Green and anonymous offshore hosting based in Iceland. Been operating since 2009. 24/7/366 online support, cPanel, Softaculous one-click installer. Designed hosting plans for forums, blogs and internet communities.


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- May 18, 2016
I started hosting with them because I needed a free speech host. I've been very pleased with their hands on customer service, uptime, speed and, well, everything! I couldn't ask for more in a host. Very happy I chose them and plan to stay for good.

- February 6, 2016
I have been hosting with OrangeWebsite since 2013 and they have provided me always professional and reliable hosting service. With them you get everything just like with most expensive hosting providers PLUS helpful and skilled customer support who answer back to you almost right away!

Thumbs up!!!! *****

- December 29, 2015
I am so upset with this provider. They are rude, rude, rude, and insulting. They actually got to a point where they blocked me from emailing them and the message was "missing marbles". Later an employee emailed me apologizing saying the guy had personal problems. That's no excuse.
Additionally, they all use fake names and use addresses at hotels in Iceland. I've traced them to addresses i Iceland and Finland and they're known for sites like and who post embarassing defamatory content and charge people $399 for removal. Extortion ring!

- October 3, 2014
I've been using OrangeWebsite for most of 2014. I started with a VPS at first but my site was being blackmailed and under DDoS attack. CloudFlare couldn't even handle it. I upgraded to a pricey plan from OrangeWebsite but it has been getting the job done very well. I would rather pay 1/10th of my profit every month to protection than to have 0 profit and be down all the time. Customer service has been amazing. They get back to you about every 24 hours which is pretty slow for a hosting company since most people require instant help. 24 hours in down time could mean the end of a business. I find this response time reasonable though. I understand that they are run by a small team and they don't outsource their help. They are very knowledgeable.

I definitely recommend using OrangeWebsite if you want anonymous hosting and want to deal with professional, knowledgeable, courteous, and overall kind people. If you want to pay less and host in Malaysia or Russia you can do that but chances are their customer service will suck and they won't care about holding you as a client.

- September 18, 2014
Great hosting experience!! Smooth sailing so far and I really like their customer service. I would totally recommend this service!!

- July 12, 2014
Signed up for gold package. Amazing quality service, very open on the one occasion there was a DDos attack on their servers which I appreciated. No security was flawed despite the attack.

The customer service is second to none with replies normally within at most 5 minutes - this is worth the hosting price in itself.

Excellent legislation and T&C's regarding hosting of content. While I host nothing even vaguely unlawful, there are people who would prefer to see my site not around. Orange has always kept the site up and running and I've never even been contacted regarding any issues as should be the case in all countries. This is exceptional.

I have been delighted with the hosting and intend to remain with them for many more years.

- October 12, 2013 hosting review. I signed up for a VPS in August 2013 with After experiencing a ddos attack on a site I host I signed up for protection for an extra 200 USD a month and moved the site to my VPS on after they claimed the protection was active.

Shortly after, the VPS went down, due to a hacker trying to blackmail a customer of mine with ddos. I opened a support ticket with and support replied:

Jóhann Geir || Staff Hi,
I have forwarded a reboot request to the datacenter for you.

After 15 HOURS and numerous requests for an update was told they did not have an update from their upstream. This is in my opinion a lie as in all my years in hosting the upstream provides updates.

After 20 hours I got the following response:

Joona J. Karppinen || Staff Hi,
VPS rebooted.
Please let us know if we can assist you further with anything else!
Best regards
Joona Karppinen

Now, according to it took 20 hours to do a one click of a button reboot.

VPS is still down, nothing was fixed, and they no longer reply.

I can conclude that the ddos protection is an outright LIE. Their is ZERO protection and by claiming they offer it, and accept payment for it, they are committing fraud.

Pay hundreds of dollars and this is the treatment? There are hundreds of hosting sites that offer offshore hosting and in better jurisdictions than Iceland. China, Malaysia, and Russia to name a few.

I am saddened after reading these glowing reviews online of, which now many sound fake and posted by them.

If there is even a remote possibility your site or a site on the same server you reside on is attacked your site will be down. I would implore people thinking about hosting with to go elsewhere.

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