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Buy and sell bitcoins with cash using the Bitcoin Depot ATMs. We have Bitcoin ATM locations in Atlanta GA, Birmingham AL, Boston MA, Dallas TX, Fort Worth, TX, Jacksonville FL, Orlando FL, Miami FL and Dallas TX for your convenience.


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- June 29, 2020

- May 21, 2020
They charge 20% highway robbery other Atm charges 10 to 12 they offer 10 in internet and 15 dollor coupens all fake

- May 8, 2020
I Deposited $1,400 USD today into a Bitcoin Depot ATM at Chevron. Within a minute or two I received $1,166 worth of BTC. Yes, the total charge was $234 USD!!!!! That is, between all the people with their hands in this thing, it cost 16.7% to convert my USD into BTC. AVOID BITCOIN DEPOT ATMS AT ALL COST!

- April 14, 2020
As many other people have said, this is a fucking scam. They don't tell you on their website, nor on the atm how high the fees are (I can't imagine why). If I recall, it said there was only a $3 fee for a purchase under or equal to $250. They took $40 from me!!! Please don't use their atms. They are scum that need to be rid of.

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- February 27, 2020
The 5 star reviews are FAKE FAKE FAKE! Who would give a 5 star review for someone who just stole 20% of your money.

- February 27, 2020
DO NOT BUY BITCOIN FROM THESE THIEVES!! They charged me 20% and conveniently do not list their fees online!!!!! There was no disclosure of this fee. As I recall I was informed during the transaction that I was being charge 11% and then later told me they were adding on $3 because my purchase was less than $250. I should have stopped right then but I the 20% was never disclosed although they are telling me that their fees are listed on "the top right of the machine in the amount of .01 BTC." Like I am going to understand the fee they charge for .01 BTC without getting out my calculator. If I realized they were THEIVES I would not have been there in the first place. The previous ATM I used from another company charged me 6%.

- February 1, 2020
You people are the biggest thieves on this planet, I got a deduction of $102 for a transaction of $600, thieves. Keep scamming people, karma is currently in the gym.

- December 6, 2019
No idea how they have a 3.56 average still, any 5 star review has to be fake. Transaction fees are insane as others have mentioned, and overall user experience at kiosks is terrible. Slow to respond, instructions did not match kiosk hardware, and felt dangerous to use...not fun standing there inserting $20 bills one at a time in a shady gas station, easily could have been robbed. Kiosk does not present their terms of use or privacy policy, note that all your info is shared with their parent company. Wording is too vague to tell which third parties receive your info. Vague assurances are made about security, but no specifics are given. No certificate of PCI compliance, no audit results, nothing of substance to prove your data is safe. To the reviewer talking about getting in on the lawsuit...sorry to burst your bubble, but you agreed to not take legal action against these thieves. You can only go through an arbitrator that they are paying, so you can guarantee it won't be a fair process. You waived your right to trial by jury. I like how their FB page is full of spam reviews which they won't delete because the reviews give them 5 stars...how's that for integrity from a financial services provider? To consider using this service again, I would need to see 1) a new UI which is responsive and has clear instructions, 2) reasonable and transparent exchange fees, and 3) more transparency around security and data disclosure.

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- December 3, 2019
Garbage atm service, run by thieves. No mention of fees except for a $3 fee prior to purchase, no mention of fee on receipt, none at all. But was charged nearly 20%. They are obviously aware nobody would use their service if they were clear about their fees. Can’t find mention of fees anywhere at all except for in reviews. ATMs are run by scumbags and will never use one of these again, planning to get in on the lawsuit when they are sued for their illegal practices.

- November 14, 2019
the ATM machine is awesome,easy to use.

- November 13, 2019
5 starzzz

- October 26, 2019
unbeatable customer experience

- October 14, 2019
Bitcoin Depot`s customer support has been outstanding and has allowed me to access crypto in a much easier way than I ever thought possible.

- October 10, 2019
Thank god I was able to find someone reliable

- September 23, 2019

- September 8, 2019
Super easy to use!!!

- September 8, 2019
Very reasonable rates for the convenience and level of service. Customer support helped me on the phone for about 15 minutes without giving me a hard time.

- August 6, 2019
The fee rate is so high compare to other bitcoin ATMs

- July 6, 2019
So i thought this was cool considering i was in bitcoin back in 1000$ range.....(yea i know) well the problem is these stores are owned by people who dont know or dont care,probably small upfront fee and percentage of rev so camera sucked fee was 15-20% i just wanted to try it, just to try and now im going back to gemini

- June 24, 2019
High fees and recently, they ask for IDs all over again although I scanned my ID at the ATM the first time I used it. You have to hold your ID in front of the camera and then the camera is not working well. So you have to email your ID and someone “manually” will determine whether you can use the ATM or not and it takes some time. I don’t usually buy bitcoin but if I decide to, I would use Coin Star machines. Much lower fees.

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