customers experiencing the same attempts by Quantum Kiwi to extract money by fraud and intimidation should be made via your local agency.

- July 16, 2015
Excellent service!!! A+++. I though I'd better write a review since these Negative ones are a bunch of crap. Been with QuantumKiwi for the past year now and am amazed with their quality of service and customer support. I've dealt with their rep Logan and can not see where these comments are coming from. I also know of Zane, the guy posting all this crap about "being a drug fuelled nutter" and it definitely sounds like he is speaking of himself, every client I have that has dealt with Zane and his business "The Sign Centre in Tauranga, New Zeland" has told me not to work with him as he is a "hot-head who will try beat you up when things don't go his way" - My clients words, not mine. So yeh in summary, great business, excellent service & excellent pricing. I don't like quoting taylor swift but "haters gonna hate" and in this case the haters are full of crap.

- February 1, 2015
Quantum Kiwi, a web hosting service, has taken my money and refused to provide the service I paid for. I tried contacting them and a man by the name of Logan called my phone and was using vulgar language to attack and threaten me. I would not suggest such an unprofessional company to any one.

- May 17, 2014
A guy named Logan from has been harassing me by phone and email since I quit using the service. I quit using them due to the guy named Logan cussing me out after I asked why their hosting wasn't working.

- March 30, 2014
Logan Douglas of Quantum Kiwi became is a drug crazed nutter after i refused to pay him cash after half complementing some work for me. He began to rant and rave, shouting and pacing my work shop about how he need a cash advance and that he was down on his luck. After talking to few people I understand this guy has been convicted of credit card offences and is a regular drug user . I would NOT recommend anyone use this guy or his services! or catch him on a good day when hes back on earth with the rest of us..............

- December 18, 2013
Read a few posts on them being a scam - I liked their cloud pricing so i tried them anyway.. Great host, great support and the servers are very quick. My order was processed in 11 minutes.

- October 2, 2013
Excellent service, after investigating myself scam accusations i found the company actually provides a very decent service for the amount of BTC i paid - I have no problems with their service.

- September 22, 2013
Quantum Kiwi scammed me for 3 weeks of the 1 month I paid for. The owner then began attacking me and even called me an idiot at one point. I recorded that phone call, so there is proof of this guy harassing me. I would NOT recommend anyone use this service!

- September 12, 2013

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