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GigaPros is a privately held professional web hosting company based at Los Angeles (California). We have been officially launched on Mar-05-2008 and since then, we have been growing steadily. Our main goal is to provide our customers with zero-oversold web hosting services and we guarantee it with a written policy. Just take a look at our Zero Overselling Policy and you will find us as the FIRST provider in the hosting industry, who clearly publishes the shared hosting limits! At GigaPros, we enforce ZERO Overselling Policy. So, you get 100% guaranteed server resource allocation at all times. No overloaded server means high reliability & more uptime for your website.


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- April 14, 2020
Best thing about them is the Instant activation ans their tech support. Really great service! I am satisfied with Gigapros hosting service. They keep improving their services, and the size of disk space and bandwidth transfer rate. Haven't had down-time. I want to recommend them to anyone how is starting to host their own blogs. Good job!

- April 8, 2020
I love Gigapros web hosting services. They communicate really well with their clients. I am glad to be one of them. I hope this hosting provider continues to keep up with the way its running. If they do I don't see why I wouldn't stay with them for many more years. As I said before great prices, and reliable service. Plus the wide range of services they offer. Recommended.

- April 6, 2020
If you want excellent, prompt customer service for a very reasonable annual fee, then I strongly recommend Gigapros hosting. I have asked plenty of silly questions and they have never failed to come back to me almost immediately at all hours of the day and night with a courteous helpful reply. When your own business depends so much on the service of a third party it's good to know you're on to winner.

- March 31, 2020
All I can say is that, Gigapros has been the best I have been with in the past 10 years of hosting websites with other web hosts and this provider. Their customer service is fast and professional. Their support took me through all the step required to reset password, access webmail and advise on clearing the email that was taking up too much space. Hardly any downtime. The website was down due to running out of space (so completely our fault). Good web host!

- March 26, 2020
You will not be disappointed. I started with shared package and I am now on a dedicated server I have been on every plan that is offered by Gigapros and I upgraded when I was ready to. My sites have traffic from Singapore and also the USA. They assisted me until my problem was solved and most of the time they do it for me instantly. Through e-mail - fast quick and through responses just how i want it to be. Highly recommended!

- March 20, 2020
I can highly recommend Gigapros hosting service. Great support. Never had to wait more than 90 minutes for help. Their shared hosting packages include a full list of features that offer everything I need plus plenty of disk space for growth. Their prices are low, and their customer service is amazing. I can give them DOUBLE THUMBS UP!

- March 12, 2020
I am quite satisfied with Gigapros web hosting service: I had no downtime, very few reasons to contact support, and the site was always working fast. Their knowledge base has enough information for someone like myself to get to grips with things, while their customer service is so good at times I almost feel spoilt, having always been fast in response and informative with problems being resolved in a short time. HIGHLY recommended!

- March 10, 2020
I've never had the renewal problems people below have, my accounts were closed once and I was never asked for renewal. Gigapros is an asset for your business! I have never experienced any downtime so far, quick ticket support and everything runs smoothly! I have been with Gigapros for over a year, and have had no problems at all. Really, much more than I expected for inexpensive hosting. I receive emails whenever there's an update, change or something else I should know about. Amazing. The techs are always friendly, and quick to answer my questions. Server is always fast, and rarely ever goes down. One of the best web hosts out there.

- March 6, 2020
Good job! Gigapros provide me with good hosting services. I have been using them for about 4 months and during the time my web site is always online which really meets my expectations. Things I like about them include the automatic availability of a SSH without requiring me to ask for it, many developer facilities. I wrote a note to Gigapros tech support describing what had happened, and they got back to me right away with detailed, foolproof instructions on how to fix it.

- March 5, 2020
Transferred 3 domains, website and blogsite from another hosting provider to Gigapros VPS account.. Their server and network uptime are cool and overall speed connectivity is consistent. You can get great servers, features, prices and reliability from almost any provider but what differentiates them is their attention to the customer and Gigapros comes top of the list when so many others fail to do even the basics!

- March 4, 2020
Price is reasonable. I would definitely recommend Gigapros web hosting to others. Their network is brilliant, I've not noticed any downtime or connection problems. Their support is TOP, their support member added me on Skype so he could help me better and answer my questions, I was really happy with this. Most of the maintenance conducted are additions to enhance the performance of their servers. Highly recommend them.

- March 2, 2020
From my experience so far I am finding Gigapros to be what I need. It has excellent customer support. Very kind, easy to work with, and exceptional service and value. The technical team is reachable by phone 24/7, and the wait time is minimal. This decent Web Host gets DOUBLE THUMBS UP!

- February 13, 2020
Gigapros is rated at the top of my list for a satisfying experience. It took some research, viewing various places and participating on forums over at least a couple of months, reading various subjects, what staff of various hosts were saying. They have fast servers, my sites are running fast. I am 100% satisfied client and can honestly say this host is trustworthy one.

- February 11, 2020
I have dealt with many different web hosts, trying to solve many different problems. There is no denying the fact that their business hosting is much faster than regular one - that's why I decided to choose Gigapros hosting. Their support is very friendly and they answer quickly. Greatly Recommended!

- February 6, 2020
With Gigapros hosting I now know I've come to the right place. It is the best hosting out there! There support team is beyond great and they are also Online 24/7. If you ever need help they wont ask questions they will jump on it right then and there. They stand by there product and they don't rip you off. The customer support that this website has provided me with is as close to perfect as I’ve seen.

- February 4, 2020
When I first came to gigapros shared hosting account ($10/mo) I was very careful about everything I did. I have had a lot of hosts in my past thats had bad support or died. The customer support here is amazing. Im not even a customer yet and I still received instant and helpful customer support for all of my questions. Their responses were fast and helpful as the same time. Great job guys!

- January 30, 2020
Highly recommend Gigapros shared hosting deals. I have made mistakes before with other web hosting providers that have resulted in poor quality services with no customers. These guys listen to your problems and fix them right in front of your eyes. Now I see the difference with my previous web host - professional, fast, flexible.

- January 28, 2020
Thanks gigapros for tech support and kindness in helping me sell more than I ever thought I could, and for all patience with the project. Support team is amazing and respond fast every time to my needs. Gigapros is the TOP web host to deal with. I've already recommended them to several webmasters, they are happy as well.

- January 21, 2020
I have been with Gigapros hosting for 6 months and have 100% uptime. More then enough for me. Thanks this provider! It is not one of the biggest web hosts here or over there, but they are really fast and reliable. The main advantage for me at the present moment is no outage. Yep. If they keep doing such service for me - they will get me as client for ages!

- January 16, 2020
I have had some really nice time being with Gigapros web hosting. Well designed with fantastic performance servers. Affordable prices. I do not believe I need more. I

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